Tuesday, June 27, 2006

draft, espn, anniversary & sweltering heat

(note: do not look at the picture)
at first, once again i'm expressin' big admiration to coach pat padre
riley for his long-time job in miami with a cherry on the cake in the
form of nba 2006 title.
this sixth ring after 18 years?
it's unheard of and amazing.
the nba draft is before us, training camps are on, experts try to rank
draftees, then guards, forwards and centers.
so i hope that some czech-o(r)-slovak player is going to get to the
madison sqare garden (just dreaming), june 28.
i'm returnin' to nba finals and answerin' six questions which were
given to ten espn.commers (btw, the word "expert" must be removed!).
so let's now enjoy the ride:
1. will the heat repeat?
it's not sure they will.
remember that winning one is easier than repeating one.
and without retiring a. mourning and g. payton (even if he's pretty
gloveless) i'd say no.
and shaq will have one more cross on his body.
dwyane'd have to become even bigger monster than he's now.
riley will have to be a coach.
but if pistons will lose b. wallace, i don't see anyone else in the
east who can stop them.
nor cavs.
and certainly not nets.
then in june 2007 they will face mavs, spurs or suns (and we still do
not know how will amare s. look).
and that's different coffee.
2. what was the mavs' downfall?
will they overcome it next year?
their becoming a jump-shooting team, esp in the 4th qtrs.
their inexperience and inability to handle the pressure.
the finals are even something else than the playoffs and they peaked in
the series vs. san antonio.
another mistake was whining - it influenced them from the bad side.
i don't know why coach aj didn't give more responsibility and playing
time to m. daniels.
d. harris was a little bit useless, the heat' middle was very crowded.
g4 and starting harris in place of a. griffin was a gaffe.
daniels should be a starting sg.
dirk will have to knock more crunch-time pts.
josh-ho will have to be more consistent.
cuban SHOULD (just dreaming) step down, cos as roland lazenby has
written, for all the good he has done, he has become his team's worst
they may be the champions in '07 but sa and phx are waitin' in the
3. should shaq and riley ride off into the sunset?
are u jokin'?
since you have got d-wade?
shaq is "only" 34 and has four years (although he'll get less dominant)
to the retirement.
though the heat were sometimes better without him on the floor.
you may see more zones in the future, that's a trend.
but he's still a dominant force.
as for riley-genius, he'll relish the challenge and competing for
another ring, cos he's a big player and competitor.
it'd be a nice ending, but too soon for them.
if they have a chance, and they HAVE, they have to be tryin' for
another gold and thus even more increase their legacy.
4. what is wade's place in nba history, and how does he compare to
michael jordan?
he's GREAT, without a doubt.
he's already among the top 10 sg in nba history.
but if he wants to be a part of ultimate nba greats, he'll have to win
at least three rings yet.
comparing to mj?
in this part of his career?
that's irrelevent.
we have now a different league, different officiating, different
mj did it with the a big help from scottie, but there were multiple
very good eastern teams then.
there were a lot of good bigs.
perimeter d was more hard.
d-wade has ways to go yet.
his d, treys, maturing.
but, given this "no perimeter d" right now (when everything's foul), in
the nba, he's unstoppable.
if he win at least two titles (to his 2006 edition), then start
if jordan (in his prime) would play now, he'd AVERAGE 45 ppg in the
just watch his videos.
5. is wade the best player in the nba?
it's doubtful.
best player on the team that won it all.
he led them there.
the better question is: which player/s would even raise their game in
june and dominate?
wade is there.
kobe would be.
so for lbj.
td in tip-top condition.
amare, edition 2005, as well.
dirk - not so sure.
maybe kg or ai, but not without star sidekick.
to name the best player is very hard, maybe impossible, since
basketball has five positions.
dwyane has even mental talent and that's more important than it looks.
but i don't dare to say who is the best.
so, line one: dw, lbj, kobe, td.
line two: dirk, kg, ai and perhaps t-mac.
to say "d-wade is the best" is like to say "dani california is the most
well-known song from rhcp".
6. if the mavs and heat were to play the nba finals over again,
starting this weekend, who would win?
it's henceforth a toss-up for me.
maybe a little bit in the favor of miami, because of dw.
but all i'm gonna say - the four-game sweep is a stupidity, isn't it
mr. bucher, mr. shanoff and mr. stein?
even when the heat have the best nowitzki-defender - u-haslem.

p.s.: l. brown is gone.
man, rather nothin' to speak...
p.s.2: the more i read the columns (well, long scientific works) of
bill simmons, the more i think that there's more untruth than truth.
am i wrong?
he got me with "nowitzki is the best forward since l. bird".
an icicle in june?!?
i bet my key-board that he writes from some roadhouse.
p.s.3: *that's the first time i ever rooted for the east,* said rob
*you usually never root for the east, you root for the west.
but the way [the mavericks] acted, it just put a bad taste in my mouth.
all the whining dallas did, the way [owner mark] cuban acted, the way
[assistant coach] del harris acted on the sideline a couple of times,
i was happy to see dallas lose.*
p.s.4: rasho, good luck in canada friend!
p.s.5: after landing in town matt "red rocket" bonner ran into none
other than tim duncan in the airport and chatted with his new teammate
about the upcoming season.
bonner joked: *yeah, he gave me a playbook as matter of fact.*
p.s."28" (our anniversary with denisa): denisa is now a high-school
junior basketball player, her height is 5-10, guard, she's born in
1987, november 11, in zilina; this is her basic info.
the funny story about our acquaintance:
it was on june 28, 2005, i was a senior at the high school and she was
a sophomore.
in that day i was just hanging out with my college buddy martin.
we met together in front of a mall, she came with her friend marianna.
then i invited her to "a date".
*would you like to play two-on-two?*
*hm... yes, why not.
we're in the gym in five minutes.*
*good, it'll be fun.*
i knew that denisa was a player on our hs woman basketball team.
we came in and i said: *i'm with you marianna and you're together.*
she was a little bit embarrassed (she looked like: why he wants to play
with her?!).
i wanted to try guarding her.
she obviously decided to play hard on me.
we played only on one basket and as the score was tied 7-7, she tried
to post-up after a pass from martin.
i was defending her with a token style.
i was touching her with my body.
and then she elbowed me to my lips.
i fell out of bounds and kept lying on the court.
martin and marianna loudly laughed.
she came to me and saw that my lips were bleeding.
*you need some attendance,* she said me.
*that's only lip, it's okay.
but you have a flagrant faul,* i laughed.
i had to go to the sport-doctor's room and she waited on me about ten
minutes in front of the door.
then we went dating and our story still continues.
i love this girl!
(note: now you can look at the picture!)
p.s.6: can't stop the heat.
i can't stand the heat outdoors, give me some water or sprite...
p.s.7: i bet my mouse and screen that steve n. is gonna win his 3rd
mvp in 2007.

Written by Foreigner in CS - Jun 26 2006 6:43PM

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