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I Trust Commish Works This Traitor's Mess Out

We can let 'The KG-Celtic Breaking News' for some later blog and tackle 'The TD (Tim Donaghy, by the way, of course) Catastrophe'. I couldn't do it earlier, have been commanded by laziness, which is a common feat in the effin' month of July. Once again, proving that he's one of the most underrated smart players on the Earth, Bruce Bowen threw some interesting stuff in what's-your-opinion-on-the-Tim-Donaghy-betting-scandal? question:

*In this game we judge people so much as far as the ability of an official and sometimes we forget that they're human. On the human side you make errors and it's important for us to try to understand that yes this is a great error that Donaghy's made, but it's also time to get things back to the way they used to be. When an official makes a bad call this year, don't get on him - for all the fans.*

Donaghy crossed the line and now is an ordinary criminal. Mmm, not so ordinary, because of his multiple seasons as a referee in the NBA. Still, I don't believe this scandal could be a lot bigger (that other NBA-bound people will be accused/sentenced in the following trial, where Donaghy might serve as a witness numero uno), however nowadays there's a million ways how to bet and bet and bet if you're interested or, worse, addicted. I'm always an optimist, so I believe it's "only" one fuckin' traitor. Just one rogue individual. (His quaint past doesn't help him.) Huh, you can't avoid 'The Boston College 1978-79 Point Shaving Scandal' memories and all that freakin' trouble...

I agree that harder anti-gambling rules should be instated in the NBA, for all, players, coaches, stuffs, executives, refs, and rigorously ENFORCED. But how we can prohibit all the "small" wagering on golf scores, who-beat-whom games, shooting contests in shootarounds, e.g. half-court shots, cards bettings and numerous other "friendly bets"? That's a tough part of the deal. I strongly trust David Stern, because he's the one who's capable of managing it. As a lawyer, he knows what's happening and therefore as a commissioner has the best chance to make the whole league transparent again. I wish him the best, honestly. (Mmm, in this blog, we can let that Stern jokes aside.)

I watched Stern's press conference with my buddies couple days ago and the atmosphere there was like somebody's died. We have never watched something stranger. (No NBA logo!) The next season, we'll welcome joyfully even Memphis-Indiana matchup. While this is true, some parts of Stern speech/answers were positive. However, overall, he looked uncertain and somewhat shaky - that's in the contrast with 'True Stern Mr. Stern' as we know him (and make jokes about him). He can't take control of this big issue 'cause the FBI investigation ain't over, by far. As they optimists say, hey, as damned as this situation looks, it could have been a lot worse!

Stern's words that shouldn't go unnoticed if you're an Association's fan:

..Yes, I'm surprised, but I think no more surprised than the head of the FBI, the head of the CIA, that rogue employees turn on their country in criminal activity despite the best investigative procedures you can possibly imagine, or when judges turn out to be corrupt despite their oath and the processes that are used to monitor them. But that's small consolation for us..
..We'll continue to work with our referees to get their accuracy level up. We'll continue to work I mean, to be transparent in the sense that our fans know how the system works. We will do that. We're not transparent enough..
..I feel betrayed by what happened on behalf of the sport regardless of how protective I've been..
..On the basis of my current understanding, it's an isolated incident..
..Donaghy's current state, what we are dealing with, is betting and providing information. I don't know about any charges or any discussions or anything else with regard to fixing of games..
..You are not permitted to bet if you're a referee. You're not permitted to bet legally and you're not permitted to bet illegally. The legal betting will cost you your job. The illegal beting, depending upon the context, may cost you your freedom..
..I can assure you that in the fullness of the summer and the autumn, we will have the opportunity to review Mr. Donaghy statistically and by video, and it will be done..
..I found out on the 20th of June /that Donaghy was under investigation/. He resigned on the 9th of July..
..To me, one game that is allegedly determined on its merits is bad enough. I'm not going to distinguish, I'm not going to take the easy out and say I'm relieved that there are no playoff games /compromised/, which might be the case, I don't know. That doesn't make it any better for me..
..The only fear I have is not making good on the covenant to do whatever is necessary. And I'm saying here as a personal matter, that I'm going to be deeply involved in the analysis and changes that go on so that if I stand here again to say what we're going or what we've done, it's going to be because I had firsthand knowledge and got my hands as dirty as they possibly can get in connection with any changes that we might make..

Because this is just a beginning of the FBI investigation and we don't know all those other things about this case, particularly what games did Donaghy fixed/tried to fix (if he really did it), this blog is not the last on Donaghy and fixing. I can say I'm still a big and diehard NBA fan and no mess can change that. Mr. Stern, do the best what's possible! (Btw, all the best to Manu Ginobili, who turned 30 last week.)

And what's the summer like for me? Lots of sunbathing, swimming, parties and free time. Thursdays are time for BS Report podcast. We have an annual Summer Streetball Game scheduled for this weekend. I should work on my jumper and do some drills. That's a must, my beloved corner three sucks now!

One thing is sure, I don't wanna hear what refs officiated Dallas-San Antonio series in 2006... please don't bring it to me.

One bonus topic: the state of NBA teams - their best/franchise players.

Spurs -- tim DUNCAN
Suns -- steve NASH
Mavs -- dirk NOWITZKI
Rockets -- tracy McGRADY
Jazz -- carlos BOOZER
Nuggets -- carmelo ANTHONY
Lakers -- kobe BRYANT
Clippers -- elton BRAND
Kings -- ron ARTEST
Warriors -- baron DAVIS
T-Wolves -- al JEFFERSON
Blazers -- greg ODEN
Sonics -- kevin DURANT
Grizzlies -- pau GASOL
Hornets -- chris PAUL

Heat -- dwyane WADE
Bulls -- luol DENG
Celtics -- kevin GARNETT
Bobcats -- emeka OKAFOR
Raptors -- chris BOSH
Cavs -- lebron JAMES
Magic -- dwight HOWARD
Hawks -- joe JOHNSON
Nets -- jason KIDD
Knicks -- zach RANDOLPH
Pacers -- jermaine O'NEAL
Pistons -- chauncey BILLUPS
Sixers -- andre IGUODALA
Wizards -- gilbert ARENAS
Bucks -- michael REDD

p.s.: what tim donaghy allegedly did can't be undone. but the lessons of history indicate that the integrity all of our major sports have survived - and will continue to survive - the sins of their practitioners.
(-charley rosen)
p.s.2: we all need to understand that gambling - not greed, not arrogance, not ignorance, not business - is what caused this to happen. every one of us has a vice. an nba ref let his get out of control and it got the best of him. and it might take the nba years to gain the public's trust back after this one. but until we acknowledge that point shaving, mob ties and game fixing are not the real issue here, that someone's gambling addiction is, this ugliness will rear its ugly head again. just the next time, none of us can act like we didn't see it coming. (-scoop jackson)
p.s.3: somehow it isn't difficult to imagine one day in the near future danny ainge and kevin mchale sitting on a deck somewhere in the caribbean sipping something refreshing and pretending to be nba general managers. (-mike kahn)
p.s.4: two years constitutes an epoch in the nba. that's why, in the existential world of the nba, the future is now or never. (-charley rosen)
p.s.5: the whole point of fielding an nba team is to win a title - if you have a chance, you have to try. (-bill simmons)
p.s.6: the boston celtics are back. repeat: the celtics are back. even if we had to give up two top-seven picks and the best young low-post player in the league to get there. (-bill simmons)

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