Friday, February 16, 2007

why to follow all*star weekend? 56 reasons!

1 -- it's in las vegas. you can date a nice girl somewhere and it's great, but to date her in the
carribean is awesome. does that ring a bell?
2 -- lv's mayor oscar goodman, a good man, sitting next to david stern. las vegas kings in the
3 -- mikey jordan's mind: what to choose - golf or all-star weekend (=betting)?
4 -- celebrity game. who can stop m.c. duncan out there?!
5 -- desperate housekeeper james denton trying his version of sky hook.
6 -- chris paul + deron williams as a backcourt mates. the future is here.
7 -- david 'rebound' lee grabbing 20 boards. let's hope he'll be changing his hairdo once a week
8 -- the bb andrews. bogut + bynum as a frontcourt mates.
9 -- my girlfriend's fave danny granger.
10 -- the worst rookie team ever? better andrea bargnani or adam morrison?
11 -- dick bavetta vs. round belly. barkley should stop his tnt studio appearances and train 365
days for new orleans 08 rematch.
12 -- is there any chance somehow to run a one-time 'tim hardaway and john amaechi' talk
show over the weekend? they'd preview the all-star game, of course.
13 -- is anybody gonna watch d-league all-star game? me neither... well maybe james white is
worth seeing.
14 -- shooting stars. i'm rooting for the spurs! steve kerr is injured. i can't believe someone is
injured and it prevents him from participating in the shootin' stars.
15 -- skills challenge. the sleeper of this weekend.
16 -- choosing between d-wade, lebron, kobe and cp3 is like choosing between shakira,
christina aguilera, one pussycat doll and nelly furtado. marbury or francis doesn't compete.
neither britney spears nor paris hilton.
17 -- damon jones in the 3-point shootout. can he be larry bird?... oh, no way...
18 -- because there are a long-haired mike miller (my favorite)...
19 -- ...jason kapono (my dude unless he kills san antonio in the nba finals)...
20 -- ...nowitzki-terry duo (who selected them? they're teammates! cuban conspiracy theories
are flying in my head.)...
21 -- ...and finally, gil areeeenas!
22 -- slam dunk contest.
23 -- slam dunk judge panel. just to see those 'i can beat these children even in my fifties' faces
of jordan, 'nique wilkins, doc erving, kobe and vnce.
24 -- no chance. nate robinson simply can't repeat.
25 -- dwight howard is a force. possible is everything.
26 -- the winner is gerald green. you can't stop this guy. come on g.g., show 'em!
27 -- ty thomas earning for his living. just don't wager everything, tyrus.
28 -- the 56th nba all-star game.
29 -- yeah, yeah, that entertainment-music stuff... i'm curious.
30 -- an all-star game intro. it's always thrilling. always.
31 -- the american anthem. yes, you're right, don't read it again.
32 -- pre-game introductions. some kind of dance is about to happen.
33 -- memories on all-injury five: yao, booz, nash, ai, kidd.
34 -- all-stern five: melo anthony, josh howard, ray allen, memo okur and joe johnson.
35 -- please don't show m. cuban on the hdtv screen. i'm allergic to him.
36 -- gilbert 'minus 41' arenas. is he able to score at least nine pts?
37 -- wade + james on common team. let's dream, compulsorily.
38 -- the raptor on the all-star team? kudos to chris bosh. it's like a swedish astronaut in the
39 -- well, not that i'm overfed with shaq, but... oh, let him show us something NEW.
40 -- jermaine + dwight. this is a 4-5 duo to my taste.
41 -- the vinsanity. i've got a feeling this is his last asg. it's just my feeling.
42 -- chauncey b. + rip h. billups passing, hamilton curling and their team scoring.
43 -- if joe j. won't bury a single one three, i'll stop my blogging.
44 -- caron butler smiling on the (beautiful) bench.
45 -- bryant scoring 0 and dishing 13 out. just kiddin'.
46 -- will a real t-mac show up? or a bogus one?
47 -- baby, i'm not overfed with duncan-garnett tandem. you see, i'm old-fashioned.
48 -- dirk nowitzki in the starting lineup. he deserves it. the mvp of this asg. mark my words.
49 -- can you watch anything better than anthony-marion-stoudemire fast break? ...oops...
50 -- ...steve nash ain't here - tony parker! (i miss manu ginobili.)
51 -- gregg pop scouting tp whether he improved his ability for passing. that leads me to
conclusion that tony won't attempt a single one shot. yes, the only pg of west squad.
52 -- let's hope it'll be a up-for-grabs game. i'm a fan of west and we have memo okur, mr. new
53 -- a could-have-been spur josh howard. in the 2003 draft. (btw, the biggest error of the
spurs' gm r.c. buford.) if the mavs will win this yr's championship, wake me up when september
54 -- ray allen. he's a member of my new asg category: 'radical skiles'. (see in p.s.2.)
55 -- i almost forgot it - nba all-star jam session. EXCELLENT! and asg dance team, my goodness!!
56 -- bill simmons' jokes in his asg articles. not that this asg will be worse than his taking the
piss out of anybody. impossible is nothing, ha ha.

p.s.: luther head's game is a throwback to world war II: bomb's away! (-charley rosen)
p.s.2: *i’ve got some radical ideas.
i don’t think anybody on a below .500 team should be involved in the all-star game,* said scott
skiles on naming of joe johnson (instead of ben gordon/luol deng) as kidd's replacement.
p.s.3: remember when teams could hate each other in the nba and it was ok?
i miss those days. (-bill simmons)

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