Thursday, February 02, 2006

a story about the king of wolves (and more...)

once in my youth i have bought a package with the cards of nba players
and then i have unpacked it.
there were about ten ones and i have gazed on those paper cards.
i have found a card with the name kevin garnett, forward, minnesota
it was a time (in 1996) when kg has begun his second season in
the professional league.
i have immediately known that he would be the great player in the
(near) future.
do u want to know what is written on this big ticket´s card?
ht: 6´11, wt: 220 lbs, college: none, born: 5/19/76 mauldin, south
garnett didn´t show any signs of being overwhelmed in his first nba
the fact that he came into the league without any college basketball
experience made this fact quite unbelievable.
among all 1996 nba rookies /or rooks, as i say/ garnett placed high
in most statistical categories.
his 10.4 ppg scoring average, 6.3 rebounds per game, 1.8 assist per
contest and the 28.7 minutes per game all ranked in the top-ten among
nba rookies.
he led the timberwolves with 131 blocks on the season.
so now: i love kevin, his on-court skills, his attitude, his CHARM
(on-court, of course!).
what da HELL is saint god doing?
or what he´s been doing all those yrs?
since 1995 to 2005?
kg has NEVER (!!) been in the most classic part of the planet called
nba - the nba finals.
why, good god, WHYYYYY????!!!
yes, neither barkley or duo stockton-malone haven´t rings, but at that
times, in the nba was the undestroyable wall of jordan-pippen-rodman!
i´m so sad for no. 21 (for the present).
i´m so disappointed for him (for the past).
i´m so pessimistic for him (for the future).
i´m so angry for the wolf´s organisation (except kevin).
they have not been able to compile any pack of wolves to really
and they have had kev - the SUPERWOLF!!!!!
i can´t belive it...
gentlemen in the wolves front office, is it possible?
gentlemen in the wolves roster, is it possible?
you have NOT been in the clash of two best teams and have NOT fought
for the trophy and coveted rings.
maybe the wolves don´t bite and aren´t so dangerous.
thus the well-known fairy-tale is just a joke!
but keep in mind, kg is the greatest wolf from whole world, from
american alaska to russian siberia.
(and more in this day´s blog):
i have had BIG happiness in some day of 1996.
there were some elite and spectacular players in my package of basket
do u want to know?
yep, kg, but this is not all...
let´s go...
tyrone hill, ricky pierce, andrew lang, vin baker, chris webber, karl
malone and... (stop breathing, keep ready) mr. michael jordan (!!!!!).
i was so immensely happy that i cannot describe it even now!
and for end, some p.s.´s from me:
p.s.: jermaine o´neal is off of the starting 5 in the east due to his
groin injury... a chance for "highwayman" rasheed wallace?
who knows?
if it´ll come true, sheed, i´ve one small advise.
no technicals or flagrants in the all-star game!
rather shoot those your killing treys, man.
p.s.2: the kidds family has beaten the chaunceys family, let´s
celebrate, non-pistons-fans!
at least for a while:)
p.s.3: wake up, charlotte boys!
you´re playing basketball in the nba, not chasing pretty women!
end your losing finally.
p.s.4: congrats to no/oc.
guys of the hornets are playing pretty well.
god, give him a playoff spot for their effort.
david west, super job!
chris paul, super job, too!
remember his name and his game, sometimes in the future you´ll be
telling your sons about some great player, named chris paul.
p.s.6: dallas, keep pace and shape.
and be ready for the playoff war against the mighty spurs.
p.s.7: chris andersen, pay for your childness ´n´ non-adult-age!
p.s.8: andre iguodala for 2006 slam dunk champion!
i´m very looking forward to the slam dunk contest battle...
those dunks, jams and spikes...
what we´ll see this yr?
a.i. sr. will throw the white-red-blue rock from the crowd behind the
glass ´n´ hoop and a.i. jr. will smash it with tomahawk right-handed
let us surprise on feb 18 night.
p.s.9: miss eva "non-desperate housewife" longoria and tony "the wee
frenchman" parker are such a amiable and a well assorted couple.
a wedding in june after the fourth title for the spurs?
we´ll see, it´s probable right now (i mean the wedding).
p.s.10: watch the wonderful all-star, blog ya later (after a-s-g... or
maybe sooner... i don´t know).
the last - i have visions that t-mac will be a-s-g mvp.
the last (2) - a joke for the end:
title of joke: (s)he´s got great treys!
what: a b-ball game (wnba), houston vs. seattle.
situation: two young guys are talking.
luke: *hey tommy, this number 18 has got great treys!
it´s fricking... i love it.*
thomas: *yeah buddy, that´s your take, but i like smaller, i love
p.s.11: and sorry, kobe, your new nick is "mr. 81"!
(it´s been just a dream? 81 pts in 1 gm... AMAZINGLY MAGNIFICENT!!!

Written by Foreigner in CS - Feb 1 2006 6:05PM

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