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College Life Is Detrimental To Blogging... And I Have No Choice

The last couple of days were weird for me. Just for some reason, my mind was full of interesting topics like, blogging about Billy King's mania for throwing millions out, Oden's and Elton Brand's f***** injuries, ABS v. Thomas/MSG stuff (I'm happy that I didn't do it, but anything can happen in the next days), I even wanted to write an essay 'Why NBA stars want to be traded, then don't, then won't', luckily, I don't like writing essays. Even the thought of blog about Charlie Bell being imprisoned in Milwakuee came across my mind. And ya know what? When your college year starts, it's never easy to blog. You become palpably lazy.

It's not just that you don't have enough time to write because of learning and studying, you just can't, you know, you can't because a lot of titillating stuff is happening 24/7 and I even do not wanna mention that girls are around. And they can single-handedly destroy a good blogger with their secret weapons. (Like, we're watching a game and and cellphones are ringing... *Want to hang out with us?*. God bless universities don't begin in November, that would be a killer - NBA Opening Week WITH College Opening Week.) Thus, my blog efforts were at a critical line last week. I thought I'm burned out, extremely tired or call that whatever you want. But I have no choice. I'm going to blog this basketball season and nothing is going to stop me. However, I must confess - college has some detrimental effects.

On the second thought, it's cool. School, blog and the living is easy. Maybe it's not so easy because I'm not capable to pull out some long column on King's nightmares, but in case you are interested, I'm writing a blog with "subblogs" right now and here. Witness:

...and no, I'm not speaking about Allen Iverson or Chris Webber who's on his way to Greek League. I'm talking Mr. Billy King, GM of 76ers, an absolute freak of GM nature. Some things in life are comprehensible, but others are not. I have to tell ya, I like Philly. And as far as I'm concerned, I don't like their King out there. Why he's still the king of once-famous franchise? How's he able to keep his job? Aaaaargh!

Folks: *What Are You Doin' There, King?*
King: *Just Philanthropic Work, Serfs.*

Wow. Since they made the 2001 Finals,
-he gave Dikembe "Older-Than-Everything-And-Still-Much-Older" Mutombo a $68 million extension.
-He gave $35.5 million to Aaron McKie.
-He gave $29 million to Eric Snow.
-He gave $18 million to Greg Buckner.
-He gave $40 million to Kenny Thomas
-He gave $25 million to Brian Skinner.
-He gave $25 million to Kyle "Shoot-And-Hope-It's-In" Korver.
-He gave $60 million to Sam "Maybe-I-Mature-One-Day" Dalembert.

So, folks, that's $300 million of contracts to men/servants who were either on the decline of their careers or honestly, never that good. Even more disgracefully, he traded for other bad contracts (Keith Van Horn, Glenn Robinson, Kevin Ollie and etc.) Then it should be noted with joy, that he jumped for motionless C-Webb... And remember, all that was before he ousted & traded Iverson out of the city. As somebody said, he's an absolute maestro.

Just give him dollars and he is going to ruin your team.

In these days Sixers are hoping that they can get better. Billy added two mid first-rounders (Thaddeus Young and Jason Smith) in the draft. And hurrah! We got a roster of role players. Their only legitimately good players are Andre Igoadala and Andre Miller. Oh, 76ers' boss is crossing his fingers that third-year guard Louis Williams will become the next Gil Arenas!

Please e-mail me if there's somebody who knows an answer on this question: We're in 2007, why is Billy King still running Philadelphia's basketball team? His next move may be signing Jerry Stackhouse for $30 million or trading Iggy for Ron Artest.

Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals. Bulls-Suns. America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona. Bulls, seeking their third consecutive NBA crown, led Suns 3-2, but slip away and were trailing 98-94 with 2:23 left, facing the prospect of having to play G7 on Phoenix's home court against a team that was riding momentum. But Suns couldn't close it out. In fact, neither team could score until MJ grabbed a rebound for Bulls and went coast to coast to cut the lead in half with 38 secs left. Suns ran as much time as it could off the clock but could manage only a Dan Majerle airball, so Chicago regained possession and called a timeout with 14.1 to play.

The obvious strategy was to get the ball to Jordan and let the greatest player in da game work his magic. But Bulls coach Phil Jackson was keeping his options open. He put 3 guards on the floor, John Paxson, BJ Armstrong joining Mike, plus forwards Pippen and Horace Grant, all good shooters who could handle the rock. What unfolded was the kind of play coaches dream about, all 5 guys touching the ball and staying one step ahead of the defense, ending with an open J by one of the game's best pure shooters.

...Jordan inbounds to BJ, takes a return pass, brings the ball upcourt... oh, feeds Scottie, Grant is open, Suns' D converges on him, Pippen kicks it back out to Paxson who's behind the 3-point arc... Paxson shoooots... got it!

His 3-pointer sailed through the net with 3.9 secs remaining and gave Bulls a 99-98 victory and the 3-peat.

Yeah, it was like a dream come true. And a very good dream for me.

Just a proposal: shouldn't Bryant, J. O'Neal, Kirilenko and Shawn Marion make their own road team, something like Globetrotters or AND1 and travel around the globe? Wouldn't it be good?

Let's the training camps and NBA Europe Live begin. Oh my God, I gotta go - my lectures begins tomorrow morning and first I gotta travel from my hometown to college-town. See ya, friends.

p.s.: *i don't want to be a robot in sloan's system,* said andrei kirilenko.
p.s.2: *it would have violated my code of conduct... a white man calling a black woman a bitch /in his ny knicks franchise/... that is a problem for me,* said isiah thomas. /a black man calling a black woman a bitch, just like thomas did/ *not as much /offensive/. i'm sorry to say. i do make a distinction.*
p.s.3: if there is tension inside the suns' team room, most of it is generated in, and around, shawn marion's locker. bottom line for the suns: the atmosphere in the locker room figures to be toxic if marion has to return. (-mike monroe)
p.s.4: *i do think that there is some fruit that is starting to grow on the trees,* said i. thomas on the knicks team.
p.s.5: *it's like a bad marriage. i just think it's time for me to leave,* said s. marion about himself and phx.
p.s.6: what high-ranking sports executive would ever keep a diary /like anucha browne sanders/? are you kidding me? can you imagine mitch kupchak lying in bed this week and writing, "dear diary, i think it might be time to trade lamar odom... ?" (-bill simmons)

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