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/Outsider/ Five Observations From BAFS Freaks Training Camp

Somewhere in the US - October 1 was the day when BAFS started their new organization - BAFS Freaks, in order to establish the second BAFS team, which is going to compete against them, the original BAFS, in June 2008 in the event named "Ultimate BAFS Finals 2008". We're looking forward to cooperate with our friends from USA, because they're NBA maniacs like us and both sides are going to profit from this situation, even this blog. In any event, these new guys are funny and I promise that my blog is going to be even funnier thanks to my connection with them. Keep up the good work guys, all season long, and hopefully, there are going to be a lot of *Are you kiddin' me?* moments.

1 --- A new team called BAFS Freaks instituted last week
So as you already know, BAFS Freaks franchise is founded. There are eight players on the squad, forming a classic streetball team. Anyway, I feel obligated to explain some things you should know:

A) every member of BAFS Freaks is older than 18 years and a university student.
B) every member is responsible for his own territory, e.g. finding fresh insider information.
C) there are eight divisions of work, one consists of Washington, Charlotte and Atlanta, the second of Miami, Orlando, New Orleans and Memphis, the third of Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento, the fourth of Phoenix, Denver and Utah, the fifth of Seattle and Portland + Dallas and Houston, the sixth of Boston, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, the seventh of Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland and Indiana, and the 8th of Minnesota, Milwaukee and Chicago. San Antonio is excluded. We're attempting this infrastructure for the next few months and seeing how it works.
D) one more thing: here are two potential days in the week when I'll have something new from B-Freaks ("BAFS Freaks NBA Week Recap") - on Saturday or Sunday.
E) ...and don't forget, this is primarily a basketball team, every guy plays basketball/streetball and they've got skillz, indeed! So that's all you need to know for beginning.

2 --- Part One, the guards
Welcome! Eddie (WSH-CHA-ATL), Chris (MIA-ORL-NO-MEM), Jamie (LA-OAK-SAC).

1 Eddie Davidson, G, 6-3
Can do: Shoot accurately from long-range with a quick release.
Pull left and fill it.
Cover lots of ground on defense (especially in the passing lanes) with his long arms.
Highlight of his career: 5 from 5 with tennis ball into the basket
Favorite Rook: Nick Young, Wizards

3 Chris Tobey, G, 6-1
Can do: Catch and shoot from long range when he has space and when he can establish the proper body rhythm.
Pull left and shoot.
Make smart passes.
Highlight of his career: hit a jumper with his dog catching him
Favorite Rook: Julian Wright, Hornets

22 Jamie Rupp, G, 6-5
Can do: Show a nifty handle inside, especially a right-to-left crossover.
Use his incredible bulk to pin his defender on his back and facilitate entry passes.
Score from the right-box with a spin to the middle and a pull-up jumper.
Move his feet surprisingly quickly, especially in close quarters.
Make excellent open-field tackles.
Highlight of his career: dunked with an apple
Favorite Rook: Al Thornton, Clippers

3 --- Part Two, the forwards
Joshua (PHX-DEN-UTH), Brian (SEA-POR+DAL-HOU), Steve (BOS-NY-NJ-PHI).

15 Joshua Gale, F, 6-8
Can do: Run and jump.
Take full advantage of his length, his quick hops and good timing to be a big-time shot-blocker when coming from the weak side.
Handle, but not as good as he thinks.
Secure the ball with his good hands.
Show excellent lateral movement.
Highlight of his career: blocked a leaf flying from tree
Favorite Rook: Alando Tucker, Suns

25 Brian Bullard, F, 6-7
Can do: Show a high degree of sheer athleticism.
That means he can run, jump, rebound, block shots, play with admirable aggressiveness, double-team guards above the 3-point line, bang inside, handle well enough to drive the baseline and release his free throws in fine fashion.
Highlight of his career: outplayed his 45-years-old father
Favorite Rook: Aaron Brooks, Rockets

17 Steve Meyer, F, 6-6
Can do: Score with his left-handed jump hook from the right-box.
Seal his defender on his back when he posts.
Carry the ball across the time-line in a broken field.
Anticipate fairly well on defense when on the weak side.
Highlight of his career: had 0 pts in 0 minutes in one pick-up game
Favorite Rook: Thaddeus Young, Sixers

4 --- Part Three, the centers
Brandon (TOR-DET-CLE-IND), Kevin (MIN-MIL-CHI).

32 Brandon Falwell, C, 7-0
Can do: Run, jump, block shots and rebound. Take his right hand to the middle for an accurate baby hook.
Play with unselfishness and intelligence.
Be trusted to make safe passes.
Head-hunt when he sets screens.
Seal his man in the pivot.
Shoot mid-range jumpers well enough to be a semi-legitimate threat.
Highlight of his career: outrebounded the concrete
Favorite Rook: Aaron Afflalo, Pistons

44 Kevin Downey, C, 6-11
Can do: Use his wide, bulky body to seal defenders in the low post and to create shooting space when wheeling with his right hand into the paint.
Release his free-throws smoothly and with proper rotation.
Move his hands quickly.
See the court and spot open teammates.
Run fairly well in a straight line.
Highlight of his career: scored more points than every present suckling combined
Favorite Rook: Corey Brewer, T-Wolves

5 --- They yearn to play for … NBA team
Eddie would love to play for Hawks because: *In two years I'm better than all their point guards. And I like their elegant red uniforms.*
Chris would love to play for Magic because: *First, there's JJ Redick. Second, I'm eager to see Rashard Lewis' wallet.*
Jamie would love to play for Warriors because: *Stephen Jackson is their captain and I'd wanna see Don Nelson live.*
Joshua would love to play for Nuggets because: *I'm thrilled by Marcus Camby, their fast-break and Rocky Mountains.*
Brian would love to play for Sonics because: *(A) there's a chance to go against Kevin Durant in practice, (B) I want to hear PJ Carlesimo's cursing and (C) last season of Seattle!*
Steve would love to play for Knicks because: *For starters, Eddy Curry + Zach Randolph. To top it off, Isiah Thomas + Stephon Marbury.*
Brandon would love to play for Raptors because: *They look like an European team in Canada and that would be fun.*
Kevin would love to play for Bucks because: *Just to be a part of Yi Jianlian phenomenon and talk with him.*

Noone would have ever penetrated to their training camp facility, so this is a real important blog, here's everything what's possible to know about them now. They didn't even want to say their real names, but come on, I had to convince them. We're ready to kick their butts in June 2008. And during the NBA season? It won't be easy with these fellas, but one thing's sure: it won't be boring. Ain't it great?

p.s.: *what was the highlight of my summer? when i gave myself to jesus christ. the day it happened was june 29. what happened to me was i was able to see myself outside of myself,* said stephon marbury.
p.s.2: as a big man, tim duncan can do infinitely more to make the game easier for his teammates than a shooting guard /kobe bryant/, no matter how talented. (-ric bucher)

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