Monday, April 21, 2008

The Shot Of Fate, Are We Gonna Celebrate?

Spurs down by three, 15.1 seconds left... Finley hits the 3-pointer!!! It’s overtime!

Spurs down by three, screen-n-roll, Ginobili turns the corner, passes it back to Duncan, oh-what-the-fuck, Tim is beyond the 3-pt line... yeah!!! Duncan sends the game into a second overtime!!!

It’s tied, 1.8 seconds left in the second OT... Ginobili drives for a layup, good!!! 117-115 double-OT victory!!!

*You can imagine my horror when it went that direction,* Gregg Popovich said on The Tim Trey. Holy cow, we felt the same way, Gregg. Everything turned great.

p.s.: a columnist asked raja bell to elaborate on manu ginobili's greatness: *i'm not going to suck up to him for you, dog,* bell said, storming away.
p.s.2: *i hope he can just remember what sport he's playing before the playoffs begin,* coach popovich said about brent barry in the end of regular season. *i don't want him to come to the arena with a bat or anything.*

Posted by Foreigner in CS - Apr 21 2008 10:23AM

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