Thursday, June 15, 2006

liking for courtney (and dancers, too)

whew, the coolness and the coolness from the abc network's LEGACY OF
CHAMPIONS intro is incredibly awesome.
i've never seen a better intro!
by the way, do ya know what the word "maverick" means?
maverick: a person who does not behave or think like everyone else
(hey, cuban had to buy just this franchise with his public maverick
behaviour), but who has independent, unusual (to prattle about
riverwalk or conspiracy theories against himself; also i guess that
he's a staunch supporter of dan brown's stupid-hype book "da vinci
code" or maybe he'll try to write "da maverick code 2") opinions,
e.g. a political maverick, a maverick film director.
speaking of mavs, why their home center isn't named something like
"cuban's hell fortress", huh?
just for the hell of it, you know, just for fun.
hell's teeth, who was that idiot who said the mavs begin work on their
6-year title dynasty?
since wnba celebrates league's 10 years, fans, media, players and
coaches recently chose 10 best players from this era, something like
"wnba dream team", including lisa leslie, sheryl swoopes, tina
thompson, cynthia cooper, tamika catchings, yolanda griffith, lauren
jackson, sue bird, dawn staley and katie smith.
a pick-up game or scrimmage between these ladies and fail blazers and
the winner is... who?
i must confess that i'm not big fan of woman basketball and some wnba
games are pretty boring for me, but all in all it's pleasure to
see women and/or girls play b-ball or streetball, especially when
the participants are attractive (this rises a question in me which
runs: who invented the cheerleaders? this think up-er had to be
the thoughts on nba finals: now, when i've been watching the first
three games, i suppose the final outcome it's gonna be 4-1 for the
mavs and the series will be tight only then, when...
- dallas players will be so sloppy and foolish as in the end of g3.
- miami player named wade shall have jordanesque nights as in the g3.
note: my feeling is that mavs' pa announcer is a little bit more
enthusiastic, 'cos his repertoire includes:
*the jet is on the runawaaaaay* and *diiiiiiiirk nowitzkiii*.
and finally, now on my blog title (the bracket part is several lines
i was surfing the net recently and meanwhile i got on the site of ncaa
woman basketball and landed on the home of ipfw (it's some uni) and
then i saw a photo of some girl with text under it.
i began investigating who this girl is.
she comes to the uni for a fresh(wo)man year from some high school and
i decided to e-mail her and she answered me!
i don't go to reveal everything, but she's a very kind person and i can
add her to my net-buddy list.
some fact about her>>>
name: courtney reed
position: guard
height: 5-7 or 174cm
high school: fort loramie high, ohio
status: freshman in 2006-07
she averaged 13.93 ppg and 2.56 rpg in her senior season.
she was recognized with multiple awards her senior year.
she was best defensive player and best free throw percentage shooter as
well as mvp for the third year in a row.
ipfw's coach on her arrival:
*courtney is a true point guard.
she's a tremendous defensive player who is a leader on the floor.
she brings energy and enthusiasm, which we expect from our players.
we are extremely proud to add courtney to our squad.
we are very excited about getting her here at ipfw.*
so far so good, i'll try to find some courtney's game video and see
live how she's a player.
(if someone of you know her, e-mail me immediately. but warning: don't
confuse courtney reed ball player and courtney reed playboy bunny!)
now when the season really leaves, here's my look at the nba 2005-06,
where i count down all 30 teams from the worst to the best (regular
season record is the key) with the help of "fan's nonsense before this
30. portland/
sebastian telfair is better than all '05-drafted point guards.
29. new york/
eddy curry can solve nix' (knicks') problems.
28. atlanta/
marvin williams is ready to play.
27. charlotte/
emeka okafor is better than dwight howard.
26. toronto/
they won't be a lottery team after 82 games.
25. minnesota/
michael olowokandi is finally awoke.
24. boston/
the celts will have the record over .500.
23. golden state/
the warriors are play-off lock.
22. houston/
a rocket named houston can land on the planet "nba title".
21. seattle/
they don't need coach nate mcmillan.
20. orlando/
duo steve francis and d-howard will thrive together.
19. no/okc/
they're ready to be top 10 caliber team.
18. philadelphia/
the 76ers can repeat their 2001 run.
17. milwaukee/
the bucks can be real dangerous in the postseason.
16. utah/
jazzmen will be the blackhorse of this season.
15. chicago/
the bulls can make east finals.
14. indiana/
they have no issues with ron artest.
13. washington/
the wizards are the champion in progress.
12. sacramento/
peja stojakovic is the best pure shooter nowadays.
11. denver/
denver is a championship contender.
10. l.a.l./
kwame brown will collect consistent double-doubles.
9. l.a.c./
they've got the best starting backcourt.
8. new jersey/
vince carter is the best player in the nba.
7. memphis/
pau gasol is the best western power forward.
6. cleveland/
lebron will accomplish triple-double in 30 games.
5. miami/
shaq o'neal ain't declinin'.
4. phoenix/
the suns certainly overcome their last-year's record.
3. dallas/
the mavs on the way to 41-0 at home.
2. san antonio/
the spurs haven't got any weaknesses.
1. detroit/
they're able to be 73-9.

p.s.: sure, the mavs surmounted the biggest obstacle of them all by
knocking out the defending champion san antonio spurs in the second
round, even winning game 7 at san antonio.
it was exhilarating basketball from start to finish in one of the great
playoff series in my nba lifetime.
but two of the dallas wins were in overtime, and a third was by one
there were some interesting calls by officials that could have changed
the outcome of all three of those games and nobody would be gloating
about the mavs right now.
that doesn't minimize their accomplishment; it only reflects it wasn't
particularly convincing. (-mike kahn)
p.s.2: chicago tribune columnist: *i've bounced around the playoffs and
have seen most of the teams in person, and the best team i've seen is
the spurs.
they just didn't win.
it happens.*
p.s.3: you know, nothing, anything that a person writes is not going
to make me cry or go drink rat poison or nothing.
i'm more hard on myself than any one of you can ever be on me.
i can't read anyway, so it doesn't matter what you write. (-shaq

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