Monday, September 17, 2007

Thankx God, For My Birthday Gifts

* ODEN'S SHELF LIFE FOR SEASON (silver lining: Blazers are gonna be stacked in 08-09. Kevin Love + Greg Oden?)

* PARKER'S EUROBASKET EXIT (silver lining: relax for Tony and his wife during Olympics.)

* MILICIC'S RANT TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH (silver lining: who knows?)

* RUSSIA'S EUROBASKET VICTORY (silver lining: wonderfully tremendous close game vs. Spain in the Finals. That's a must-see for everybody.)

* PHOENIX'S WNBA TITLE (silver lining: Becky Hammon & Silver Stars are goona win the championship. Someday.)

Rant Enclosure:

Very recently, a Darko Milicic led Serbian national team lost to Greece in a close contest, 67-68, in EuroBasket 2007. Apparently, Darko was not pleased with the referees Fabio Facchini, Virginijus Dovidavicius and Stelian Banica.

R: Reporter, D: Darko

R: Darko, first impressions?
D: All right, but let's do it over there...
R: Darko Milicic, congratulations despite the loss. First impressions?
D: Nothing, these three big shitheads, these two three pussies have cheated us, that's what happened. This pussy, these three shitheads think they are something. I will go and fuck their mothers' pussy - all three of them, that's what I'm gonna... pussies all three of them, I'm gonna fuck his Italian mother in her pussy, man, that's what I want to say...
R: Darko, calm down a little bit, your impressions of the game?
D: He's a shithead, he should suck my dick, go on write that, man... all three of them, the first one and the second one and the third one... I don't give a damn about this, that's what I want to say.
R: ???
D: Pussies they don't call anything... he shit in his pants... I will fuck his mother in the mouth, man... if he has a daughter, I will also fuck his daughter.
R: ???
D: ...we are fighting here, I died... I need an infusion, do you understand... and they cheat us like shit...

(They say the whole *I will fuck his mother's pussy* is a common insult lobbed in Serbia, and isn't as bad as it sounds in English. Hmm, more to the point, who cares? Can't wait to see Darko balling for Grizzlies in 07-08.)

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