Monday, December 12, 2005

X-MAS are nothing against...

i spent the time in a shack of my mate during this weekend.
i don´t reveal what we did and didn´t, i know that you all know what is
supposed to do in party-time.
but i don´t know why i had very special monday (news from sunday
morning: me- boozy, my 1st friend- drunk, my 2nd f- drunken, my 3rd f-
tipsy, all- "boodrunpsy"...).
my special monday: wonderful reality and strange dream.
here are my thoughts when i read news on web page
in the morning (05:11 am) and i saw that g-s will broadcast 2 games on
25 dec (pistons vs spurs and INSTANTLY then heat vs lakers (nba
basketball doubleheader - the first one in czechoslovak history!)):
oh my god, we´ve got doubleheader...
i can´t sleep, can´t eat, can´t drink, can´t nothin´... until 25 dec.
yes right, 25 dec, although christmas are 24 dec...
yeah, gifts, meals, cakes and so on... but the most important thing in
this yr´s holiday is d-header!!!
mr. petr j. is goin´ to be very very tired i guess... two games
all by himself in the studio??
is it possible?
petr you should drink a lot of... water before the games on 25 dec.
you´ve gotta be kiddin´?
2 consecutive games on 25 dec on galaxie?
i still can´t virtually believe it...
13 days left to 25 dec!
and then we´ll see...
later (about 07:00 am) i fell asleep happy on my couch... and:
-(my friend, currently in very icy land of iceland)
*(me, currently in less frosty land of czechoslovakia)
-what did you receive under the x-mas tree?
*doubleheader on 25 dec. chauncey, timmy, shaq, kobe.
i don´t joke.
i swear.
it doesn´t matter what is under the tree.
some boxes, yes, but this is for kids, man.
-what the heck you´re sayin´?
you´re in czechoslovakia and there´s d-header on the programme?
*i´m probably dead and in heaven, but indeed, we´ve got det-sa and
then mia-lal!
-oh friggin´ world. ya know, i´m in iceland and on national tv is
icehockey on 25 dec...
*don´t be sad buddy!
i take a plane and i´ll come for ya!:)
-you´re really really kind but my wife has said me: "i wanna sex with
you on 24 and 25 dec nights".
she has such big requests...
*ha ha, forget about it.
you may penetratin´ all the year and you are on holidays, so find her
some (girl)friend and send them somewhere to the volcanos or
i reckon a lot of snow there.
no men there.
-i accept it.
you´re right.
as always.
it was my huge fault to go on holidays.
but at that time i didn´t know about 25 dec in tv!
*yeah! the world is nice, very nice.
but you´re pistons fan... and i´m spurs partisan...
never mind, but we´ve to make a gamble.
if det victory, i borrow you my girl for some night.
if sa, reverse.
and here´s warning: my girl is only for me and we wait to have a...
until our wedding:)
it´s the truth!:)
-yo, and i´m saint john:)
but exchange in your gamble is acceptable.
sooo... well!
*bye on 25 dec!!
go Spurs go!
in this moment (approximately 10:00 am) i woke up and my first reaction
on it was- *oh... i was dreamin´.
but let´s go countin´ down the days until 25 dec!!!!!!*.
p.s.: in this dream the x-mas were on 14 dec.
really foolish.
but i´m totally mad from 25 dec!!!
p.s.2: you definitely remeber a word "penetrating" from talk with my
when you´ve read it for the first time i know that you´ve thought
about . . ..
but when you´ve read it for the second time?
1) when you´ve thought about "penetratin´ and dishin´", you´re a team
2) when you´ve thought about "penetratin´ and shootin´, you´re a
selfish one.
3) when you´ve thought about "penetratin´ and coitus", you´re NOT a
b-ball fan.

Written by Foreigner in CS - Dec 12 2005 11:50AM

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