Tuesday, February 21, 2006

why i love andre iguodala (and asg)

there was a reason to be happy during the last weekend.
on friday about 6:00 pm of our time i was playing my "all-star" game on
my playstation.
the game kind of "buddy, give me a cigarette" (note: i´m a non-smoker).
the game was played in at&t center in san antonio and the sides were
the blacks vs. the whites.
on the white team there were parker, ginobili, barry, oberto,
nesterovic, udrih and marks, and the blacks - van exel, finley, bowen,
duncan, mohammed, horry and (yes, myself) fics.
my squad´s won this scrimmage.
i´ve even dunked once on the fastbreak.

i´ve had my favorite streetball number 11.
meanwhile my girlfriend´s watched some romantic movie on the dvd.
then, we went to our mate to watch the rookie challenge.
the game was funny and i enjoyed the whole stuff around it.
and if you´ve seen andrew bogut, you know that he´s surprisingly good
dynamite in his body!
and the cooperation of likes c-paul and c-villanueva (my sister´s
thought that he´s some soap-opera actor).
it was an experience!
but the sophs were simply more experienced, at the head with the bull
ben gordon, explosive d-howard and my favorite a-iguodala.
he was dunking everytime he wanted it.
he couldn´t fully show his "d", but his game and all-around style is
loved by (still more and more) dudes in the world.
thus he was declared as the mvp of the battle rooks vs. sophs (man,
i´ve expected it. i swear! i´ve even predicted that he´ll win the
dunker´s contest and sweeeep the friday´s and saturday´s night).
for some higher reason, one day called saturday is a little bit more
thrilling than one called friday.
there was really extraordinary material in the arena.
everything was okay.
i´ve not officially bet on anybody, but we´re betting between us (we´ve
watched about ten in one room (ten guys cause a lot of noise and
first i´ve won 100 crowns, cos the spurs´ve (t-park, steve kerr, kendra
wecker) won the shooting stars.
but it was the end of my "winnings".
then i´ve lost 50 betted coins - i´ve predicted the victory of ray
allen (hey, his (and west´s) missed treys = the loss of west!) in the
3-point shootout (although i´ve held the fingers for dirk).
a glory evening for yes-´witzki (his stroke is killing) and
bitterSWEET for me.
and came skills challenge.
i´ve bet nothing and i was peaceful.
d-wade was hot, but who not?
what a pity for paul, he could win it and i could be happier even more.
who´d NOT like slam dunk contest?
maybe my grandma (she rather bakes cakes).
always, there´s some supernatural and magical feeling in the air.
the jury of rockets´ greats.
the crowd of the people full of anticipation.
young pupils with the eyes open like large windows.
oldmen who´ve seen spud webb live in 1986.
before the first dunk, i´ve bet only 50 of cash for a.i. jr., ´cos i´ve
known that in the toyota center is be webb-atmosphere (note: it
means that every human being under 6-0 is rooting for nate robinson).
yes, flying hawk josh is incredible, warrick can dribble and both were
the bible (of dunking).
i´m precisely 6-foot and i´m able to slam it, but only onehanded.
if i try with two hands, the globe ends as a clanger (i called it so),
(almost) in and (jumping) out.
coach, help me!
god, help!
this is the fate of small whitemen.
i´m not going to describe here all the dunks, everybody can watch it on
the screen.
nate over spud for 50 pts.
iggy under (!) board, 50!
before the "sudden death" overtime round between this couple, i was
andre win it!
robinson (after 14 (...) problems) smashes 47.
i´ve been sure that a.i.´s going to spike 48.
but only 46 from jury panel.
but it was superb.
at this contest, the bigmen like shaq want to be smaller!
for me the winners are nate with andre.
my money balance was zero stocks (bitterSWEET).
the game of gods.
the game with the big g.
the all-star game.
the game in which nobody wins or loses.
even ray and kobe are little friends.
you´ve certainly seen it through galaxie sport tv.
for a basketball fan, non-watching this game = BIG SIN.
i´ve felt like in cosmic rocket!
from the start a lot of exhibition and last qtr´s been the playoffs
the east´ve had some advantage, the pistons quartet (plus coaches) are
more comfortable in playing together.
i guess t-mac should´ve shot two free throws a couple of seconds to go.
lbj´s fauled him.
but on the result doesn´t matter much (122, e - 120, w).
and congrats, lebron, the mvp.
so, what for the end?
the end of smilings, fun, shooting with happy eyes, doing high fives
after missed shot.
now, the war times are coming.
the battle of the best in the postseason.
i like it too, but there always be some extra in all-star games.
note: all four days i read the nba.com all-star blog (that´s fun,
thanks to the cast:
k-garnett. (tim to kevin: *you´ve shaq, good luck on him.*:)
a-johnson (i like his coaching voice).
the o´neals.
the wallaces.
and why i love andre iguodala?
because his strongest muscle is the HEART.
p.s.: ryan bowen can defend but couldn´t score if his live depended on
if he ever played himself one-on-one, the game would be scoreless.
what a disaster! (- charley rosen).
p.s.2: the rockets are lost in space and aren´t even worth rescuing.
(- charley rosen).
p.s.3: joe dumars is mad?
he´s got a virus from i-thomas?
how the hell he could trade milicic+arroyo for dead kelvin cato and
some CONDITIONAL draft picks??
at least for this season, this trade = pist´s´re trying a selfmurder.
can cato stand up from his coffin?
probably not.
p.s.4.: you don´t believe it.
but redhead named brian scalabrine played 34 mins against the cavs,
there was 100 missed shots in the game, he is 6-9, 235 and how many
rebs did he gather?
the worst rebounder in nba history (d-rodman, show him how the job
should be done).

Written by Foreigner in CS - Feb 20 2006 3:06PM

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