Thursday, July 13, 2006

a miracle called d-w-y-a-n-e

what is da best in da n-b-a?

hey, do ya 'now d-wade?
from a gold he was made
he'll never yield or fade
his game is now the rarest jade
pick your poison man
he'd be not stopped either by rodman
he's gonna kick your ass
with a game-winner or alley-oop pass

this kid is known as the flash
all whatcha hear after his action is splash
his best games give you a hard bash
don't exert yourself guys, you'll never crash
flying to da rim
this is a total pleasure for no. three
he's like an alert bee

coming from a high tree
and soon he's totally free
under the basket hoop
give 'em a scoop
or at the worst a 3-point play
without no delay
ahem, definitely he's the best
magically better than all the rest

dwyane's acrobatic layups are like a dagger
but you don't see him walking with a swagger
that's 'cos of his humility
he's got a huge quality
on and off the court
i don't cause you a hurt
when i state "d-wade is the king of basketball"
with the ability to get thru a defensive wall

he demonstrated his power in 2006 playoff
when he routinely finished the opponents off
this is a true player, never giving yourself up
with a glamorous virtues, pumping the heat up
carrying a whole load in the clutch
and that's why i like him sooo much
oh, wade's display on the court is uniquely smooth
like a white tooth of some girl from hollywood

some guys dare to compare dw to his airness
whew... just this is a superb readiness
to win at least two more championships
then he'd be an ultimate leader of nba ships
even if he plays along shaq dad
without him the league'd go mad
bankshots, tajs, floaters 'n' dunks
the flash punishes all hostile punks

baby, the hoop-earth is created for winners
for the sake of them ladies use their liners
i'm not mentally sick
this is no particular trick
face it: dwyane'll be the mvp in two-thousand-seven
he'll take da b-ball reins over of the nba heaven
yeah, you can name all current players' names
but wade is the one and better than lebron james

Posted by Foreigner in CS - Jul 13 2006 2:23PM

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