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about one basketball summit

don´t you know what the word "summit" mean exactly?
here´s an explanation: "an official meeting or series of meetings
between the leaders of two or more governments at which they discuss
important matters (mr. bush and co.)", or in basketball slang, "an
unofficial meeting or series of meetings between the b-ball fans of
two or more countries at which they discuss important b-ball matters
(mr. fics and co.)".
here´s a story about it:
the place of our annual summit from feb 3 to feb 5 was london, united
in this year, it was held in the now-place-of-living of javier (a
member of our summit crew).
all summiters were invited to talk about situation in the nba from
their views (as always).
when i have found an e-mail in my e-mailbox, i was very very happy.
this year it was our third common summit.
the 1st was in prague (2004), the 2nd in athens (2005).
how we have got acquainted together?
well, as i was traveling in this beautiful world (reasons: i have been
on the visits of english colleges) in 2003, i have always met a person
who is somehow connected with basketball and especially nba fan-ing.
so thus i have decided to have our annual hoop summits.
and so our story continues to today (normally, as a saga of a little
bit crazy fans of orange-ball).
first of all, i have to introduce all the summiters (at least in
we called us "the BIG EIGHT".
the first, ioanna /26 yrs/.
she comes from greece, is a teacher of english and already quite
she wants to make her english perfect and is interested in being
involved in the training of other english teachers.
her favorite franchise (hff): detroit pistons.
her favorite player (hfp): rip hamilton.
the second, wang i-hua /24/ (it´s a woman).
she comes from a small town in the south of china.
she has never been outside her country (except our summits), but has
always dreamed of traveling.
this was her exceptional chance to go abroad.
hff: houston rockets.
hfp: yao ming.
the third, mehmet /20/.
he comes from turkey, is a very clever student who is brilliant at
science, but keeps failing the english part of his university
entrance exam.
his ff: orlando magic.
his fp: grant hill.
the fourth, carmen /19/.
she is a spanish nurse working for a small charity.
she is about to go out to a part of africa currently suffering from
disease and famine where english is widely spoken.
she will work in a village hospital with local people.
hff: memphis grizzlies.
hfp: pau gasol.
the fifth, christiane /27/ (it´s a woman).
she is an excellent primary school teacher from south africa who has
been told she must start teaching english to her pupils as well as
everything else.
at the moment she has slight ability in english (well... i must say,
it´s getting better and better).
hff: miami heat.
hfp: dwyane wade.
the sixth, wojtek /18/.
he is a young man from poland who would like to set up an import-export
business, but needs to improve his english to do so.
hff: phoenix suns.
hfp: shawn marion.
the seventh, javier /28/.
he is a refugee living in london.
he can´t go back to his country because of the political problems
he is with his wife and two young children.
he is having problems finding a job because of his english
(or his origin?).
hff: new jersey nets.
hfp: jason kidd.
the eighth, fics /20/.
yep, it´s me.
i´m a student from czechoslovakia.
i want to be a lawyer and i like basketball very much.
my english is on a very-high grade (well, i think so...:)
i have recorded a quintuple-double (!!) with david robinson on my
hff: san antonio spurs.
hfp: tim duncan.
the summit was (as always) full of funny situations, great stories and
interesting opinions.
now i choose to write about most intriguing part of our meeting
(i can´t write about entire summit, it was almost three-days long time
of talkings and sometimes arguings).
da situation:
ioanna is telling us how the pistons will win the title in june.
ioanna: *my opinion is, the pistons 4 and the spurs 0.
a sweep.
(i was quietly, meanwhile).
wojtek: *how the spurs, the suns will come from west!
amare is back for playoffs and spurs will be beaten 4-1 by us.
(i was quietly, meanwhile).
christiane: *ho-ho, it´s not quite clear that the pistons.
we (the heat) will beat them 4-3.
the vengeance is sweeeet.
shaq will kill the wallaces!*
(i was quiet, still, but chuckling)
javier: *what?!
we (the nets) will be the black horse of east!
somehow we will beat heat and pistons.
i guess, v-carter will have an average 45 ppg in the playoffs.*
it´s possible.*
(i was quiet, still, but chuckling even more)
mehmet: *when young dwight howard will mature in the future, we will
be the most dangerous team in the east.*
(i was quiet, still, but i stopped chuckling)
carmen: *i mean, the grizzlies have a shot at conference finals.
they have a chance to beat mavs or suns, but spurs in no case.
we are able to stop dirk or nash, but not td.*
(i was quiet, still, but satisfied; i always love carmen´s b-ball iq)
wang i-hua: *i regret the injuries in the rockets factory.
when we will be all healthy, we will conquer the world!*
(i was quiet, still, but surprised, is this person wang i-hua or
somebody else? the people in china are all the same. all have the same
face and eyes! was she speaking about b-ball or about communist china
and her factory for nuclear bombs?!?)
fics: *so i think... i have vision that the silver and black will
beat the blue collar boys 4-3 and 90-89 in game 7.
rob horry will sink a buzzer-beater-trey and after the game, he will
retire as the third best clutch player in the nba history (behind
jordan and bird).
so peace, guys?
let´s go to sleep now.*
(it was 3:15 am!)
so this was our annual summit.
i´m looking forward to our fourth, in 2007.
p.s.: our chinese friend has motioned that it would be in her small
town in china.

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