Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lockout in the NBA is already certain, learned Vesely

iDNES.cz / June 28, 2011

He’s not played a regular NBA game yet, but Jan Vesely’s journey to the NBA has already hit a snag. "On July 1st the lockout begins, it's for sure. Now I have to talk [to the Wizards] about other matters, [and] in the coming days and weeks we will see," said Vesely from USA.

The most famous basketball competition in the world stops because of the dispute about money between owners and players. Vesely has to wait, too, until the feud is resolved. However, it does not diminish his draft experiences, where on Thursday he became only the third Czech in the NBA history. "It's unbelievable. The whole thing. Just the fact that Washington drafted me," he said.

The next topics of discussion?

On the famous draft kiss: "To me that kiss was a normal thing, which wouldn’t be noticed by anyone in Europe. But here [in the U.S.] there was kind of disarray because of that. But of course, I don't mind publicity. They will talk about it for a long time."

On being adored by fans: "I'm laid-back. I managed to be friends with fans and other people in Belgrade, I have no problem with anyone. Neither with Americans. Just sitting down and having a talk."

On Washington, D.C. and being a Wizards player: "I'm very happy. We knew in advance about the interest, but even then there was a lot of nerves. It is a beautiful city and a young, fast team. We will put on a show, the team will be growing in the coming years. Moreover the advantage is that Washington is on the east coast of America, thus closer to Europe."

On his NBA jersey number in the NBA, having worn #24 in Europe: "I don’t have a new jersey yet, but they say it's not a problem. At least that's what they said to me. So I hope number 24 will remain mine."

On competition on the team: "I've not particularly tried to find out yet who on the Wizards team plays at my positions. The competition is a big everywhere."

On ice hockey in Washington: "I know that [Michal Neuvirth, Vesely's Czech countryman] is a goalie; I like hockey. I follow our national team more than the team leagues [like NHL]. Now I guess I'll start following NHL. When I'll have time, I will gladly go watch hockey."

On shopping in USA as a big man: "I have bought some clothes. Oftentimes I can't find anything for me, but here there is an incredible supply for tall people."

On looking forward to vacation time and spending time at home: "I’m looking forward to just laying down, relaxing. The question is whether I will have a tranquility in the Czech Republic. I'm sure we're going on vacation [somewhere], we will see where and for how long."

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