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Clipper Banner: Elton, You Effing Traitor; Summer Hoops & D-Miles

Every day, once I’m done reading all the daily NBA-related colums, I continue with the discipline I named ‘mouse-running’. Basically, the rule is read as quick as possible and never think too much about the things you see - especially when you’re browsing through various readers’ comments or basketball message boards. Why? Because once you get too into it, it’s too dangerous. A) You’re losing time that you could spend better (Like, why to ponder about any freakish posts from ever-present moronic fans? Isn’t spending that time with your dog or doing yourself any tasty food a better option?), B) You could suffer some ugly heart attack when some so-called expert tells you that nobody’s better than Chris Bosh. But...

The night after Elton Brand fled east from Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait to jump on Clippers message boards, catching some fun (because, you know, malevolence always remains unbeaten). Here are the best pearls from betrayed Clippers fans:

Fan No. 1: I imagined Brand with Sixers jersey and went apeshit over it.

Fan No. 2: I don’t like Brand anymore, he’s an ass.

Fan No. 3: For me, Brand is a complete asshole. Period.

Fan No. 4: Back stabber! Back biter!

Fan No. 5: I believe that Brand is a real bastard.

Fan No. 6: He’s a bone-head.

Fan No. 7: He can play in his movies like a bullshit artist.

Fan No. 8: Busta!

Fan No. 9: If someone like Brand is changing face, can it get lower?


It’s my duty to note that I had something like onehundred angry comments about Brand, I lined all up alphabetically - those first nine are under A and B letters. It’s funny to be a collector of angry quotes, but you need a strong mind to keep doin’ that on a regular basis - therefore I rather dumped those quotes into my computer bin. You got first nine posted here, so have fun, but simultaneously my job is to protect you from wasting your time... all 100 quotes on No way.


Congrats to national teams of Greece, Croatia and Germany for grabbing the last three free spots in the Beijing basketball tourney. Also, congrats to T-Blazer Jerryd Bayless for winning the MVP of Las Vegas Summer League (honorable mention: T-Wolf Kevin Love, Grizzly O.J. Mayo & Hornet surpise Bobby Brown).

During the weekend, I observed LV Summer League with my friends, all in all, a nice happening. Here are some notes from what we’ve seen:

Saturday night’s optimistic approach

*New York Knicks have a nice combo there in Vegas, namely Wilson Chandler and Mardy Collins. Seems like Mike D’Antoni is salivating somewhere. Nate Robinson, a four year summer league veteran, is in the stands, cheering his teammates up. Phoenix Suns are no slouches, either, playing the fearsome D.J. Strawberry - Alando Tucker - Robin Lopez trio.

*In game two, you can see the Detroit Pistons farm team, featuring guys like Will Bynum, Arron ‘AA’ Afflalo, Cheikh Samb or Amir Johnson. They play quite well with together. Detroit’s foe in this game, Charlotte Bobacats are without their Man, D.J. Augustin is out with knee injury. The dud of the game is easily recognizable, Bobcat Mustafa Shakur turned the ball over 6 times and shot 2-7 from the field.

*Game 3 features the beast called Andray Blatche of Wizards. It’s a pretty good victory when you better Cavaliers’ secret rookie weapon J.J. Hickson. Also, hoopheads in Washington, D.C. can be proud of guys like Dominic McGuire or JaVale McGee. He’s probably the first guy ever who has four capital letter in name and surname. Classy.

*Joey Graham is simply a great Summer League player. Every year, he comes to Vegas and seems like he can dominate at will. Now, Joey, it’s time to step your game up in the November-April span. Also for the Raptors, John Lucas III has his best game this summer. I would not wish to play on the Lakers summerleague team - it seems like they care more about shaking hands with Phil Jackson than to impress the scouts and GMs in the stands.

*Quincy Douby, (no, that isn’t some character from Harry Potter) is a great scorer, scoring 36 points on a variety of outside jumpers. Now Sac Kings coach Reggie Theus has a guy who can back SG Kevin Martin up. Nice game from forward Jason Thompson, too. Golden State is influenced by Warriors’ regular A-team, it’s funny to watch. Guys like C.J. Watson, Anthony Randolph or Marco Belinelli stuffing the stat sheets. Well, Beli with 1-10 from the field...

*Nugget Dahntay Jones has an aggressive night, making 17 of 19 free throws. Rockets are led by Aaron Brooks and Joey Dorsey (25 points and 10 assists; 22 points and 13 boards). Donte Green of Rockets is a never-asking jacker, he basically shoots everything.

Sunday night’s in-and-out approach

*A meaningless game between Knicks ad Bobcats, showcasing the worst pick ever by Bobs (and remember, they have ‘Stache Morrison on the team), big man Alexis Ajinca. What to do, Larry Brown?

*The goof news for the Raptors truthers here: newcomer, Aussie, Nathan Jawai looks very solid.

*Coby Karl should make the decision and instead of trying to be the third PG in two PGs rotation make a successful career in Europe. Plus, you gotta love euros (I mean money here).

*I’m cheering Washington’s Dee Brown. I’m his fan. Joey Dorsey wants to fight with him after Dee’s hard foul. You gotta love Dorsey’s real passion...

*This interesting Bucks-Wolves matchup is not so glittery because Kevin Love is out due to injury. Former Spur Darius Washington plays for Milwaukee. Luc Mbah a Moute, Bucks rookie, is good. Is Joe Alexander Morrison’s bust-brother?

*Bayless is phenomenal in Summer League. Portland 74. Phoenix 73. He’s single-handedly taking out the Suns, scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter. 36 points on 14-26 shooting. GM Kevin Pritchard has to be clapping his hands, because even Petteri Koponen’s not-so-good today’s game, he’s a real NBA playmaker.

*Last game, thrilling game. New Orleans 79. Cleveland 78. Hornets GM Jeff Bower is satisfied with the performance of Bobby Brown. Robert Traylor is trying out for the Cavs. Whoops, is he gonna dunk off alley-oops from LeBron?


Marc Stein reported that all 30 NBA teams were notified this week by league memorandum that the drug which earned Portland Trail Blazers castoff Darius Miles a 10-game suspension to start next season - if Miles can find a job - a weight-loss drug, basically.

Steep as a 10-game ban is, then, Miles' mistake is nothing bound to scare teams away from signing him. He's expected to command no more than a minimum salary in his comeback from long-standing knee problems, because the 26-year-old still has $18 million in salary coming from the Blazers.

The bigger obstacles for D-Miles will be convincing teams that his right knee can withstand a comeback. He also first has to properly lose the needed weight for a return to basketball shape.

Reports from those who have seen his workouts to date so far are mixed, ranging from claims that he'll be in the league for sure next season as a bargain-priced, irresistible reclamation project that has something left to suggestions that Miles' explosion is shot after undergoing the microfracture knee surgery dreaded by NBA players.

Miles underwent microfracture surgery on his right knee in November 2006 and has not played since. The Blazers waived him in April after an independent doctor appointed by the league and NBA Players Association ruled that the knee injury was career-ending, enabling Portland to erase its financial obligations to Miles from its payroll even though it must continue to pay him.

If Miles makes it all the way back (Hang on, Darius!) and plays 10 games next season or the following season, Miles' considerable contract numbers will be reinstated to Portland's payroll.

p.s.: Jazz 2007 second-round draft choice Kyrylo Fesenko had this to say about his scoreless, four-foul, seven-turnover, 17-minute performance in Utah's Revue opener vs. San Antonio: *That was probably my worst game ever.*

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