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Won 4 Fin: WORLD CHAMPS AGAIN! The Tim-Pop Dynasty!

What a feeling... again! *It never gets old,* TD said. *It never gets old.*

A breakdown of 2007 champions:

Champ No. 1: Timmy Duncan
Rings: 4
Age: 31
Contract status: Three years (2008, 09, 10), $61.7 million remaining (can opt out after next season)
Future: Spurs to discuss giving him two-year extension that will keep him with franchise through 2010-11 season.
2007-08: Ready.
BAFS Nickname: TD-Man, Mr. Everything

Champ No. 2: Manu Ginobili
Rings: 3
Age: 29
Contract status: Three years (2008, 09, 10), $29.1 million remaining
Future: Still playing at All-Star level. Only question is whether he starts or comes off bench.
2007-08: Ready.
BAFS Nickname: El Manu, Lefty Clutch

Champ No. 3: Tony Parker
Rings: 3
Age: 25
Contract status: Four years (2008, 09, 10, 11), $47.2 million remaining
Future: Finals MVP has yet to reach his prime.
2007-08: Ready.
BAFS Nickname: Le TP, Layup Machine

Champ No. 4: Bruce Bowen
Rings: 3
Age: 36
Contract status: One year (2008), $4.1 million (not fully guaranteed)
Future: Ageless defender was at his best in Finals. Will probably seek extension.
2007-08: Spurs’ defensive small forward.
BAFS Nickname: LeBruce, Doberman

Champ No. 5: Robert Horry
Rings: 7
Age: 36
Contract status: One year (2008), $3.6 million (not fully guaranteed)
Future: Wants to play one more season and Spurs seem to want him back.
2007-08: Spurs’ man for playoffs.
BAFS Nickname: Big Shot Rob, Mr. June

Champ No. 6: Michael Finley
Rings: 1
Age: 34
Contract status: One year (2008), $3.1 million at his option
Future: May try to take advantage of strong playoff performance to get longer contract.
2007-08: Back with the team, he loves ‘em and they love him.
BAFS Nickname: Fin, Sniper

Champ No. 7: Brent Barry
Rings: 2
Age: 35
Contract status: One year (2008), $5.5 million
Future: Had best season with Spurs, but could be trade asset in final year of contract.
2007-08: With the team, but traded during the season.
BAFS Nickname: Bones, Brent-Three

Champ No. 8: Fabricio Oberto
Rings: 1
Age: 32
Contract status: One year (2008), $2.5 million at his option
Future: Wants to stay, but could seek longer deal on market.
2007-08: Partners on the court with Manu, 2nd season.
BAFS Nickname: Fabio, RPRT (Right Place, Right Time)

Champ No. 9: Francisco Elson
Rings: 1
Age: 31
Contract status: One year (2008), $3 million
Future: Figures to again compete for starting center job.
2007-08: Even more comfortable with the team system.
BAFS Nickname: Elsonic, Geico

Champ No. 10: Jacque Vaughn
Rings: 1
Age: 32
Contract status: Free agent
Future: Spurs will probably try to re-sign their best backup point guard since Speedy Claxton.
2007-08: Not sure where. Depends on the market.
BAFS Nickname: Jack, Wow-ghn

Champ No. 11: Matt Bonner
Rings: 1
Age: 27
Contract status: Free agent
Future: Spurs like him, but his return could hinge on what other offers he receives.
2007-08: Staying with the team, learning more and playing more.
BAFS Nickname: Red Rocket, MB

Champ No. 12: Beno Udrih
Rings: 2
Age: 25
Contract status: One year (2008), $1.7 million
Future: In coach Gregg Popovich's doghouse, out of rotation, could be traded if team is comfortable with Vaughn.
2007-08: Traded ASAP (if Vaughn is back).
BAFS Nickname: Benny, Doghouse Boss

Champ No. 13: Jackie Butler
Rings: 1
Age: 22
Contract status: Two years (2008, 09), $4.7 million remaining (final season at team's option)
Future: Will play in summer league. Could be traded if team decides he doesn't fit.
2007-08: Practice player, trade asset.
BAFS Nickname: Beard

Champ No. 14: James White
Rings: 1
Age: 24
Contract status: One year (2008), league minimum (not guaranteed)
Future: Will play in summer league. Performance will help determine whether team keeps him.
2007-08: If everything’s right, he may start some games as a shooting guard.
BAFS Nickname: Flight

Champ No. 15: Melvin Ely
Rings: 1
Age: 29
Contract status: Free agent
Future: Expected to sign with another team; only slight chance of sign-and-trade.
2007-08: Not with the Spurs.
BAFS Nickname: Mel-El

Coaching champs:
Head coach
- Gregg Popovich
- P.J. Carlesimo
- Mike Budenholzer
- Don Newman
- Brett Brown
- Chip Engelland

General Manager: R.C. Buford
Owner: Peter Holt

In 2008, Spurs Empire strikes again!

p.s.: along came the western conference semifinals and the suns hit the fan. in an instant, bowen, ginobili and horry had earned reps equal to those of al-qaida's leadership and the entire team was transformed into a terrorist brigade out to destroy western basketball as we know it. (-cary clack)
p.s.2: *the happiest part was watching michael finley, who's been an unbelievable pro for a lot of years.
*he was the epitome of happiness tonight. that made it worthwhile for all of us,* said gregg popovich.
p.s.3: after five unforced turnovers led to an 18-16 cavs' lead at the end of the first quarter /g4/, gregg popovich ripped into his team in general and manu ginobili in particular: *we're throwing the ball all over the gym! get your heads out of your asses! we're playing like s~~~!* ginobili, who had two points, would finish with a game-high 27.
p.s.4: the spurs should remind us how basketball used to be played (in the 80's) in the nba. (-jemele hill)
p.s.5: the spurs batted away lebron james and the cavs as if they were a minor annoyance. that is what champions do. and when a team does that as continuously as the spurs, they are the consummate role model for the rest of the league. and yes, a dynasty of the era. (-mike kahn)

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