Tuesday, November 05, 2019

NBA teams with 65+ wins, reg.season + playoffs (2015-2019)

2015 Hawks  PG Teague - SG Korver - SF D.Carroll - PF Millsap - C Horford
2015 Cavs  PG Kyrie - SG JR Smith - SF LeBron - PF Love - C Mozgov
2015 Warriors  PG Steph - SG Klay - SF Iguodala - PF Barnes - C Draymond
2015 Rockets  PG Beverley - SG Harden - SF Ariza - PF Motiejunas - C D.Howard

2016 Cavs  PG Kyrie - SG JR Smith - SF LeBron - PF Love - C T.Thompson
2016 Raptors  PG Lowry - SG DeRozan - SF D.Carroll - PF Scola - C Valanciunas
2016 Warriors  PG Steph - SG Klay - SF Iguodala - PF Barnes - C Draymond
2016 Spurs  PG Parker - SG Da.Green - SF Kawhi - PF Aldridge - C Duncan
2016 Thunder  PG Westbrook - SG Roberson - SF Durant - PF Ibaka - C Adams

2017 Warriors  PG Steph - SG Klay - SF Iguodala - PF Durant - C Draymond
2017 Spurs  PG Parker - SG Da.Green - SF Kawhi - PF Aldridge - C P.Gasol

2018 Celtics  PG Kyrie - SG Smart - SF J.Brown - PF Tatum - C Horford
2018 Rockets  PG C.Paul - SG Harden - SF Ariza - PF PJ Tucker - C Capela
2018 Warriors  PG Steph - SG Klay - SF Iguodala - PF Durant - C Draymond

2019 Bucks  PG Bledsoe - SG Brogdon - SF Middleton - PF Giannis - C B.Lopez
2019 Raptors  PG Lowry - SG Da.Green - SF Kawhi - PF Siakam - C M.Gasol
2019 Warriors  PG Steph - SG Klay - SF Iguodala - PF Durant - C Draymond

Monday, October 07, 2019

eBook: The Czech Wizards

Jan Vesely and Tomas Satoransky's Wizards era (2011-2019)

Foreword by Michael Lee

"This is fantastic coverage of a Wizards player, Jan Vesely. This is an exhibition of fine research and showing a true love of the game. I am grateful. I am sure our fans love this kind of work, as they can’t find it anywhere else."
- Ted Leonsis, Washington Wizards owner

This eBook is a collection of the blogs I've written and put together over the past decade about Czech NBA players Jan Vesely and Tomas Satoransky, when I was the Czech correspondent for the Wizards ESPN TrueHoop blog Truth About It.net. It includes chapters like The Jan Vesely Diaries; Honza Vesely Still Fighting That Dragon; Vesely on New Basketball Life, the Lost NBA, and All the Reasons Why; Who The Heck Is Tomas Satoransky?; Summer of Satoransky; It’s Time To #FreeSato, and more (the book contains 81 chapters in all), and it concludes with a bonus chapter with the first and most thorough history of Czech-Americans in the NBA, with guest contributions from basketball writers like Michael Lee, Chase Hughes, Ian Thomsen, Tom Orsborn, and Marc Stein.

*** If you'd like to read it, send me an email at lukaskuba85 [at] gmail.com ***

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Luke_Mellow at Truth About It.net (2011-2019)

Lukas Kuba
Czech Correspondent

Lukas is TAI’s Czech correspondent, a.k.a. all things Jan Vesely and Tomas Satoransky-related. He was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, which he still considers his home country, even though it was split into Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993. Lukas has been monitoring Czech media coverage of Jan Vesely since the NBA Draft 2011. He’s a longtime San Antonio Spurs fan (Tim Duncan and David Robinson are his favorite players ever), a basketball junkie (he once traveled six hours by train to watch a random NBA game in a Czech sports TV studio), and a founder of  the unofficial Czechoslovak-American Basketball Hall of Fame Facebook page (John Havlicek! Jeff Hornacek! Bob Netolicky!).

The Washington Wizards have, obviously, grabbed a tiny piece of Lukas’ heart over the last few years. After the 2011 Draft, he embarked on a ‘Honza-to-the-world’ journey, reviving his dead blog with a translated post of an interview that Vesely gave to the Czech media. By the dawn of the morning in Washington, D.C., the DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg unearthed the post and wrote about it. And so began the continued coverage of a fellow called “Honza.” A couple of weeks later, Lukas found himself as the Czech correspondent for Truth About It.net. And as long as Czech-mates Jan “The Airwolf” and Saty are Wizards, Lukas’ unbridled passion for them and NBA basketball (and translations!) will continue.

Monday, April 29, 2019

20 Best NBA Players of the Last 20 Years

1. LeBron James
    41-8-11-4S-3B (2016)
2. Tim Duncan
    21-20-10-11*B (2003)
3. Kobe Bryant
    49-4-10 (2008)
4. Shaq O'Neal
    43-19-4-3B (2000)
5. Kevin Durant
    43-13-7 (2018)
6. Steph Curry 
    37-7-4 (2015)
7. Dirk Nowitzki 
    50-12 (2006)
8. Kevin Garnett 
    35-20-7 (2003)
9. Dwyane Wade
    36-10-5-4S-3B (2006)
10. James Harden
    44-4-8 (2018)
11. Steve Nash 
    39-9-12 (2005)
12. Allen Iverson
    55-4-8 (2003)
13. Jason Kidd 
    34-12-6-4S (2003)
14. Paul Pierce
    46-4-6 (2002)
15. Kawhi Leonard
    45-11 (2019)
16. Chris Paul 
    41-7-10 (2018)
17. Russell Westbrook 
    40-5-10-5S (2014)
18. Dwight Howard
    40-14-4 (2009)
19. Giannis Antetokounmpo 
    41-9-4B (2019)
20. Anthony Davis 
    47-10 (2018)

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Night Sky of All-Time NBA Stars

Note: Level 5 and Level 4 of Bill Simmons Hall of Fame Pyramid plus Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, and George Mikan (29 players).