Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does Bennett Deserve His Own Team? Hell Yeah

Nothing is for sure, but it seems that Sonics owner Clay ‘Liar-n-Butthead’ Bennett’s desire to have Seattle in Oklahoma City is fulfilled. I hope it doesn’t come true somehow and SuperSonics remain in the great city of Seattle. Hey Clay, you should purchase THIS following team, settle in OKC and be a proud owner:

PG Marbury; Banks
SG R. Davis; Hughes, Francis
SF T. Thomas; Morrison
PF Randolph; A. Walker
C B. Wallace; Milicic, K. Brown
Coach I. Thomas

*Ladies and gentlemen in the great city of Oklahoma City, this is our own basketball team! I hope we’ll win the championship in two years. We got a lot of talent. I hope we’ll be based here for at least 41 years. Let’s enjoy our quest to be the best franchise in the mighty NBA! Last but not least, hopefully you’ll get accustomed to the nickname THIEVES. Oklahoma City Thieves, baby!!!* - C. Bennett

Stephon Marbury, PG

Zach Randolph, PF

Kwame Brown, C

Darko Milicic, C

Tim Thomas, SF

Larry Hughes, SG

Ben Wallace, C

Ricky Davis, SG

Marcus Banks, PG

Steve Francis, G
Adam Morrison, G-F

Adam Morrison, G-F

Antoine Walker, F

Isiah Thomas, Head Coach

p.s.: [regarding ny knicks] *there is no environment that demands winning. you can watch it on the bench and you see zach randolph shoot an airball from three, come out of the game and get congratulated by everybody. i think jeff van gundy would have spit on him,* said ex-msg president dave checketts.
p.s.2: hey, maybe bucks fans have something to be proud of! did you catch the play of bucks rookie ramon sessions in the last games of regular season? he’s a flat-out candidate for m.i.p. 2009. in the score-fest versus bulls, this bucks guard dished 24 (!) assists (one short of the rookie record), scored 20 pts and grabbed 8 rebs, then finished the work off by a line of 25/14 in the last bucks game.
p.s.3: pat riley on his heat team: *i'm like a mosquito at a nudist colony. i know what to do; i just don't know where to start.*
p.s.4: spurs-suns again!!!!! let the playoffs begin!

Posted by Foreigner in CS - Apr 17 2008 9:19PM

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Sam Scorup said...

Nice post. Those guys are stealing money, for sure.