Sunday, December 18, 2005

my (very) last dream of famous d-h

here´s the 3rd dream (and last, i promise it, but you never know...)
of our well-known-25-dec d-h.
i´m deceivin´:)
today´s NO dream on the program.
today´s only the TRUTH on the program.
i assume that noone on this website and a few basketball people know...
one... two... three... four... stop.
i have to say it.
do you know what´s it?
of course not.
well, i try to explain it in the next sentences.
the story:
it´s been in the 80s and 90s when it´s been, but in the cs till since
1989... the fuckin´ communists and their entire system!!
but what´s this "it"?
"it" is sade, a singer, black singer, black woman singer.
when i´ve been young, i´ve really hated her songs.
unlike my mother (she actually likes her songs).
the important note: i´ve called her songs "shits".
then, in that era, there was a boom of vhs.
so thus my mummy bought vhs of sade, called ´life-promise-pride-love´.
a disaster.
when i found it (i precisely remember the time and day- 06:08 pm, 5 nov
1993) in our house, i started to yellin´... nooo!
i´ve never seen the whole video of it, but i´ve read "it" probably
do ya wanna know what?
"it" is a cover of that video-cassette, with a list of songs (sorry,
but yesterday i found out that all the shits (songs) remind me
somethin´ from the spurs history and present.
note: i´ve been (and i´m) livin´ for silver and black, my passion for
the spurs will never, NEVER end.
these are those shits (sorry, songs) and my memories & ideas, of
the first, ´your love is king´- me and dave "the admiral" robinson.
he´s more than the king.
the emperor.
at least.
do you remember his quadruple-double?
do you know at all that q-d exists??
the second, ´smooth operator-red eye´- timmy duncan.
his eye (his performance) always kills you.
on da b-ball court.
the third, ´hang on to your love´- me and the spurs.
i´m stuck with them.
td, tony, manu, bruce, big shot bobby, mike, van excellent, rasho,
nazr, brent, fabio, beno, sean.
the fourth, ´never as good as the first time´- for me, the most
memorable title of spurs was in 1999 - defeat of the knicks in the
divine arena msg.
but the yrs 2003 & 2005 were VERY good, amazing, too.
the fifth, ´sweetest taboo´- the arrival of mr. d. rodman to the alamo
...and no. 10... deeenniiiis rooodmaaaaan!
the sixth, ´is it a crime´- d-fish kills the spurs in game 5 in 2004...
sbc center is dead.
the seventh, ´paradise´- after the victory against deeetroit in the
2005 finals.
the eighth, ´nothing can come between us´- me and the spurs.
i love allen "the answer" iverson, but if he´s playin´ against us, i
love the s.a.s., more than a.i.
the ninth, ´turn my back´- me and the ot against pistons in g 5.
i couldn´t watch it.
i turned my back to the tv-set during the last seconds.
r-horry, the saviour.
the tenth, ´love is stronger than pride´- absolutely.
once my laker friend was teasin´ me (in 2002): *we´ve 14 championships.
and you?
only one, only one, ha ha.*
my response was: *but my love is larger than yours.*
note: remember, it doesn´t matter on the wealth, it does matter on the
lakers suck!
the eleventh, ´no ordinary love´- i´m not fallen in love to the spurs
only if they´re winnin´, i even love them if they´re losin´, too.
nowadays it doesn´t happen frequently.
the twelfth, ´cherish the day´- "memorial day miracle" - sean elliott
is hittin´ trey over the hand of blazers´ sheed wallace.
magical, mystical, grand!
the thirteenth, ´kiss of life´- the admiral´s retirement in 2003 along
with winning it for the 2nd time.
unbelievable, excellent, brilliant.
the fourteenth, ´feel no pain´- me in the present time.
unless coach pop is at the helm of spurs´ ship, i feel no pain or
i know that they´re designed to the success.
so i´ll finish this pre-christmas blog.
i wish you merry x-mas & happy new year!
and remember, 25 dec is comin´.
but before, watch the fairy-tales, eat your dinner, cakes (sometimes
are better than game of basketball; i´m jokin´:)), then unpack your
x-mas presents, go sleep and be ready & fresh for the d-h menu.
p.s.: if you´ll receive a book of harry potter under the (green) tree,
you shouldn´t read it through the night ´cause what if you´ll fall
asleep on 25 dec evening?!
my god, protect all the hoop fans from this sin.
god bless you!
p.s.2: the same with the sex!
DO your sex after the d-h (with your girlfriends).
...who wants to sex mutombo???:))
go spurs go!
tim for the 2006 finals mvp!
i like sade (as a woman).

Written by Foreigner in CS - Dec 17 2005 8:42PM

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