Tuesday, December 13, 2005

my 2nd dream about t-w-k-f-b-cs double-header

my last dream was (again) about
the-well-known-first-basketball-czechoslovak d-header (i´ve given it a
nickname "pussy").
not a pussy that you think... but pussy as a cat (note: i really love
cats (cats are women?)).
i don´t use "bad language".
you likely have read about my thoughts from 12 dec.
at that time i was mad as a dog (or a cat? (women are cats)).
so here is the story plot of that dream (it was more realistic than
the first one from 12 dec and eventually i didn´t get up on time cos
i fell asleep so i missed the lecture & exam on university (i blame
"pussy" for it)):
it was a nightmare.
day- 25 dec.
time- 06:20 pm.
situation- myself in living room in the front of tv-set.
programme: galaxie-sport.
figures- myself, my cat (not a women, but true cat in colors of the
spurs) and my little sister.
the parents gone (it doesn´t matter where).
action- my cute sister (i call her pussycat ´cause she´s very very
sweet at the age of almost 24 months) was caressin´ our cat (remember:
this cat is no woman!) and i was countin´ down the minutes to the
start of "pussy" (not a cat, not a... but a game).
and then it happened...
a huge snowstorm.
a strong freezewind.
a dark darkness.
no electricity (!).
i started to insult (it was only the exception).
*fuckin´ world.
it´s not possible.
friggin´ time.
destiny´s a bitch!*
i didn´t have to do this.
my little pussycat (sister) started to cry.
my cat (cat) begin to sputter and scratched pussycat´s hand.
i had to do somethin´.
call an ambulance.
call my parents.
indeed i´m 20 yrs old!
i nursed pussycat´s (now if this was the cat! or woman! i don´t know
what is better) cut.
she quieted down.
cat (mess around!) likewise.
but i was still mad, angry, stunned, upset and what-i-know yet.
the first d-header (i finished the using of nick "pussy") and i miss
then i used the f-word probably sixteen times.
meanwhile, i had to give a bottle of milk to pussycat (my wounded
sister) and she quickly fell asleep.
but i still had problems.
i wanted to exchange all the money and presents and meals and all cats
(yes cats, i hate cats) for watchin´ the-first-d-header in
czechoslovakia, the land full of icehockey, football (sorry, soccer),
socialists and reality shows.
the g-s had to come my dream true of watchin´ the d-h in cs.
i remeber that i bet all my money in the summer (about 10 dollars) that
d-h´ll NEVER be in our country (oh, in your country, i´m a foreigner
so far).
i was wrong.
i was wrong, but i enjoyed it (even if i lost 10 bucks yesterday).
so back to the story.
as i was thinkin´ about what i would do, i fell asleep, TOO!!
and then came the greatest nightmare - i got up and glanced at the
02:22 am!!!
i missed IT.
i switch on the tv and the electricity was back!
sure, indeed the lights were switch on alike!
do you wait for the next sequence?
but i don´t recall precisely.
maybe sometimes in the future (rather not).
the end of da dream.
reality: (not a show) i opened my eyes 08:00 am (tuesday), tired and my
mom was yellin´- *i hope that you didn´t missed the school!* (i prayed
lest she said the school but the d-h (note: this didn´t happen)).
so i was in sorrow, pussycat (amiable sister), in joy, was playin´ with
toys; and cat (yeah, the cat from my unfamous dream), in quiet, was
sleepin´ and satisfiedly purrin´.
i had to go to my college and to persuade one ugly professor for givin´
me a last chance for the exam from biology (i prayed lest it was
the biology but da basketball (note: this didn´t happen)).
thus i´m further successfully waitin´ for the "pussy" (nor cat nor
small beautiful sister) on 25 dec.
hopefully, everything will be okay.
hopefully i´ll get own tv-set as a x-mas gift on 24 dec.
ten percent.
hopefully sometime.
but certainly (definitely) i´m goin´ to be READY on the "pussy" (2
royal games).
and the advice from this?
let the 25 dec and concentrate on 24 dec.
after 24 dec is 25 dec (we all know it) and 25 dec si the best day of
winter holidays.
plan the party with your best friends and watch "pussy" (not women
(body) and do NOT drink alcohol).
but after the second game (particularly if your team´ll win), you
should DRINK the alcohol and watch the pussies (women or girls, NOT
men or boys).
but aren´t the toys on x-mas day better than the "pussy" (d-h)?
ask your younger siblings.
they always have the truth and happiness (they should´ve job in the
especially when they are less than 6 yrs old (warning: betting under
18 is prohibited!).
so good luck for everyone.
p.s.: i can´t still believe that on g-s will be one b-ball game and
then immediately the second one.
is it possible in the cs?
isn´t it illegal?
i wait for the answers (to 25 dec).
have a nice hoop time, czechoslovaks!
p.s.2: i know that the cs already doesn´t exist, but i was born in the
cs, so i call it cs.

Written by Foreigner in CS - Dec 13 2005 9:45AM

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