Wednesday, February 28, 2007

snowboardin' in the pro-land (part I)

important note: i'm going to dissapoint ya - we'll get to vladimir
snowmanovic in the next blog (part II).

after a happy living through of my american trip, i ended up home on
tuesday evening, glad to sit down on our green couch and to take a
i had that notorious can't-stand-america mind for at least two mins
and fourty-nine secs.
so, after one night off from basketball, i'm giving you my report card
on the 30 of nba teams.
let's start with the eastern under-conference.
self-proclaimed soon-to-be global icon is coasting in cleveland. yes,
he'll take it to another stratosphere in the postseason, but what if
a tension will reign supreme? you could see it - lebron's buddies look
lousy - i really have a feeling that garnett's wolves would attack the
2nd seed in the east. you can't take that away from my mind. now, (A)
is james so weak, (B) are his teammates so weak or (C) should we blame
a coach first and foremost? damon the handsome, ziggy, marshall, snow,
hughes aren't a championship caliber guys. cavs' only hopes are
pavlovic, gibson and gooden. varejao is still varejao, he'd play the
same way (100% hustle) even in the japanese league. no. 2.
i'm telling you right now, washington would have to scratch their way
for the 8th seed in the west, the playoffs in no guarantee. mister
zero is the revelation of the season. no? why then everybody who
talks about hoops claims he's a top ten player? tell that year ago and
you're a blockhead. but 'the hibachi revolution' is breaking up slowly
- he needs to take his game, particularly his field-goal percentage,
to a higher level in the next weeks. i like an underrated guy called
deshawn stevenson. the haywood-thomas hell seems to be semi-solved,
hopefully. jamison will be back with his points, caron butler too,
however the latter is the key to their success. jarvis hayes is a
semi-bust, antonio daniels is antonio daniels, songaila is solid,
andray blatche is a sleeper, you watch. let them the 3rd place.
detroit is set in the 1st booth = a ticket to get slaughtered by west's
winner. webber is doing fine, even rasheed seems pumped up again (i
guess teaming up with mohammed got rid him of two years of life.)
billups-hamilton combo is reliable, prince too, but is he able to add
something to his game sometime? or is this a final version? i've never
seen antonio mcdyess missing a baseline j. hunter, delfino, maxiell, dale davis
are the bench units.
toronto is very amazing. bosh is growing, growing. bargnani's proving
me wrong - i expected him to not jump over 10ppg in his rookie
campaign. it looks like a perfect mix for this team - calderon,
garbajosa, parker, rasho bring an european style which helps them.
don't forget mo peterson. or juan dixon, a valuable man. a lock for
no. 4.
detroit is fooling me. don't know what to expect. but all i do know
tyson chandler would never play any worse than big ben 07. wallace is
for more bucks, so why they have signed him (yeah experience,
leadership) AND didn't trade last week for some low-post scorer?
they've an extraordinary bunch of young, promising guards - captain
kirk, gordon, duhon, deng, even nocioni, sefolosha, ty thomas
(forwards) and an old team up front - ben & p.j. brown. when
youngsters will be really ready, ben will be done/gone/retired. they
have no chance for winning it all this year. in the future, maybe. (i
forgot on adrian griffin - he's very smart on the court.)
do i see a mirage? the pacers are over .500! total respect for rick
carlisle, who's the best coach in the east not named riley. jermaine
the baby face needs to have a good playoffs, because his value is
slipping. dunleavy+murphy are obedient soldiers, tinsley should be
traded as far as possible for their own good, darrell a. is taking a
red bull before every game or what?! if any player records 0 pts, 20
rebs soneday, then it gotta be jeff foster. marquis daniels, diogu and
granger are pluses with potential. where's david harrison?
let's give "7" to the nets. yep, nets. the move (or anti-move for that
matter) to go on in the war with carter and kidd seems like a move of
the season - if they can get to the eastern finals somehow
('crazycartering' or 'triple-doubling', whatever). with krstic and
rich-jeff off this would be like to conquer moscow. marcus w. looks
very hopeful, bostjan nachbar is showing why he's in the nba
(meanwhile, the best dunker from easten europe in the u.s. (according
