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NBA/Spurs Fan: 50 I-Can't-Miss Games In 2007-08

G1 Oct. 30 Blazers at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Greg Oden, his 1st game
TNT -- The 61st season commences with this great game, matching TD against Oden and his new-look Trail Blazers in the Spurs Championship ring ceremony. It's game time!

G2 Oct. 31 Sonics at Nuggets --- Kevin Durant in his 1st game
ESPN -- Durant begins his NBA journey during Halloween night, who scores more, he, Melo or AI? I can't believe The Answer is over 30 yrs old...

G3 Nov. 2 Wizards at Celtics --- The Premiere of Garnett-Pierce-Allen
ESPN -- Yes, a new merry-go-round for Hibachi Arenas, but we have to be serious here... the start for Boston Big Three... Hopefully, nobody is out with a hurt/broken something...

G4 Nov. 7 Heat at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Dwyane Wade
D-Wade comes back and attacks the new champions... is Bruce Chain-saw still capable of doing his D thing? (Item no. 2: Penny Hardaway's return.)

G5 Nov. 8 Mavs at Warriors --- 2007 Playoffs Rematch
TNT -- One has to think the Mavericks and their owner will be furious... and the hot-hot guys from Golden State too.

G6 Nov. 11 Bucks at Spurs
This time we get to see Yi 'Chairman' Jianlian. Or not. Doesn't matter, after last season's struggles with Milwaukee, kick 'em their butts, Spurs!

G7 Nov. 15 Spurs at Mavs --- Texas Big Battle
TNT -- Texas heavyweights. Nothing tops this scintillating fights in the Lone Star State.

G8 Nov. 16 Rockets at Spurs --- Texas Little Battle
ESPN -- Welcome to the NBA, Luis Scola! Wow, the starting lineup of Franchise, T-Mac, Battier, Luis and Yao looks pretty good... on paper.

G9 Nov. 21 Magic at Spurs
High expectations for Dwight Howard/Rashard Lewis duo. Let's hope they're not the 9th seed in April of 2008.

G10 Nov. 23 Lakers at Celtics --- Ultimate NBA Rivalry
LA! Boston! Can you believe that these games actually mean something again? OK, we should be worried yet... what if KB24 is out of town?

G11 Nov. 24 Heat at Magic --- The Return of Penny-Shaq
Hardaway and Diesel in Orlando. Stan Van Gundy and Pat Riley coaching. And look out, we might see somethin' beautiful... cheerleaders.

G12 Nov. 30 Lakers at Jazz --- Derek Fisher Comeback
Emotional night in Salt Lake City. Be ready for some x-minutes of standing ovation and a feeling beyond description.

G13 Dec. 6 Heat at Blazers --- Shaq O'Neal vs. Oden
TNT -- My 'inside power' is telling me: Shaq will be injured and miss just this game. Then, instead of *See you soon, brother* for G.O. it is *See you never, brother*... Centers live long!

G14 Dec. 15 Nuggets at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Iverson/Anthony
The Nuggets wasn't so bad in the 1st rounder against SA... When was the last time Kenyon Martin scored NBA buckets? 2003?!

G15 Dec. 17 Suns at Spurs --- Top NBA Showdown
NBA TV -- It gets real hot here. Wonder if this one will be shown live everywhere in the world... So show us who's better.

G16 Dec. 19 Suns at Mavs --- Steve Nash vs. Dirk Nowitzki
It would not be so bad at all if we have a chance to follow some overtimes here. When two of Top3 NBA teams meet (and SA ain't one of them), it's the only time I can sit comfortably and watch a perfect teamwork on both sides, no worries about final results... and no jumping off my sofa.

G17 Dec. 25 Heat at Cavs --- Wade vs. LeBron James
ABC -- Is there any better thing during Merry X-mas than spending the evening watching DW & Bron fighting each other? Well, maybe except arguing with your father on ''What's better, 12 mins of porn or 12 secs of thinking your wife/girl is a sports fan''.

G18 Sonics at Blazers --- Durant vs. Oden, for the 1st time ever
ESPN -- The first episode in the Durant-Oden Wars. Lemme tell you, God bless Oden doesn't got 4 fouls in 19 mins.

