Wednesday, February 08, 2006

are you hooked? nba-hooked?

well, no one likes to admit they´re an addict (including me).
they are sad creatures ruled by deadly substances such as tobacco or
alkohol (i´m happy creature ´cause my drug is basketball).
but there are others less damaging to the health (to try to dunk when
you´re six-feet tall).
like it or not, large numbers of us are addicts (love the b-ball!).
addictions can be chemical (caffeine), emotional (shopping), physical
(exercise) or downright strange - such as picking your spots (or
basketball (nba watching)).
you´re the odd one out if you don´t have at least one everyday
addiction (i´ve several - nba, girls, coffee, sweets and so on).
what do you do when you feel under pressure, bored or depressed? (i
watch/play b-ball).
get lost in the world of tv (galaxie-sport, nba tv, espn, tnt or abc?)?
go shopping (to the nba-store?)?
eat one bar of chocolate after another (watch one games of nba after
one girl named brenda has been chocaholic for ten years (i´m nbaholic).
*i just get an urge for it - a need,* says brenda.
*i really don´t know why, it´s just so delicious.
people say that chocolate can make up for lost passion - i don´t know
about that, but i love the way it melts in my mouth.*
every day, brenda gets through several bars of her favorite cadbury´s
chocolate (the one with the soft caramel centre is the best (i get
through nba, i love the way it melts in my mind)).
but it´s not only the bars she goes for - hot chocolate drinks and
chocolate cakes are also essentials (for me it´s watching the battle
rasheed vs timmy or rip vs bruce).
towards exam time, brenda feels she has to increase her intake to cope
with all the work (i watch my tapes with dunk contests, it´s a great
relax before the exams).
*if i get up late, i´ll have chocolate for breakfast, then more and
more during the day.
i am addicted.
it´s like smoking, i suppose, but i have no plans to give it up.
if i like it so much, why should i?* (the same with me and b-ball)
addiction to exercise can ruin you life, michelle learnt to her cost
(like to shoot three-point-shots 500 times EVERY day! sometimes it´s
*i was swimming at least fifty lenghts a day, jogging to the gym and
doing three aerobic classes a week.
at home, i used an exercise bike and keep-fit videos.
my husband said that i didn´t have time for him, and he was right.
but i couldn´t believe it when he left me.
finally, i came to my senses, i wanted to get fit but it all got out of
hand and my addiction ruined my marriage.
now, i´m seeing a counsellor and gradually reducing the amount of
exercise i do.* (the good advice is: nightly watch nba and daily
be with your girl (and sometimes on the contrary...)
well-known member of parliament, tony benn, just can´t live without his
favorite drink (drink of nba?).
he has on average eighteen pints of tea a day and his addiction has
raised concern about his health (watch three games live/relive a night
and definitely you´re drunk after two weeks...).
when he collapsed recently, some people blamed his excessive tea
drinking (recently i watched the tv since 7:00 pm to 5:00 am, i almost
lost consciousness!).
mr benn has calculated that, over the years, he has drunk enough tea
(around 300 000 gallons) to displace an ocean-going liner (oh, i have
seen so many nba games that i don´t remember them all).
if he ever tried to stop, he would find it agonising (do you know to
imagine the world without nba?!?).
jane shopped for thirteen hours a day without leaving her living room -
she was addicted to tv shopping (this is no fun for me.)
when she got home from her job as a nightcare worker at 8:30 am, jane
would immediately tune into a satellite tv shopping channel and buy
everything in sight (this is really-really ridiculous).
her home was soon an aladdin´s cave of household goods and trendy
clothes she didn´t need (better is to buy things-that-are-good-for-ya
´cause you may quickly make them trashes, e.g. don´t buy shaq´s
uniform when you´re pacers-fan and so on).
when her cash ran out, she stole money from the elderly patients in her
care and was charged with theft (never steal off-the-court!).
*it seemed so easy,* she says.
*i didn´t realise i´d become so addicted.*
jane´s family have now removed her satellite receiver (personally i
don´t want to lose my sat-rec, it´d be a CATASTROPHE).
doctor´s conclusion:
nba is healthy (although addictive).
drink it.
eat it.
watch it.
p.s.: say what you want, but i like those mercurial and strange (but
fab and great!) players/too-self-selfident-dudes like dennis rodman,
ron artest, rasheed wallace or gary payton.
they´re cool, at least for their words to the public.
it´s something "exciting-entertaining-foolish".
like sheed: *i don´t want to go.* (to houston for a-s-g)

Written by Foreigner in CS - Feb 8 2006 2:45PM

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