Thursday, June 22, 2006

don't ever underestimate the hea(r)t of a champion

all predictions have happened wrong.
even when i picked the heat in six before the finals got started, this
were the finals when the final outcome could be 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 for
the mavs and 4-3 or 4-2 for the heat.
i don't wanna diminish those analysts or simply people who said 4-2,
miami, before 6/8.
but all i wanna say here is, this series could end anyhow.
not that all sports series can't end anyhow, but these were
particularly predestined.
i think anyone didn't really talk about the heat's (the sweetest) sweep
from game3 to game6.
neither die-hard heat fans, nor crazy individuals.
a slight stupidity of throwing results before action was truly
let's go to the action.
i think that mark cuban's mad, silly, careless, dishonest leadership
badly influenced the whole mavericks organisation, through fans
(booing finley), coaches (aj's pile of whining, like he's been in the
league for 20 years, in the coach uniform, of course) and players
(anger, paranoia, disrespect, we're-playing-against-whole-world
attitude, dirk's soccer-goalkeeper kicking in the air after game5,
rather i'm not gonna write about cuban's infinite bad acts, because
neither paper nor blog doesn't bear it all.
this sequence tells it all about current-dallas: after joshua-how(?)'s
clear calling (?), showing (!) "T" between wade's freebies, josh and
the mavericks denied this whole act.
denying of undeniable!
in this era when cameras see it ALL (i don't think on the patriot act).
...joshua's "how, HOW could you whiste a timeout? how?"...
he should plead guilty for his gaffe and miscommunication with mavs
bench and not state that he just wanted to tell to ref "i want a
timeout after the second attempt" in the middle of the arena where
you wouldn't hear either a voice of saw.
referee can't hear you in the 20 000 arena, even when josh
was shouting about "post-ft timeout", not about "between-ft".
but why did he do that?
what for?
imagine that you are on the one side of an interstate highway and your
bud is on the second one.
and you begin to cry on him, "hey, x.y., i DON'T wanna meet with you".
yes, he does not hear you.
in this manner it's comparable with josh's faux pas.
in this way it was foolish.
oh mavs, you t-ed with your hands, and rules are rules and rules are
familiar, for goodness' sake!
as for the winner-players, udonis "haSLAM the door of true greatness
for nowitzki" with posey did admirable job on dirk, who was choking
regularly, payton's two critical crunch-time baskets (on the other
side, why he turned away from play in last game - when double-teamed
d-wade had the ball on the wing and he passed it to him, to the glove
(full of holes...) and the ball landed on his back, a turnover - to
one of the refs (thrash-talking mania!)?), shaq was not so dominant,
his stripe-"javelin"-throws were atrocious (but his two nothing but
net fts after stack's flagrant foul were cool!), but he's still
presence in the middle, j-will played like good boy, oh and the
wigglemaster walker was freaky as usual, but more he was under control
like he wasn't (i wouldn't wanna be the heat fan when walker had the
ball when the game was up for grabs and he was intent on hopping and
jacking up the threes. any heart attack? you tell me.)
the biggest pleasure was to watch zo mourning so EXCITED, defensive
delicious pieces (a beautiful blocking machine in game6) and even his
pumping up of teammates.
regarding dwyane wade, what else can i say?
playing like he's on the streetball court with his friends and nothing
(well, except some betted beers) is at stake.
his SMOOTHNESS is awesome (did you ever see him misfiring on his bank
shaquille may tell whatever things, but his "flash is a fabulous
player, he's the best" is only true.
the throne is owned by wade, this is a no-brainer, he's second to none.
impeccable is nobody, but d-wade is closer and closer even on that
there, in the district where the guys like mj, magic or larry have got
their houses.
what was the crucial factor in miami-dallas battle?
not athleticism, not talent, not skills.
the x factor is always a poise, as charley rosen says.
[poise: complete readiness for sth or to do sth.]
forget about shooting percentages, turnovers, and all the other
misleading numbers.
winning, and losing nba titles is all about poise.
some have it, others don't.
now there are a lot of champagne shampoos and championship cigars on
the south florida, in the city of miami.
winning is extraordinary wonderful.
back in the first third of this season, connection of miami and title
was a joke, even before the first miami's game of the playoffs with
but now, it's real.
real, and mainly for one higher reason yet.
because of you, dwyane.
because of you, divine flash.
because of you.
for me, it's definitely the time to write a poem about dwyane wade,
number (2)3.

p.s.: do you know who will play as the spur in the rocky mountain revue
summer league in salt lake city?
maceo baston, 6-10, pf, maccabi tel aviv.
p.s.2: i'll blog ya later, after the nba draft 2006.
y'all hoops fans, enjoy the picks and new nba-family members.
...and the 1st pick of the nba draft 2006 is... any predictions?

Written by Foreigner in CS - Jun 21 2006 8:31PM

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