G19 Dec. 26 Bulls at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Great Team of Bulls
The Bulls are back. I'm betting my dog that Jermaine 'Baby Face' O'Neal is traded there before the trade deadline. And then Chicago can make it very deep into June. (Item no. 2: My personal favorite, Kirk Hinrich!)

G20 Dec. 28 Raptors at Spurs
The Raps are a sleeper team of the league. Let's not forget on them. Plus they play in Canada and can form a five for ages (Calderon, Kapono, Garbajosa, Bargnani, Nesterovic).

G21 Dec. 30 Grizzlies at Spurs
Not only the Griz now have The Spanish Duo (Gasol & J.C. Navarro), but they contain The Most Electrifying Question Of The Year: Who's gonna start, Conley Junior or Kyle Lowry? Jacque Vaughn needs to buy a boost pill.

G22 Jan. 10 Pistons at Spurs --- Rivalry of Defense
I promise you we're going to run a running diary here. For sure. A) Our band can be together (college holiday), B) Detroit is always a true opponent.

G23 Jan. 12 T-Wolves at Spurs
Many 'Sota fans are changing clubs now, starting rooting for Celts. But everything's okay because Wolves are officially the Bizzaro Celtics. And when Al Jefferson averages 24/12 in 2010, then they can invoke him, Big Al. (Item no. 2: Mark Blount has a one terrific game per season and its versus the Spurs.)

G24 Jan. 14 Sixers at Spurs
That's the only time Andre Iguodala can try his skillz facing some quality defenders. If he's not an All-Star this season, then never...

G25 Jan. 17 Cavs at Spurs --- Spurs vs. James
TNT -- Finals rematch. Boobie Gibson. Varejao's hair. Coach Bear Brown with his eyeglasses on the sidelines. And of course, LeBron 2008...

G26 Jan. 23 Lakers at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Bryant
Duncan's Spurs' white and Bryant's Lakers' yellow. Popovich vs. Zen Master. A small chance to see Coby Carl and Beno Udrih in the fight of PG. Yummy.

G27 Jan. 26 Hornets at Spurs
Get ready for the sleeper team of Western Conference. Are the Hornets good enough to beat San Antonio? We'll see.

G28 Jan. 31 Spurs at Suns --- Top NBA Showdown, Part II
The Robert Horry Saga continues when he comes to hate-full Phoenix. Even Mr. Stern shoud do an appearance in the stands. And even Chuck Barkley...

G29 Feb. 8 Celtics at T-Wolves --- Kevin Garnett Back Home
ESPN -- Kevin Big Ticket return to his saint land... expect some monster game from him.

G30 Spurs at Knicks --- Spurs at Madison Square Garden
This is a rare Spurs road game (in my 50 gms) and the reason is obvious: The Mecca of Hoops. Need more? Isiah Thomas and Bowen are in the same building.

G31 Feb. 10 Lakers at Heat --- Bryant vs. Wade
ABC -- Well after their usual Christmas engagement. I'm not a big fan of ABC's Sunday broadcasts. But the hype is here: Who's a better baller?

G32 Spurs at Celtics --- Great Three vs. Great Three
Yeah, Duncan, Ginobili, Parker and Garnett, Pierce, Allen. Mmm, that sounds very mesmerizing...

G33 Feb. 14 Mavs at Suns --- Nash vs. Nowitzki, Part II
No matter how you spend Happy Valentine's Day, but if you're a basketball fan, this meeting is a must. (Note: Use condoms!)

G+ Feb. 17 All-Star Game (New Orleans) --- World's Best Stars
TNT -- It's East vs. West. My estimated starters: Nash/Bryant/Nowitzki/Duncan/Yao (I had been lobbying for GO52!) - Arenas/Wade/James/J.O'Neal/D.Howard.

G34 Feb. 19 Bobcats at Spurs
Hey, noone is talking Charlotte 'Cats, however MJ has to be very proud of his assembled squad: Felton, Richardson, G.Wallace, May, Okafor. Why's nobody mentioning Emeka Okafor's name/game?

