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my nba schedule (nov & jan trips), philly i love u

i decide to write about the best point during my american journey.
i can´t write here about another points ´cause it´d be a very long
i have some nice memories for city named philadelphia.
let´s start:
american dream.
streets of philadelphia.
south street, phila, pennsy.
old hotel warwick radisson.
constitutional centre.
little pete´s dinner restaurant.
philly´s cheesteak. the house at heller...
the speciality of my working-sporting stays are home hospitalities -
as a rule the local volunteers invite a couple of foreign visitors to
them home.
the chance to have a look home to "normal people", to have a dinner and
to discuss with them.
branch and joan hellers are pensioners which come from the state
delaware, for a leap off philadelphia.
branch is a good-humored guy with strong sense for humor.
he asked me for introduction, whether we want to drink martini with
deniska refused, i (expecting a cup of sweet and in small quantities
really harmless drink) agreed.
maybe strong flavor of gin should warn me.
in any case, after two sippings, i lost concentration to considerable
our hosts evidently explained to themselves our silence (a majority of
time, from some reason, deniska was silent, too) so that we are out
of sorts and they tried to solve it by flood of yarns - we didn´t
understand them not only for the speed of their speech.
eventually branch perceived the substance of problem.
*it´s strong, isn´t it?* he asked, staring at the cup with high
*here it´s called silver bullet.
just one put you down,* he laughed.
we had the dinner in the company of family friends - don (ex-mariner)
and gail greens were even in the year 1990 in bratislava.
*beautiful town,* gail tried to do a compliment.
*now it´s already much better,* i responded diplomatically.
later she admitted that perhaps more she liked the people (in the
spring of 1990 - then still enthusiastic from revolution) than the
town ruined by communists.
it was very pleasant evening.
the "highlight" of this meeting was then - when the hellers quarreled
about their beloved sixers basketball.
joan: *with allen they´ve a shot at championship whenever.*
branch: mad hag! yes, with a.i., but they must even add cheeks-player,
dr. j, barkley and moses malone, not old c-webb.*
simply the male truth...
sweet home, sweet america.

wien - new york - toronto (flight) 1

toronto/ontario - raptors vs wizards 2
MIA-IND, LAL-PHX (boston) 3
boston/massachusetts - celtics vs pistons 4
IND-PHI, LAC-MIN (new york) 5
new york/new york - knicks vs warriors 6
MIA-NJ (philadelphia) 7
philadelphia/pennsylvania - sixers vs mavs 9
SAC-DET (philadelphia) 8
IND-MIA, DEN-SAC (philadelphia) 9
MIA-HOU, PHX-DET (philadelphia) 10
PHI-LAL, POR-DET (philadelphia) 11
east rutherford/new jersey - nets vs rockets 12
BOS-HOU (east rutherford) 13
GS-CHI (east rutherford) 14
DAL-DEN (east rutherford) 15

charlotte/north carolina - bobcats vs pacers 16
SA-HOU, MIA-WSH (miami) 17
miami/florida - heat vs sixers 18
orlando/florida - magic vs hornets 19
LAL-CHI (orlando) 20
PHI-NOK (orlando) 21
washington/dc - wizards vs nuggets 22
atlanta/georgia - hawks vs celtics 23

indianapolis/indiana - pacers vs cavs 24
detroit/michigan - pistons vs wizards 25
milwaukee/wisconsin - bucks vs pistons 26
LAC-IND (chicago) 27
MIA-NY (chicago) 28 (28-1!)
chicago/illinois - bulls vs magic 29 (29-2!)
cleveland/ohio - cavs vs clippers 30

cleveland - new york - wien (flight) 1

NBA GAMES-GALAXIE SPORT (zilina) 1-31 dec, 1-2 jan

wien - new york - phoenix (flight) 3

phoenix/arizona - suns vs sixers 4
oakland/california - warriors vs pacers 5
los angeles/california - lakers vs sixers 6
los angeles/california - clippers vs lakers 7
sacramento/california - kings vs pacers 8
PHI-SEA (denver) 9

denver/colorado - nuggets vs suns 10
minneapolis/minnesota - wolves vs bulls 11
SA-DET, LAL-CLE (minneapolis) 12 (12-6!)
seattle/washington - sonics vs heat 13
salt lake city/utah - jazz vs heat 14
portland/oregon - blazers vs cavs 15

memphis/tennessee - grizzlies vs spurs 16
SAC-PHX (houston) 17
houston/texas - rockets vs mavs 18
NY-DET, SAC-LAL (san antonio) 19
MIA-SA, PHX-LAC (san antonio) 20
NJ-BOS (san antonio) 21
SA-DEN, MIN-PHI, MIA-SAC (san antonio) 22
DEN-TOR (san antonio) 23
san antonio/texas - spurs vs bobcats 24
oklahoma city/oklahoma - hornets vs spurs 25
dallas/texas - mavs vs jazz 28

dallas - new york - wien (flight) 29

WORKING FEBRUARY (7!, 8!, 9!, 10!)
NBA GAMES-GALAXIE SPORT (zilina) 30-31 jan, 1-28 feb
wien - london (flight) 3
london - wien (flight) 5

footnotes (e.g.):
SA-DET, LAL-CLE (minneapolis) 12 (12-6!)
... +i´ve seen this games in tv, when i´ve been in minneapolis, feb 12,
and i´ve written blog number 6 (when i´ve been there)+
seattle/washington - sonics vs heat 13
... +i´ve been at this game, feb 13+

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