Monday, November 28, 2005

a miracle called a-l-l-e-n

what is da best in da n-b-a?

it´s the sixers pg´s killer instinct
very very distinct
from other all-stars, do you agree?
no? so disagree
yes? read further, you´re right
he´s the b-ball might
it´s the feeling of "to be in the heaven"
oh, when on da court is alleeeen...

everytime i see mr. answer
i have one short answer
for a guy who has a question
this guy´s name is dr. suggestion
"is no. 3 from mars?"
yeah, his place´s among the stars
he should be a warrior in the wars
obviously not the real wars

but the wars between the best b-ballers in the world
hey, he´s ready to use his diamond sword
on the basketball court
and to show his spurt
and his precise hand
whoa, his game is the best blend
of playmakin´, jumpin´, runnin´...
oh, i almost forgot bull´s-eye gunnin´

it´s true - only sometimes is ai able to dunk
i just say that´s the real funk
no? but have in the mind, he´s six feet
and at that time it´s the divine feat
man, have you seen ai´s crossover against mr. mj? it was the power
to watch when michael was over... that action - that´s why jewelz is the rarest jewel
nowadays his abilities are on the highest star-level

and i love ai´s passin´ skills
when his shootin´ is out
with assists he pays off the bills
then the rivals are out
to the end of the game
and ai always wins the fame
here is the situation
it´s not the salutation:

ai: "hey how are you?" - ai is on his holy land
allen greets with the words, not with the hoisted hand
but then drives stright to da rim
it´s why the fans celebrate him
he swindles every defender
i say all! not only jonathan bender
he overcomes all the hoopers in the earth
´cause ai´s greatest treasure is his heart

if he´ll have nevermore the champ´s ring
surely he´ll have "the-king-of-76ers-ring" - and that´s sweet drink
oh, allen is created for a work with da ball
and that´s why he´s the best in the game of basketball
at least for me
...three seconds to go, iverson, shoots... got it!!! not only for me
but for all the people in philly
#3 is god... really

Written by Foreigner in CS - Nov 28 2005 2:15PM

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