Friday, July 11, 2008

Mike, Wanna Play Some Pickup B-Ball With Us?

I'm gonna do my blog homework during the upcoming weekend. And man, we've got some hoops topics to chime in. Here's the list of the biggest biggies:

*Elton-Brand-and-Clippers Split Up. (Note: I wanted to name my upcoming blog 'My Dad Follows Hoops Again - His Clippers Are Back!', but EB kicked out this scenario and now Mike Dunleavy and my daddy are crushed big-time.)

*Seattle-&-NBA-Basketball Split Up. (Note: This is waaay worse than that aforementioned split up. And that's saying something... Ugly.)

*Spurs Miss Out on Maggette, Sign Ex-Wizard Roger Mason Jr.

*Spurs Draft Picks, George Hill, Malik Hairston and James Gist. (Note: Saying goodbye to you, Brent Barry. I'll miss ya!)

*Summer Leagues in Orlando & Vegas.

*Team U.S.A. & Beijng Olympics. (Note: I've added a new link to my Blogville - 'Beijing 2008 - Basketball'.)

OK, here's the reason I'm doing this blog. My buddy Coco has found some good video about girls playing hoops in South Beach. I'm going to post it, but first, read this excerpt:

Miami *Being just 19-years old, do you think you can handle the fame, money and SOUTH BEACH?*

Mike Beasley: *Yes. I have good people around me who are going to make sure I’m not doing anything I’m not supposed to do. I know right from wrong. I know what to do and what not to do. Anyway, Coach Riley told me to STAY AWAY FROM South Beach.*

Hmm, I'm not a Heat fan, but I believe in you, Mike. Quite frankly. But really, how are you going, especially if you are a fly young man, to stay away from such a hot thing like those bombshells? I'm not saying it's that bad like, say, Florida snow (coke a.k.a. cocaine), but he's a pro and he can't have a bad day off the court. Again Mike, good luck to be a good citizen with those hot looking girls around you.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

p.s.: Beasley missed 12 of his 13 shots in his second summer league game. His response? *You can't have a great game every night. It wasn't that bad of a game. We still won the game. Nobody died.*
p.s.2: Asked when Baron Davis last spoke to Brand, davis said it was yesterday, laughing and adding, *I can't tell you what I said to him.*

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