Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Power Of LeBruce - 20 Ways To Enrage His Haters

Way No. 1: In Game 3, Bruce Bowen had his shooting touch (4 of 5 - 3-PT/att, 13 points), plus his usual rugged defense and rebounded career playoff-best nine boards. He’s not a CBA player anymore.

Way No. 2: He played 43:39 minutes of the game. That’s only over four mins without him on the court.

Way No. 3: He’s a newborn son. And his sonny didn’t tire him at all.

Way No. 4: He hounded LeBron James into one last miss. No need for overtime drama. *What a yeoman effort on his part,* Gregg Popovich. *I just thought he was fantastic from beginning to end. He really set the tone for our team.*

Way No. 5: He doesn’t care about driving up ABC's ratings. *That's OK,* Bowen said. *We've won ugly many a game. Ugly can be good.* I wouldn’t wanna be the Suns fan right now.

Way No. 6: 30 seconds to go, Cleveland ball, down by two, Anderson Varejao saw BB completely stuck on LeBron’s body, didn’t pass the ball back out to James - attempted an off-balance brick. What?!

Way No. 7: LeBron said after the game that Bowen’s contact in the last play was only incidental. *It didn't affect my shot,* said James. *The plan was if he had it, and he's dribbling, then you can try to foul,* Bowen said. *But he got the ball up so fast, he made a quick move to the left, stepped back and shot a three that he's hit before.*

Way No. 8: He’s maybe the only player who can slow down LBJ. *I'm just thrilled by Bruce Bowen,* Popovich said. *He's guarding somebody that's going to be a Hall of Fame player when it's all said and done.*

Way No. 9: His words after he watched James miss his final shot - *I was just trying to get off the floor, so that nothing can come about. Just get out of here with that victory, baby.* Warning! Beer flying from stands!

Way No. 10: San Antonio Express-News writer Buck Harvey named him ‘LeBruce’. Where are Ray Allen, Vince Carter or Steve Nash?

Way No. 11: He earned the right to come back next season. (The Spurs have the option on his contract next season and they've wondered how long he will be able to move his feet like a 26-year-old instead of the 36-year-old he becomes tomorrow, June 14). At least one more season of Bowenism!

Way No. 12: Or maybe he can play even as a 46-years-old. Remember, he's a physical freak. He has a pulse low enough to compare with his free-throw percentage and a work ethic to match. The longest active streak of NBA games played...

Way No. 13: He’s the most favorite Spur in the San Antonio community thanks to his big efforts off the court. It’s not that he comes shopping and everybody wants to kick him in the crotch.

Way No. 14: Yes, he can dunk. I bet the majority of viewers is not capable of doing it.

Way No. 15: He played four seasons at Cal State-Fullerton University, averaged 16.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and 2.3 assists as a Senior in the 1992-93. I bet the majority of viewers is not capable of doing it, too.

Way No. 16: He played with David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker or Robert Horry. You can play some streetball with your uncle, guys.

Way No. 17: He needs just one victory and he’ll have 3 NBA titles and rings. Doesn’t that match the rings of Larry Bird?

Way No. 18: He wears a jersey number 12. I know this information enrages you.

Way No. 19: He’s got his own website...

Way No. 20: HE’S A WINNER. Haters, go and bow down to Bruce Bowen, a member of SA Dynasty.

Before Game 4, NBA Finals: For the first time in their four trips to the NBA Finals, the Spurs have a chance to sweep a team. They should have a good chance to complete the job they began less than a week ago in San Antonio, too. Their victory in Game 3, which included one of their worst first-half offensive performances of the playoffs, took every ounce of energy out of Quicken Loans Arena. The Cav-maniacs knew Tim Duncan's horrid first half gave their team a great opportunity it wasted. They also know Duncan isn't apt to have another half like that in this Finals, and Manu Ginobili isn't going to have another game without a basket. Fact is, no team in NBA history has recovered from a 3-0 deficit to win any playoff series, let alone a Finals. Everyone knows this series is over. It is just a matter of whether these Spurs can do something none of their previous championship teams was able to accomplish - total domination of an NBA Finals.

Where are bottles of champagne? Because, the bottom line is, the Cavs are simply overmatched vs. Spurs.

WIN 4 FIN! WIN 4 FIN! Thursday, June 14!

Oh, I almost forgot, best wishes to Bruce Bowen, a 36-year-old clean champion!

p.s.: *i don't think anybody can beat san antonio in seven,* said george gervin.
p.s.2: three or four bewildered-looking reporters were standing around the spurs' tallest redhead matt bonner, asking him a series of questions that may or may not have included, *who the heck are you?*
(-mike finger)
p.s.3: don't be surprised if manu ginobili borrows one of tim duncan's knifes to scalp drew gooden and place that chunk of hair on his bald spot. (-dj gallo)
p.s.4: has david robinson looked even one iota different for the past 20 years? i think he's an alien. (-bill simmons)
p.s.5: *i'm western conference. i'm popovich. i'm for him, for texas and for the spurs,* said avery johnson.
p.s.6: the interesting thing is, after game 5 against denver here at home, we went out to dinner with several players and their wives - and, yes, eva was there - and tony told me the guys in the locker room wanted to win a championship more for mike finley than for themselves. (-sean elliott)
p.s.7: shut down the spurs' go-to scorers and they still find a way to win. and that's why they've been the standard of excellence for the past five seasons. (-charley rosen)

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