Tuesday, March 21, 2006

funny games with(in) basketball

from san antonio to the world: it's just fun!
i've decided to blog about some records, crazy video game, basketball
civil war, clans of surnames and one comment in several parts.
else spoken, there's a lot of interestingnesses (what a long word!) in
this writing, so read guys, c'mon, and let me entertain you (at least
in contrast to now-world-of-frequent-hatred&grief).
...part I
i wanna be...

i have a desire, a couple of desires and it's starting with: *i wanna
see mars live, i wanna be there on the red planet and...* stop!
stop, i've the desires with(in) b-ball (btw, do you know that oscar
robertson used to call the rebounds as "ballboards"?).
i wanna be nate thurmond, alvin robertson, hakeem olajuwon or david
robinson and record a quadruple double (btw, is quintuple double
possible? only if ak-47 is alive, if he takes some good doping, if
jazz play against n.y.k. and they've a bad day (frequent appearance),
if this game is decided in three overtimes, if kirilenko plays 63 mins
and if he doesn't fail a dope test - and this is possible if...
...andrei kills stern with ak-47 (very bad solution)
...andrei takes over the rule of stern and becomes a dictator (better
solution, but how?)
...andrei bribes stern & co. (even better solution, but to bribe
...andrei is a wizard (not a washington-like, but real) and arranges
the minds of the people in the trying that they forget his
doping-taking (impossible solution).
or he fails a d-test, but he stays satisfied with that and he's willing
to use his suspension for long-term holidays and, that he stays happy
about his performance, indeed the people will remember only good
things and he'll be celebrated as a first human being to manage a
quint-d (btw, did you knew that i like writing with a plenty of
i wanna be wilt chamberlain and record 100 pts in one game.
i wanna be wilt chamberlain and record 55 rebs in one game.
i wanna be scott skiles and record 30 asts in one game.
i wanna be elmore smith and record 17 blks in one game.
i wanna be larry kenon and record 11 stls in one game.
hmm... imagine a quint-d with 100/55/30/17/11...
hmm... maybe i'm gonna call my alien-from-space-friend...
i wanna be ME.

...part II
kobe's 123 and shaq's quadruple-double

who's said "world's a bitch"?
that's a total nonsense.
our world's beautiful.
and especially the world in computer games.
one thursday, i've played a basketball game on my pc.
the (in)famous 2003-04 los angeles lakers vs atlanta hawks.
and here are the stats (yeees, it's
unbelievable/unimaginable/impossible and so on):

team lal atl
score 167 122
1st quarter 58 22
2nd qtr 38 41
3rd qtr 47 33
4th qtr 24 26

center shaquille o'neal
power forward karl malone
small forward rick fox
shooting guard kobe bryant
point guard gary payton
c theo ratliff
pf shareef abdur-rahim
sf stephen jackson
sg boris diaw
pg jason terry

bench scoring 0 31
field goals 70/130 50/130
fg% .538 .384
3-pointers 12/39 7/21
3p% .307 .333
free throws 15/17 15/19
ft% .882 .789
off-rebounds 20 32
def-rebounds 31 35
total rebounds 51 67
blocks 14 3
steals 31 11
assists 38 34
turnovers 24 38
fouls 19 14
longest run 16 8
scoring drought 2:13 2:37

kobe bryant: shaq o'neal:
pts 123 pts 26
fg 50/89 fg 13/21
fg% .561 fg% .619
3p 8/26 3p 0/0
3p% .307 3p% .000
ft 15/15 ft 0/0
ft% 1.000 ft% .000
reb 4 reb 19
ast 1 ast 13
blk 1 blk 11
stl 15 stl 0
fls 5 fls 3

...part III
civil war: south against north (1861-1865)

here are the elite troops of basketball men if the american civil war
II starts now (2006-?).
the states involved here are those which originally fought against each
other in that war (there were more states, but i picked only those
which have some players in the nba (those who made my ultimate cut)).
texas (g. hill, bosh)
mississippi (mcdyess)
alabama (b. wallace, horry)
florida (stoudemire, mcgrady, carter)
south carolina (j. o'neal, garnett)
virginia (mourning, iverson)
iverson mcgrady
carter hill
garnett bosh horry
j. o'neal stoudemire mcdyess
b. wallace mourning

new jersey (s. o'neal)
michigan (webber)
new york (anthony, brand, marbury)
illinois (wade, marion,
pennsylvania (bryant, r. wallace)
ohio (james, redd)
connecticut (camby)
bryant marbury
wade anthony redd
james marion
r. wallace brand webber
s. o'neal camby

who would win?
north's repeat or south's revenge?

...part IV
williams. johnson. jackson. jones. do u know them?

if you look at the rosters of nba teams, there are a lot of the same
most often ones are williams, johnson, jackson, jones.
i think this names are not so good for basketball playing.
useful names are for example duncan, garnett or ginobili, 'cos you
always know about who your friend is talking, but when somebody says
that williams nailed a three in crunch-time, you have absolutely no
chance to find out immediately who williams it was precisely.
who occurs to you when you hear the word "williams"?
to me, no b-ball player in the 1st place, but robbie williams.
w o t y w y h t w "johnson"?
magic johnson (lone exception).
micheal jackson is here!
the 2nd is phil zen master.
indiana jones...
so if someone asks, who's the biggest star here?
my answer is joe.

the williams'
55 jason 8 deron
25 mo 20 alvin
17 eric 23 louis
24 marvin
34 aaron

the johnsons
8 anthony 43 linton
2 joe
3 dermarr
25 amir
40 ervin

the jacksons
5 bobby 5 jermine
1 stephen
21 jim
33 luke
44 marc

the jones'
19 damon 30 dahntay
20 fred
6 eddie
22 james
11 dwayne

i've an idea, assemble all the williams' to the one team (e.g. ny) and
they'd change their name for new york williamses or so.
and perhaps they'd have better win/loss column like now!

p.s.: *sometimes speed kills.
sometimes it commits suicide.* (-charley rosen on high-octane phx suns)

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