Friday, March 17, 2006

why i hate/love galaxie-sport

first... let me talk about my/our galaxie-sport sucking.
okay... now i'm gonna disgustingly insult... no, seriously.
okay... let me vent a little else.
does anyone HATE this flippin' broadcasting system more than me?
i'm not sure that's possible.
it rattled me a bit last season but i still welcomed it (they're only
with nba on their screen).
this year, i'm in a bad mood about the whole thing (i'm unsatisfied,
i want more games (i can't bear it anymore!), including saturday
all-star night).
please please come back in november with MORE games!
i pay them enough money and what i see?
hockey, cars, everything else from the sport-world, but not basketball.
now i'm in san antonio and i've been at spurs vs. rockets game.
my happiness.
but all my friends in the cze-svk have been STUNNED and annoyed.
because galaxie-sport has stopped this game live (from the second to
the fourth quarter) and they've given us some racing contest!!
how is this fair?
it's an arrogance.
let's go striking!
guys've called me immediately, almost killed with sorrow and i've
almost fallen from the highest row... what a disaster!
this might be possible only in the cs.
they have had to broadcast the game re-live after the f******
car-whirling, it'd be better choice, smarter.
but probably they've silly chiefs there (or is the automobile lobby so
strong? please prove me wrong!).
okay, okay, okay... i'm getting too excited here.
but their repeating of the game on monday is foolish, too.
in that time (about 2:00 pm) basketball human beings 0-3 (age) are at
their mothers, 3-6 are in their nursery schools, 6-15 are in their
basic schools, 15-19 are in their secondary schools, 19-25 are in
their universities, 25-60 are in their works/jobs and 60-infinity are
in their houses, but they never watch nba (blame the f******
1948-1989 regime for this).
but seriously.
please be more sensible in g-s and try to put more basketball to our
warm houses, do i wish much?
okay, okay, okay...
what if they'll cancel the 2006 play-off broadcasting?
what if they'll fire mr. petr j.?
that's ridiculous... or am i sickly pessimistic?
i hope that it'll be ok, we'll watch nba come may 2006 and we'll watch
nba even in the 2006-07 season (and with more games).
just be good to me, i'll be good to you.
back to my title of this blog, why i love g-s (the most important
- nba games
- nba action magazine
- sporting express with nba info
- nba all*star game
- full nba finals
- basketball guests in the studio
what they should improve:
- more games (every week 2 games, friday and sunday)
- more repeatings (at least two times)
- better graphics, sounds (spurs with their old logo..., terrible
sound when the broadcasting begins...)
so, i'm ending with blogging about g-s today... hope that it'll be
something more interesting from me:
a question, how should the usa "all-star team" for japan's world
championships be (remember, an all-star team doesn't mean a winning
team and when i'd be a general manager charged with a compiling of
this "japanese" squad, i'd take wholly different players)?
no. 1 allen ezail "answer" iverson (6/7, 1975)
no. 2 kobe bean "mr. 81" bryant (8/23, 1978)
no. 3 chauncey ray "big shot" billups (9/25, 1976)
no. 4 vincent lamar "vinsanity" carter (1/26, 1977)
no. 5 dwyane tyrone "flash" wade (1/17, 1982)
no. 1 timothy theodore "big fundamental" duncan (4/25, 1976)
no. 2 kevin "big ticket" garnett (5/19, 1976)
no. 3 lebron "king" james (12/30, 1984)
no. 4 shaquille rashaun "diesel" o'neal (3/6, 1972)
no. 5 shawn dwayne "matrix" marion (5/7, 1978)
no. 6 tracy lamar "t-mac" mcgrady (5/24, 1979)
no. 7 carmelo "melo" anthony (5/29, 1984)
head gregg popovich
assistant jerry sloan
assistant mike d'antoni
assistant p.j. carlesimo
first five>
iverson, bryant, james, garnett, duncan
second five>
billups, carter, mcgrady, marion, o'neal
wade, anthony
p.s.: i've read very good blog on
*"defense wins championships!"
chemistry combined with talent wins championships.
the play of the team (whether offensive or defensive) is directly
affected by this.
this is why the pistons and spurs have been so good for so long.
this is why they are the top two teams again this season.
it's all about chemistry.
if you don't have chemistry you won't take home the trophy.*
i agree.
p.s.2: tony parker for mvp?
not yet, said his coach.
popovich: *sometimes you don't want to bite off more than you can chew
too quickly.*
p.s.3: welcome MARCH MADNESS, ncaa tournament; it's pretty good to
watch the most familiar univs (and their young boys) like duke blue
devils, indiana hoosiers, ucla bruins, connecticut huskies, michigan
state spartans, north carolina tar heels, boston college eagles or
georgetown hoyas to fight for a national title or a final
i wonder who'll be better, duke's j.j. redick or gonzaga's adam
morrison; my prediction for a winner are blue devils, but i root for
texas longhorns and their duo lamarcus aldridge-daniel gibson.
come on longhorns, beat duke!
come on aldridge, become the m.o.p.!
p.s.4: beyonce knowles, check on me tonight!

Written by Foreigner in CS - Mar 16 2006 6:30PM

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