Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FiCS retired; first day of Vesely coverage

D.C. Sports Bog' Dan Steinberg:

. . . And with the Wizards now putting much stock in their newest first-round pick, Jan Vesely, someone's gonna have to start monitoring the Czech media. The natural outlet would seem to be the FiCS basketball blog, FiCS standing for "Foreigner in CzechoSlovakia," whose author is "six-feet tall and able to dunk," with a writing style that "ain't serious but entertaining" and who's searching for "a girlfriend that doesn't kill him with a chair after three hours of watching hoops."
Follow him on Twitter here. And in his first Vesely post of the year, we get translated answers from this Idnes.cz interview, headlined “Výluka v NBA je jistá už teď, dozvěděl se Veselý.” . . .

Update: FiCS retired. Long live Luke_Mellow!

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