G35 Feb. 25 Hawks at Spurs
The Hawks have evenually won some point guard in Acie Law (IV) and that means one sure-fire thing: they're free for flight.

G36 Feb. 28 Mavs at Spurs --- Texas Big Battle, Part II
In Part II, the location shifts to Alamo City, we really need to show Mr. Cuban one thing: a clean San Antonio River... (And four Larry O'Brien Trophies, as well)

G37 Mar. 4 Nets at Spurs --- Spurs vs.Kidd/Carter
No secret that NJN are a solid team with Kidd/Carter/Jefferson/Krstic/Magloire. Plus they've got Sean Williams' potential... on the bench.

G38 Mar. 6 Pacers at Spurs
Jermaine O'Neal is a good guy and I would love having him on the Spurs team (maybe impossible, though). So watch him as a Pacer, because he'll opt out of his contract in 2008...

G39 Mar. 13 Warriors at Suns
This season is more fascinating and funny than one'd guess. The cameras are too slow to catch this run-and-gun frenzy. Or insanity?

G40 Mar. 17 Celtics at Spurs --- Great Three vs. Great Three, Part II
Again! On St. Patrick's Day and I hope that these two teams will meet again. In June, 2008. That's my NBA Finals of dreams.

G41 Mar. 19 Nuggets at Sixers --- Allen Iverson Back Home
Yes, what kind of reception will Allen get as a visitor to Philly? The Sixers' organization should hang up his jersey, immediately.

G42 Mar. 21 Kings at Spurs
During six days, the Spurs play two worst teams in the West. The Kings with famous D-League product, Mikki Moore...

G43 Mar. 26 Clippers at Spurs
...and on March. 26... well, to predict the Clips roster is like to predict what's the weather like in 2026... Spurs rookie Marcus Williams might get a opportunity here.

G44 Mar. 29 Suns at Nets --- Nash vs. Jason Kidd
How on Earth this game again failed to make the national-TV list? When two best ball-handlers compete? What a shame, TVs! Booooo...

G45 Apr. 1 Celtics at Bulls --- Two Best Teams of East?
NBA TV -- The old rivalry is back. By this time, Bill Simmons should write some 80's Celts/Bulls column in his basketball blog. (And NCAA's Big Dance is culminating on Fools' Day!)

G46 Warriors at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Crazy Team
I guess the announcers will be a little confused - Ginobili! Belinelli! Benogibilli!! Yup, what a challenge for loquacious people.

G47 Apr. 9 Suns at Spurs --- Top NBA Showdown, Part III
ESPN -- It might be the final piece of the seeding puzzle and a big pre-playoffs check-up. So who's better, folks? Go Spurs Go!

G48 Apr. 13 Spurs at Lakers --- Spurs vs. Bryant, Part II
ABC -- I don't wanna repeat myself - the reason I'll watch this game is solely Mr. Jack Nicholson. Let's hope Kobe isn't sitting next to him on April 13.

G49 Apr. 16 Pistons at Cavs --- Two Best Teams of East?
Regular season ends and a Detroit/Cleveland fight is a sign that we, just in case we've good luck, will see some heat on the court. I'm already eager to turn on my television.

G50 Jazz at Spurs --- Spurs vs. Boozer/Williams
ESPN -- We're finishing the season with this intriguing matchup. Since it's almost nine months to go, nothing is sure. What's sure, Playoffs 2008 starts in a few days and maybe Reggie Miller & Charles Oakley are active players! Oops, I revealed some inside stuff - my next blog will be about Old Guys Team.

November 10 gms
December 9
January 7
February 8+1
March 8
April 6

p.s.: the former referee /tim donaghy/ has become the patron saint of every knucklehead who'd only been whispering about orchestrated, league-wide corruption. (-randy hill)
p.s.2: talking about theo ratliff, timberwolves coach randy wittman said, *theo gives us something we’ve never had here before - that ability to block shots.* ...is he foolin’ us?
p.s.3: here's my pick for the best all-time quote: when michael ray richardson played with the knicks, he was asked to react to a losing streak. the first part of his answer is widely known, but it's the second part that makes his response an all-timer: "the ship be sinking," he said. "and the sky's the limit."
(-charley rosen)

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