Wednesday, March 01, 2006

as always in the spurs i trust

let's blog about s.a.s.
we never, i mean NEVER, have had a better team than now.
nor 1999.
nor 2003, 2005.
without the admiral wouldn't be any hesitations about that.
yes, noone, i do mean NOONE, will do the job that dave robinson did -
the cooperation with td and his presence in the locker room and in the
i have read recently some of spurs fans thoughts at express-news.
why are some of them so pesimistic?
it's a true reason for it?
i pose this qs: is this yr's spurs team worse than that from the last
is this yr's pistons team better than that from the last season?
the as are:
the same.
what we've lost?
yep, some players, and the most notable was d-brown (inconsistent,
health-troubled and inexperienced).
so what?
we've added the vets like fin or nve and even fabio gets comfortable
with the system.
the playoffs (p.o.) are all about the e-word.
you can be the most athletic dude in the world, but when you haven't
the "e", you're lost out there.
the spurs will be in the highest gear come p.o., 'cos they have it in
don't joke about suns or mavs.
the "d" is a whole thing.
the "d" wins championships.
it's not gonna change.
yeah, the guys like j-howard, d-diop, b-diaw, r-bell perform really
well, but come p.o., they'll have a bug in their heads, like: *can
i maintain my stats in the postseason?* and that's the one of ultimate
shortcomings of the youngsters.
the two real teams that ARE contenders, are from east - detroit and
if someone from the pistons starting 5 will be injured (and esp billups
or rasheed), the pists have no, i say NO, chance to beat heat (or us)
in the series.
my basketball vision is telling me now that even miami will be our foe
in the finals.
what the pists have on the bench?
guys like evans or delfino?
they're kinda non-influential.
the good hoopers are hunter (healthy?) and their sixth-man mcdyess.
davis-cato combo is only for shaq-hacking.
the heat have very good bench.
some of the fans have remitted me on that:
*look what the heat are today and what they've been year back.*
this is the utter stupidity (i don't wanna use the connection "utter
there were brothers jones', but what?
if at all those treys.
and nowadays?
the glove (still) can play solid "d".
ditto for posey.
haslem has one yr more in his pocket.
the same with (the prodigy) wade.
shaq will be pumped up.
do not forget on mourning.
j-will will be right with his will.
there's slick riley at the helm.
and they've traded for d-anderson (healthy?).
yes, yes and YES, right now detroit is the best club in the league.
but they do their results with high energy, in 6 men (it's neither
7 courageous).
and it's possible (humanly) to do it so (with that energy) all season
expect the pistons' fading in the end of the race.
they've to keep some extra for the p.o.
how they can beat the spurs in the series?
# with offensive rebounding and second-chance pts.
# with chauncey's and sheed's nailing the treys.
# with rip's shooting over 55% from the field.
but how?
to poison tim or bruce?
tony has a great yr, rob horry will be hot in p.o. and manu is among
the top players who are in the groove come p.o.
and b-bowen is a polished diamond.
forget about stats, dunks and other misleadings.
with coach pop, they've come throughout many (winned or losed) battles
and this is the most important item.
don't worry about the guys like dirk or amare.
we have td and that's the answer.
they both (dal and phx) haven't a necessary bulk to outmuscled the
silver & black.
the detroit's fans are proud and mouth off about their stifling "d" due
to the current situation in the nba.
but i have one good advice for them: stay objective and rather shut up!
the last laugh is the best laugh.
we've had ginobili injured, horry off, van exel, oberto and duncan have
had some body issues.
there's a little bit of hype (adoring from the media) about the pists.
who have to listen/read it?
blah, blah, blah, like detroit is gonna win 71 or they've had to have
5 all-stars.
they're mad!
look what the standings were one time before the a-s break: the spurs
were down by one, ONE (!), game after the pists and everybody was
impressed how the "another jordans" are playing basketball.
in the last season, the pists've even complained of "small respect"
from the league and public that they've had to get after their triumph
in 2004.
and what's changed.
not a lot.
all of sudden all the world alleges about sweeping all possible (sweet)
series in their vicinity.
yes, they've saunders' motion "o", but they've not the same larry's "d"
i don't wanna something like diminish their extraordinary team talent
and play.
on the other hand, it doesn't matter too much on the 2 losses to them
in the regular season.
some of the experts have predicted a sweep or such (nearly) nonsenses.
yes, the spurs have some hidden uncertainty (perhaps fear?) against the
pists and esp their home palace crowd.
and if they will beat our spurs...
my bad, my.
but we're the champs, we're gonna repeat and noone can stop us!
that's my attitude and that's the attitude of the spurs thanks to
popovich and several rings.
yeah, ya 'now, i've (big) respect for the pistons and maybe i'm writin'
the tripes.
the conclusion?
respect them, but NOT overvalue them.
and the spurs never talk the thrash publicly or praise themselves,
that's the point.
and for the end, what (the most urgent) the respective spurs have to do
for their unobstructed success (remember, not all the following must
come true for 2006 title)?
# tim: be TIM DUNCAN.
# manu: drive, conjure, hustle.
# tony: drive, dish, don't make tos.
# bruce: defend, defend, shoot 3-ps.
# nazr: rebound, rebound, seal up the middle.
# robert: do your job in the clutch.
# rasho: do your job in the middle.
# michael: sink jumpers.
# nick: sink 3-balls.
# brent: sink 3-balls.
# fabricio: hustle, contribute.
# beno: carry the ball safely from the spurs half to the opposite half
of the court.
# sean marks: cheer up the guys on the bench and in the l-room.
(have in mind these 5:
1 - play "d"
2 - play aggressively
3 - share the ball
4 - stay positive
5 - play like the spur)
my only prayer is: *god, bless for the spurs healthness.*
so far, so good, the season isn't in the end.
by the april's final buzzer, there'll be no sorrow for the spurs.
the spurs fans, be more optimistic.
the reason is.
the team is.
the goal is.
and opponents, shiver, because... the spurs aren't losers.
the san antonio spurs are WINNERS!!!
they'll definitely try their repeat in sunny june.
and successfully.
as always in the spurs i trust.

Written by Foreigner in CS - Feb 28 2006 8:04PM

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Well I just got back from polo and I am beat. I am currently doing some research and stumbled across your blog. Which makes me laugh really. The web can certainly land you off base sometimes. Even though your site is not completely related I think it is a nice blog. I have read back through the archives and lots of people make some good points. Painted Pony