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spurs march, t-park gets my vote

here's my regular season awards and one closer look - why i think that
tony parker would deserve the mvp trophy.
it's gonna be one of the closest mvp races in nba history.
the well-known contenders are steve nash, chauncey billups, kobe
bryant, dirk nowitzki, elton brand, dwyane wade, lebron james, allen
iverson and a dark-horse tony-park.
we don't know who will win, but everybody can make his own preview
and then pick the man of his conviction.
and remember this coveted thing's name is m.v.p., not b.p. (the best
what must do/have the real valuable player?
* have a great individual talent
* keep getting better and better
* be reliable in offense and in defense
* don't care much about his stats and be unselfish
* make his teammates better
* step his game up when his team is incomplete
* be a go-to guy
* be an experienced leader and "iron man"
* play his best even in the playoffs
* be a winner
so why parker?
- till now he's the BEST player on the spurs franchise
- he leads the team to the second best overall record in nba 05-06 and
the best record in the spurs history
- he's played very well all spurs regular season games (except march 28
at clippers) up to the present time
- he's made the silver&black on the right track all year with duncan,
ginobili and others often injured
- point guard with shooting .550 (!) from the field
- he's been overlooked despite being great
- he's already a right player/teammate in the age of 23 (!)
yes, there's a big probability that the mvp-voters will agree with the
masses and the winner'll be nash.
i have absolutely no problem with this kind of situation in the end of
i wanna only express my feelings and get some little support for the
french layup-machine.
but this sentence hits the nail on the head:
this anecdote tells it all in nine words... and truthfully for #9.
if t.p. was a sixer this season, maybe the 76ers'd have better record
than with a.i. and it shows how the things in nba are set.
for myself, tony is the mvp and he'll prove that in the money-season.
nba awards by fics:
most valuable player: tony parker, san antonio spurs
rookie of year: chris paul, new orleans/oklahoma city hornets
coach of year: flip saunders, pistons
sixth man of year: mike miller, memphis grizzlies
defensive player of year: bruce bowen, san antonio spurs
most improved player: andre iguodala, philadelphia 76ers
executive of year: bryan colangelo, phoenix suns (now toronto raptors)
i'm really looking forward to nowitzkis at duncans game on
galaxie-sport, because i'll be at home and able to watch g-s tv.
and thank you my favorite cs tv, for 6 extra games by the end of the
season, for 6 extra games in the p.o. and for the nba-contract for the
year 2006-07, especially when nothing great is cheap in this time!

wien - new york - san antonio (flight) 1

san antonio/texas - spurs vs mavs 2
BOS-IND, PHX-ORL (san antonio) 3
s.a./t. - spurs vs blazers 4
los angeles/california - lakers vs spurs 6
l.a./c. - clippers vs spurs 7 (7-15!)
MIA-WSH (l.a.) 8
phoenix/arizona - suns vs spurs 9
s.a./t. - spurs vs lakers 10
MIL-LAC (s.a.) 11
s.a./t. - spurs vs rockets 12
HOU-NJ (s.a.) 13
s.a./t. - spurs vs hornets 14
HOU-DAL (s.a.) 15
MIA-BOS, GS-MIN (s.a.) 16 (16-16!)
s.a./t. - spurs vs suns 17
houston/texas - rockets vs spurs 18
CLE-LAL, NY-MIA (s.a.) 19
BOS-LAL (s.a.) 20
s.a./t. - spurs vs warriors 21 (21-17!)
denver/colorado - nuggets vs spurs 22
DAL-GS (denver) 23
portland/oregon - blazers vs spurs 24
PHX-DEN (portland) 25
seattle/washington - sonics vs spurs 26
MIA-IND (l.a.) 27
l.a./c. - clippers vs spurs 28
NY-BOS, GS-NOK (l.a.) 29
l.a./c. - lakers vs spurs 30

los angeles - new york - wien (flight) 31

footnotes (e.g.):
BOS-IND, PHX-ORL (san antonio) 3
... +i've seen this games in tv, when i've been in san antonio, mar 3,
and i've written blog number 6 (when i've been there)+
san antonio/texas - spurs vs mavs 13
... +i've been at this game, mar 2+

p.s.: the action (or lack of action) in the nba, it's like chess, i
always explain.
speed and quickness are great, but look at a guy like robert horry, who
isn't fast and isn't quick, and yet he's able to thrive because he
understands basketball. (-lang whitaker)
p.s.2: the only hall of fame vote that's allowed to me is the one i
cast right here.
given three more outstanding seasons, one more mvp award and at least
one appearance in the finals, i would happily endorse [steve] nash for
basketball's ultimate honor. (-charley rosen)
p.s.3: *everybody acts like this is a new deal,* said coach popovich
on the spurs-mavs race for the 1st seed.
*it's been like this for the last four, five years with dallas.
we have a race every year.
this is nothing different than any other year.
the only thing different,* pop said, smiling, *is they have that LITTLE
TRAITOR (avery johnson) over there coaching for dallas.*

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