Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a miracle called t-i-m-m-y

what is da best in da n-b-a?

this poem is my favorite basketball story
´cause this story tells us about the highest glory
it´s about the big fundamental
which has a sheer power, physical and mental
noone can deny it - td is the best on any roster
he´s the the unbeatable sporting monster
and when he´s on the court with rob horry
they never say to the opponents "we´re sorry"

tim is the all-around master
his decision-making is faster
than anyone else
he´s the smartest dragon in the universe
as the brightest star he´s very shimmy
he never gives up - this is real timmy
i´ve to mention the twin towers
this duo had the magical powers
like his older brother dave robinson
tim plays very well - he´s divine son

oh, he has more than one champ´s ring
he´s already three and is the king
of all basketball world
mvp, that´s tim-lord
man, he´s so goood
his defense is like the dark wood
brilliant, his offense kill
every rival, thus he uses his strong will

on the court he´s never loud
td does all with the composure
this isn´t the fraud - it´s for sure
that´s why the spurs fans are proud
of him
they call him our tim
i´m goin´ to tell ya what he can
indeed i write about tim duncaaaan

td is far better than barkley and malone
and when i claim it, i´m not alone
he´s the best all-time power forward
because timmy everytime goes toward
the closest championship title
when he´s in his best, the rivals are so little
oh, what a great brand he is
every girl wanna give him kiss

no. 21 is so fundamentally sound
with him the spurs advance to every round
of playoffs, but that´s not all
he answers every call
in and even out of basketball
so grand this guy is as is tall
when he has da ball
he plays the best rock&roll

whoa, td´s abilities and skills
with these he fills
the buckets like if it´s "to drink a water"
he never forget what´s the matter
in the basketball game
tim has all da hoop weapons that bring the clear fame
anyway it´s the truth, ask the other players
when they say "td is phenomenal", they´re not liers

he´s not concerned about the stats and slam dunks
but about how his team ranks
this is the real basketball leader
give a basket, give somebody a feeder
solving double-teams, give a block
grab a rebound, causin´ a shock
to the opposite teams
and not only to me it seems

that he´s supernatural, the ambassador of the spurs
in the b-ball wars and another important tours
you must think i´m really mad
but this all is the truth, with tim nobody is sad
yeah, with my whole heart i´m very very glad
that tim is totally opposite meaning of the word "bad"
to see t-dunc playin´ is like "to get a love letter"
once more and forever - #21 is the best and noone is better

Written by Foreigner in CS - Nov 29 2005 11:00PM

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