Friday, May 04, 2007

we're the warriors, my friends!

whoops, the warriors just KILLED the mavs of dallas!!!
i'm incredibly happy.
there you have it, cuban & all those rude wavs fans!
viva la oakland and bay area and the WARRIORS!
(i'm sorry for all bad i've told about golden state and baron davis,
you completely won my heart in this six games.)
whoa, nellie, what a shocker!
baron, with a strained hamstring, scored 20 points, added 10 rebounds
and six assists, stephen jackson (a guy for the playoffs time) made
seven 3-pointers (33 pts overall) and golden state thumped dallas with
a game 6 111-86 victory.
the best image of the night (well, except of seeing a killed cuban's
davis sat down with 2:19 to play, throwing his arms in the air to the
fans who chanted *mvp!*.
when the final buzzer sounded, the warriors hugged as confetti streamed
onto the court.
andris biedrins had 12 points and 12 rebounds, not to mention a handful
of key hustle plays, matt barnes took advantage of his first start of
the series with 16 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists and jason
"j-rich" richardson added 15 points.
wow, the gs crowd is truly the best in the nba right now.
it's a dream to play behind a deafening, screaming, towel-waving crowd
of 20,677 fans from every corner of oracle arena.
and the "we believe" mantra that now rocks oakland - mickael pietrus
led the team out of the locker room holding one of the bright yellow
t-shirts sporting the logo - has even caught the attention of
celebrities like snoop dogg or carlos santana.
and ron artest, of course.
dallas trailed 50-48 at the break but couldn't match warriors' energy
in the third.
the mavs went 5:07 without scoring as gs turned it into a rout, leading
86-63 going into the final 12 minutes.
nothing new, cuban was pathetic again: *this is not like last year
losing the finals was really painful.
this is just the first round.*
downright humiliating.
the lvp, dirk n., was the dud - read this:
-nowitzki missed his first eight shots
-he was 1-for-10 from the field in the first half
-he didn't have his second field goal until there were just 10 minutes
left in the game and warriors had built a 25-point lead
-he finished with 8 points on 2-of-13 shooting
-he was 0-for-6 from 3-point range
-he sank just 1-of-3 shots in the second half
-he finished the series averaging 19.7 points and making just .383 of
man, the sweet days are rolling!
here's an e-mail from my buddy (sent to my mailbox before game 5 in
*if the wavs are knocked out, it will be the sweetest of sweets.
all season long, some dallas' intruders were coming here / to
our blogs and boasted "we're invincible, blah blah, the c'ship is
ours, the best team in the nba, etc.".
dirk is no mvp, the only mvp in the league is mr. duncan who's great
offensive AND defensive player.
come on golden state, spank that rotten waverick state and their
bozo-emperor cuban.
the best image of the decade - cuban's face after dallas' exit.
there you have it!
in the summer of 2007, dallas is sold and doomed to die.*
this series were really special.
let's move on - the spurs are in a great shape, 4 in a row against very
dangerous club from denver.
duncan had to fight against great defensive duo of nene and camby.
bowen had to check two of the best scorers in the league, ai and melo.
horry and finley are ready to ride.
simply, a fantastic exam before 2nd round matchup with phoenix.
aaah, the lakers (the snails... very comical) are just awful.
i'm smelling that the bulls are gonna win the east, really - deng is
their new superstar.
yes, miami played poorly, but i expect a lot of sweat for detroit.
however, the pistons are a team for playoffs battle and probably will
be in the nba finals.
jason kidd is incredible, averaging TRIPLE-DOUBLE in a playoff series.
the nets should win tonight and advance to play cleveland (the cavs
were on the vacation versus the wizards, so i'd be crazy to predict
anything in the cle-nj battle).
i've got a feeling utah will win game 7 against houston, the rockets
simply appear not so good like i believed.
carlos boozer is the man and deron will is playing extremely well.
hey snowrat (my buddy), i hope you're alive!
be ready for a sunday showdown between phoenix suns and san antonio
spurs, hoops fans!
steve nash - tony parker
michael finley - raja bell
bruce bowen - shawn marion
francisco elson - amare stoudemire
tim duncan - kurt thomas
manu ginobili - leandro barbosa
robert horry - boris diaw
brent barry - james jones

p.s.0: here's an interesting fact - in the local island language, "tim
duncan" means: *baby who does not cry and just sort of stares all the
time and is a little bit creepy in its stoicism.*
just funny.
p.s.: *thank god we're only playing with one ball.
both of them (iverson + anthony) can't shoot at the same time,* bruce
bowen said.
p.s.2: among spurs fans, james white is as popular as jesus. (-johnny
p.s.3: *we are where we are.
we were where we were before game 1 and we are where we are before game
2,* said coach pop before game 2, sa-den.
*i think it's some place between a rock and a hard spot.*
p.s.4: *we're never impressed with wins and never depressed with
it's what we did well and what we did poorly in either a loss or a win
and then trying to get better.
it's really dangerous to get down or up based on a loss or a win,* said
coach popovich.
p.s.5: *we have a better chance to get hit by lightning than to win
tomorrow night,* said warriors coach don nelson before game 2 vs mavs.
p.s.6: fabricio oberto has evolved into the art carney of the nba - the
ultimate garbage man. (-charley rosen)
p.s.7: even at the highest level, basketball is much more than five
good guys battling against five bad guys.
in fact, the truest reality of nba competition consists of ten men
playing one game.
and, ultimately, that's much more important than who won and who lost.
(-charley rosen)
p.s.8: *we run purposefully more than most people think,* said pop.
*i think we're pretty much pigeonholed as a half court team and at one
point that was true - in the '90s.
back when we had avery (johnson) out there with mario elie.
but we got this guy from argentina and a little kid from paris who is
fairly quick and we push it up the floor more.*
p.s.9: *when we lose, we're older than dirt.
when we win, we're really experienced, executing fools.
so write it any way you want,* said pop.
p.s.10: *you can't go to the gym and teach a player to be like robert
horry,* michael finley said.
*i just think it's in his dna, it's in his makeup.*
p.s.11: in truth, the all-time goat of goats has to be nowitzki.
(-charley rosen)

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