Tuesday, February 14, 2006

yeah! it´s time for U.S.A. vs WORLD

it´s time to play all-star game between united states and world.
yes, it´d be an injustice for some american players who´d not be on the
team (e.g. brand is better than okur).
but... it´s part of business (everything´s business today).
one good message for those brand-type-guys:
i suggest two u.s. squads, one (the best) would play in sunday all-star
game against nba players from world, the second would play in friday
game versus nba rookies.
it´d be very intereting.
i think sophomores-rookies game isn´t so good idea.
take (the second best - usa "b") all-star players, take rooks and the
result is very-high-expected game, ´cause the-first-year-pro-boys and
the newcomers (in general) always want to beat veterans (and vets are
always glad to crush mother´s kids).
the hoopers from world would be supported from entire earth (every
non-american wanna beat americans (the radical muslims and
terrorists in the war, normal people in the sports).
how many people has the world together?
more than six billions.
without the usa it´s a little bit less.
the united states of america - roughly 286 943 000 inhabitants.
imagine the support and cheering of 3 434 000 sarunases, 10 661 700
pejas, 30 750 000 steves, 37 032 000 manus, 40 847 400 paus,
59 344 000 tonys, 67 377 000 mehmets, 82 431 000 dirks, 143 954 500
andreis and even 1 273 100 000 mings!!
and so on (including 15 576 180 czechoslovaks).
thus i´ve connected through the e-mail with my mate roberto solano and
we´ve compiled the rosters.
he´s the head coach of u.s and i´m the coach of world.
we´re going to play it on the playstation some free day.
but let´s start with some words about roberto.
roberto, aged 30, from mexico, came from acapulco to new york sixteen
yrs ago.
he´s a fan of the knicks since 1990-1991 season (what a mess there
at first he missed everything - the sunshine, the food, his girlfriend.
but now he has a successful business with his three brothers and his
they run a basketball store in new brunswick.
roberto´s girlfriend is now his wife, and they have two children who
go to american schools.
of course, he´s u.s. citizen.
when asked why he came to the us, roberto says without hesitation,
*because i want to work hard and be successful.
and becasue of nba, too.*
he certainly works hard.
he´s at the store all day, then works as a driver in the evening.
*that´s why i like america,* he says.
*you can be what you want.*
*when i first came here in 1990, i didn´t speak the language, and it
was winter.
it was so cold!
there was snow!
now nearly all my family are here, not only in new york, but also in
california, and in texas.
we meet about once a month and have a huge mexican meal that takes
about five hours!
we´re all happy here.*
so, back to our a-s-g.
the rosters:

nash, steve canada
ginobili, manu argentina
kirilenko, andrei russia
nowitzki, dirk germany
yao, ming china
parker, tony france
jasikevicius, sarunas lithuania
stojakovic, peja serbia & montenegro
gasol, pau spain
ilgauskas, zydrunas lithuania
diaw, boris france
okur, mehmet turkey

usa "a"
iverson, allen
bryant, kobe
mcgrady, tracy
garnett, kevin
duncan, tim
billups, chauncey
carter, vince
james, lebron
stoudemire, amare
o´neal, shaquille
marion, shawn
wade, dwyane

usa "b"
kidd, jason
allen, ray
anthony, carmelo
wallace, rasheed
wallace, ben
paul, chris
redd, michael
pierce, paul
brand, elton
o´neal, jermaine
bosh, chris
arenas, gilbert

p.s.: d-wade was abnormally good in sunday´s game vs detroit.
it was kinda jordanaire!
p.s.2: enjoy all-star.
i´ll be back with new blog after feb 19.
st. valentine´s day´s p.s.: DENISKA I LOVE YOU!
a male p.s.: i´ve bought her a brand-new red panties, red bra and a
plush teddy bear.
you know, those girls...
hmm... today´s night´ll be kissing and loving...

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