Friday, January 13, 2006

the rosters for all-star finally revealed!

hello guys, happy new year and happy basketball time.
forget on cakes and gifts and let´s go to work (i mean work as
watching the nba).
so to the topic... the rosters are revealed...
not officially, but my own decisions, who´d be on the court of the
rockets in game of nba best.
yeah, i must count with the fans´ all-star balloting, but here are the
REALLY dream team stars of west and east.
but, first... what´s UNFAIR...
it´s unfair, that the centers have so small competition on their spot
(young mr. greg ogden, we wait for you! amare, we miss you more than
water! but amare is pf, not c...).
it´s unfair, that on the east is so much great guards and so little of
space in east-star line-up.
it´s unfair, that on the west is so much great forwards and so little
of space in west-star line-up.
mr. stern, you have to give some exceptions for a-s game 2007!!!
i guess the system of balloting is wrong.
how can be td off of starting 5 and yao in starting 5?
and how could yao break the m-jordan´s record of received votes??
is it normal???
yao is good fellow, but he DOESN´T BELONG to nba top 10 players.
yes, exceptions, because the 2007 GAME is in las vegas (i want the
best players there, i don´t want best alternatives!).
hear me somebody from nba office???
warning for yao: you have last 2 starts in a-s-g and last 2 leadings
of balloting, because if young greg will be drafted in the 2007 by one
of the west franchises, you are off of starting center spot!
man, i know what i´m writing and who doesn´t believe, only wait for
2008 game!
mr. stern, i want the 2008 a-s-g in the prague!
i´m not playing the fool.
the nba has so much fans over the whole world (and on every planet of
the universe, if there is a life).
so why a-s-g wouldn´t be off of the north america?
and the europe is the best place to start the new challenges.
the europeans don´t want only preseason camps of nba teams and
basketball without borders, they WANT nba games live and a-s-g live!
mr. stern, they deserve it!
they wake up in the night to watch the games and then they go to the
jobs/schools in the morning.
mr. stern, you should know it´s pretty hard to working/learning without
the sleeping!
the wonderful sazka arena is the best place for a-s-g 2008!
can this BIG dream come true?
have in mind, all can happen in this world...
so here are my rosters (of course, it can´t be totally like this in
this year, but right now it´s the best from the offer according to
starting line-ups...
on the west it´s kobeee mr. 62 bryant and tracy t-mac grady on the
guards´ spots, kevin big ticket garnett and tim big fundamental duncan
as the forwards and the center yao made in china ming.
on the east it´s alleeen the answer iverson and dwyane flash wade as
the guards, lebron king james and jermaine power from indy o´neal on
the forwards´ spots and the c shaq diesel o´neal.
on the west there are steve canadian engine nash, dirk german sniper
nowitzki, ray mr. shooting allen, tony french express parker, marcus
working machine camby, carmelo melo anthony and shawn jumping matrix
marion (amare stoudemire, i miss you).
on the east there are vince vinsanity carter, chauncey big shot
bbbillups, paul pride of greens pierce, rasheed guaransheed wallace,
ben big hammer wallace, jason mr. triple-double kidd and chris man
from north bosh (ron-ron artest, sorry, i don´t miss you).
honorable mention...
on the east, for example, richard hamilton, tayshaun prince, gilbert
arenas, michael redd, stephon marbury, richard jefferson, zydrunas
ilgauskas and the others...
on the west, for instance, manu ginobili, andrei kirilenko, pau gasol,
baron davis, jason richardson, elton brand, yes, BRUCE BOWEN and the
the coaches?
flip saunders and his pistons´ staff vs. gregg popovich and his spurs´
and what about the most exciting event in saturday?
yes, i think slam dunk contest.
it´d be GREAT to have all the brighest dunkers in this competition...
king james, d-wade, vinsanity, t-mac or lakers´ no. 8... but we must
be satisfied with available stuff.
so i pick these young four: josh smith (as the champion) and the
challengers (jr smith, andre iguodala (i LOVE this guy and ai&ai duo),
nate robinson)... yes, i have the same opinion as petr j.
so i´m looking forward to unveiling of starters thursday feb 2 prior to
a tnt doubleheader and to thursday feb 9 for unveiling the remaining
fourteen all-stars and to rookies vs. sophomores game feb 17 and to
saturday night feb 18 AND eventually to west vs. east feb 19.
god, bless all the players that they wasn´t injured/suspended/in jail
on feb 17-19.
p.s.: lbj is now the 50 cent of the league... "if i can´
can´t be done...", but i bet on the western conference victory.
p.s.2: what the hell are the ny knicks doing??!
five in a row!!
perhaps larry b. is doing his job.
p.s.3: this season the sixers kill most of the crowd in philly, ´cos
they are the most bet-and-loss team in the world... good god give
grand allen & co. some winning streak!
p.s.4: the rockets are in a curse, if it´ll go on like this, coach jeff
van gundy will be injured, too.
guys in nasa, be careful, all the rockets on the earth are in a curse!
p.s.5: the grizzlies will bite someone in the playoffs, i´m sure.
p.s.6: the one of the best words in czech is "řízeň":), the one of the
best words in slovak is "smäd":) - in english it´s "thirst".
well, have a nice basketball and drink sprite.

Written by Foreigner in CS - Jan 12 2006 3:33PM

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