to elias sports bureau)). antoine wright's got an upside. the
frontcourt of moore, uncle cliffy and jason collins is funny. this
'3-mix' is intriguing. i suppose jason c. has a line on his shelf -
"the ball is NOT for shooting". hey, eddie house's bombing!
i have to give miami the eight. without wade, they are in state of
emergency - new york, new york's waitin'! A) if dwyane can somehow
heal himself fast - as i say all season long - they could beat the
pistons in the series (but will he be 100%?). B) if not, let's hope
that the old likes of shaq, gp, zo, e-jones, a-walk, j-will have
enough juice left to reach "8". kapono, haslem, posey, dorell wright
have to step up, soundly.
the knicks' misery lasts - to not sail to the p.o. this season with
this talented team is horrible. curry is better than diesel, marbury
is so-so, robinson, frye and particularly LEEEE are assets. they've
shooters in crawford and q-rich, a stopper in jeffries, a reliable
body in malik rose and they still may miss the p.o.! not a word 'bout
s-franchise or jerome james.
what's the hell with orlando? d-howard is a MAGIC. grant hill's been
relatively intact. and they're sinking, sinking, sinking with their
start carrying a fluke writing. you've ariza, nelson, arroyo,
turkoglu, darko, even redick or battie and still you've almost
nothing, playoffs-wise. i'm dissapointed. they'll sign vinsanity in
the summer and he'll kill them. go for rashard lewis.
the hawks can't end last in their division - passing over charlotte is
like c'ship for this ball club. the one proof that being just athletic
means almost zilch when the team is ONLY athletic - look at marvin
williams (he's trying quite hard), j-smoove, childress, et al. joe
johnson is a consummate blue-chipper for any title squad. the only
flaw is he doesn't wanna win it all. lue, speedy, ivey, salim
stoudamire. zaza, shelden williams. ummm, the "11" ain't so bad...
the bobcats are driving me crazy! they're hiding an awesome player
he's a bobcat. if he's stuck ever to the east's cellar, rather he
could have led a dog's life! literally. i pray the spurs acquire
gerald wallace in the offseason - a would-be-great fit. or ray felton
or brevin knight... oh, carroll, brezec, othella, voskuhl, there you
are not! sean may is interesting. 'stache reminds me one of those guys
who are less than useful in the world.
can't help myself - scoring machines redd, m-will, little earl, charlie
bell will shoot milwaukee to the benchmark no. 13. throw in bogut,
villnueva, skinner and they can't by worse than c's or phillies. what
what with ilyasova, what with simmons (bobby), gadzuric?
please, send me somewhere (in my last blog i predicted them no. 15),
but now methinks boston will finish last but one. you can't be more
inferior - if you've got pierce as a leader, youn'uns green,
jefferson (watch out next seasom), rondo, west, bassy telfair,
t. allen, powe, gomes, veterans beautiful wally, scalabrine... wait,
they're tanking, i'm an idiot... gas needed.
thus, just for bad luck - the 76ers will go last. you know what? this
philadelphia thing bugs me a lot. so draft durant, play a-miller,
iggy, korver, longhorn aka kd, dalembert, rotate s-hunter, willie
green, carney, joe smith and, ladies and gentlemen, a brand-new
eastern conference champion, 2008! i'm done for today. the west review
is about to be posted on friday. i'm eager for something sweet
tonight... geez... new york-boston...

p.s.: *(sacramento kings, mike-doug-peja-chris-vlade era) it was fun.
the guys, everybody on those teams was concerned with winning instead
of individual goals and that is why we were so successful.
a lot of times you see teams that try to win and don’t care about
statistics like san antonio and detroit.
winning teams don’t care who scores the baskets, just who wins the
games,* said mike bibby.
p.s.2: *it stinks.
i have to keep it in the trunk of my car because it smells so bad,*
said matt bonner on his knee brace.
p.s.3: the more i watch greg oden, the more he reminds me of robert
parish - not just because he's mellow like the chief, but also because
he doesn't feel the need to PRETEND he's anything other than mellow.
(-bill simmons)
p.s.4: celtics radio analyst cedric maxwell said on a female ref violet
palmer after he disagreed with one her calls: *go back to the kitchen.
go in there and make me some bacon and eggs, would you?*
this wins my 'craziest comment award 2007'.

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