Wednesday, July 05, 2006

chill-out, the summer is all-over

hi folks, what i'm gonna do in this offseason time?
(try to spell v.w.b.!)
beautiful sea.
uneven shore.
wealthy history.
glorious nature.
splendid hotels.
gorgeous girls.
hot sun.
superb sea-bathing.
romantic sceneries.
excellent food.
delicious wines.
what more you can desire...
welcome to the island of love, to the island of aphrodite, to the
island of cypresses, welcome to cyprus!
(i've got a feeling now like i'm some idiot writing about traveling for
some silly female mag!)
the people there are hospitable and they've their well-known vital
cyprus takes its name from "kypros", the greek word for copper and the
island occupies a strategic position in the eastern part of the
mediterranean sea.
today cyprus is deeply divided island - the southern part forms the
'republic of cyprus' proper, this is where most of the people live,
(since 1982) the northern part consist of self ruling area calling
itself the 'turkish republic of northern cyprus'.
that's because in 1974 turkey invaded and occupied the northern part of
the island and expelled the greek cypriots living there.
today there's a buffer zone between the two regions.
of course, the south is a more developed part of the island and is very
popular as a holiday destination.
the symbol of cyprus are baths of aphrodite.
aphrodite, godness of love and
beauty, used to bathe in the
small pool of this natural grotto
non potable water
please do not swim
and do not climb on the trees)
cyprus is undoubtebly one of the most interesting islands in the
mediterranean sea.
by its position it creates the crossroads between asia, europe and
and i'm gonna spend my holidays there!
our (myself, denisa, valdes & marianna) destination is seasiode resort
'ayia napa' (it's in the south-east part of cyprus, near this town is
demarcation line between south & north).
we'll be there from july 6 to july 17, in the ***** (it means five
stars, not some swear word) hotel called 'adams beach'.
do you want to know about the temps there?
temperature of air - 33°C, temperature of water - 26°C!
the hotel is situated directly near a delightful beach with
crystal-clean water and fine white sand, called 'nissi beach'.
it has this name due to a small island which is on its horizon and
which you can comfortably reach even on foot along a pleasant, shallow
so, this is unofficially an ultimate end of the 2005-06 nba season.
i'm looking forward to world championships in japan, nba europe live
and nba 2006-07 (and to upgraded galaxie sport broadcasting) .
but now, enjoy this summer, my next blog will come in the foreseeable
future (maybe by the time in september).
god bless san antonio!

><>basketball appendix<><
the craziest names in the 2006 nba draft:
joel freeland (jailland?)
loukas mavrokefalidis (any abbreviation?)
rudy gay (rudy? gay??)
steve novak (a guy from gottwaldov?)
lior eliyahu (any character from 'the lord of the rings'?)
hilton armstrong (paris lance?)
marcus vinicius (any author from the roman empire?)
shannon brown (the 1st girl in nba (after ersan ilyasova, of course)?)
daniel gibson (a son of mel?)
ejike ugboaja (any shaman?)
patrick o'bryant (a son of shaq and kobe?)
rajon rondo (any mexican musician?)
jordan farmar (from jordan farm?)
quincy douby (any character from 'harry potter'?)

who's where after the draft (draftees=rookies):
.trailblazers. - lamarcus aldridge, brandon roy, sergio rodriguez,
joel freeland
.timberwolves. - randy foye, craig smith, loukas mavrokefalidis
.rockets. - rudy gay, steve novak, lior eliyahu
.supersonics. - saer sene, denham brown, yotam halperin
.hornets. - hilton armstrong, cedric simmons, marcus vinicius
.seventysixers. - rodney carney, bobby jones, edin bavcic
.nets. - marcus williams, josh boone, hassan adams
.cavaliers. - shannon brown, daniel gibson, ejike ugboaja
.jazz. - dee brown, paul millsap, ronnie brewer
.raptors. - andrea bargnani, p.j. tucker
.bobcats. - adam morrison, ryan hollins
.bulls. - tyrus thomas, thabo sefolosha
.hawks. - shelden williams, solomon jones
.warriors. - patrick o'bryant, kosta perovic
.magic. - j.j. redick, james augustine
.pacers. - shawne williams, james white
.knicks. - renaldo balkman, mardy collins
.celtics. - rajon rondo, leon powe
.grizzlies. - kyle lowry, alexander johnson
.lakers. - jordan farmar, j.r. pinnock
.clippers. - paul davis, guillermo diaz
.bucks. - david noel, damir markota
.pistons. - cheick samb, will blalock
.wizards. - oleksiy pecherov, vladimir veremeenko
.kings. - quincy douby
.mavericks. - maurice ager
.nuggets. - ,,,
.heat. - ,,,
.spurs. - ,,,

-david robinson's (playstation) quintuple double-
90's all-stars vs lakers 2003
1st qtr:
pts 21
reb 7
ast 4
blk 1
stl 0
(fg 10-10, ft 1-1; after 1st .1000)
2nd qtr:
pts 4
reb 3
ast 6
blk 3
stl 1
(fg 2-4, ft 0-0; after 2nd .857)
3rd qtr:
pts 10
reb 3
ast 3
blk 6
stl 5
(fg 5-8, ft 1-2; after 3rd .772)
4th qtr:
pts 19
reb 1
ast 4
blk 3
stl 4
(fg 8-10, ft 2-2; after 4th .781)
pts 54
reb 14
ast 17
blk 13
stl 10
fg% .781
ft% .800
fouls 5
>90's starting 5> stockton, jordan, pippen, malone, robinson.

p.s.: i want to say something about dwyane wade, but i fear i may get
called for a foul. (-anonymous fan)
p.s.2: and what about portland's [draft] wheeling and dealing?
they're like a drunk college kid randomly putting together an nba live
team at 4 a.m. (-bill simmons)
p.s.3: prophesied breaking news: a.i. will be the celtic.
and c's no. 3 is unavailable...
p.s.4: .year..2024/ finals/ .d-wade's age..42/ .zaire
wade's (d-wade's son) age..21/ .dwyane's team..heat/ .zaire's
team..knicks/ .winner..heat (4:3)/ .finals mvp..zaire wade/ .shaq's
status..52-yrs old grand-dad.
p.s.5: two future pro basketball prodigies are greg oden and kevin
i bet my own doggy on it.
p.s.6: nba draft nos. 1>
2005 andrew bogut
2006 andrea bargnani
2007 agreg boden
1987 david robinson (sas)
1997 tim duncan (sas)
2007 greg oden (???)
p.s.7: just for interest>
american tennis player betsy mattek wears air jordan sneakers during
her tennis matches.
p.s.8: i've been thinking about new nba expansion team in alaska.
yes, right, let's go to establish some alaskan basketball team.
imagine the team as anchorage huskies and traveling there to play a
it'd be a bittery cold loss...

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