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well, the rosen awards are dealt, higlighted by the clark kent award (a
guy who really believes that he's superman) - nate robinson, the
copernicus award (a guy who thinks that the entire universe revolves
around him) - bonzi wells, the descartes award (a guy, who has a
mantra: i think, therefore i think i'm better than i am) - damon
jones, the tonya harding award (for brilliantly performing the
difficult quadruple-axel-with-flop on his very first attempt) -
vladimir radmanovic, the brontosaurus award (for combining a big body
and a big mouth with a small brain) - josh smith... and the
cauliflower mcpugg award is given by unanimous decision to joey
crawford, who would have retained much of his credibility and his
dignity had he challenged dick bavetta rather than tim duncan.
the bottom line is that the refs killed a what-would-have-been-great
sa-dal game for fans, highlighted by joey's "antics".
hmm, as one blogger wrote: *maybe crawford bet on that game to pay for
his taxes.*
(another issue came up in that game that no one is addressing and that
is the foul called on f-oberto when josh howard jumped into him.
fabio set a pick and howard blatantly ran him over.
however, instead of flopping (I HATE FLOPS, I HATE 'EM, I LOATHE THIS
CRAP), oberto held his ground.
as one blogger wrote: *now if i'm a coach i tell my guys they better
flop on every play.*
this call against the spurs was JUST ATROCIOUS.
i will finish this debate with a take of one lakers' fan (respect
lakers, respect!):
*i'm a laker fan but i also have respect for the spurs... joey crawford
has done this so many times.
when the lakers were playing against the suns he t'd up pj for arguing
on a call.
ten seconds later d'antoni is on the floor but got nothing...
the nba needs to do something about this... fire him or even suspend
for the playoffs...
tim duncan is a millionaire... he got nothing to lose... two time
mvp... three time champion and was the mvp in those yrs...
he's a champion, a leader and doesn't draw any attention...
he just plays his game and tried to do what's best for the organization
in san antonio...
after church on sunday, i ran as fast as i can to get home so i could
watch the game... tim duncan actually... but he was ejected... tears
on my ears... but if the spurs were playing a home game and joey does
this... he might get a ice cold beer in his bald head... askin' duncan
if he wants to fight... would probably go home with stitch if duncan
attack him...
go lakers... go spurs... go nba...*
r.i.p., sir jc.

let's move on to the next item on the agenda, called the playoffs 2007.
(the spurs should hang a 'DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT?' banner over the at&t
center, definitely.
it'd work just great, for sure.)
on saturday, the real season begins - this is like world cup for 16
pro basketball teams.
how about diamonds of current matchups/series?
.detroit pistons square off against orlando magic
* chauncey billups
** rasheed wallace
*** dwight howard
(a quick sweep by good boys)
.cleveland cavaliers square off against washington wizards
* lebron james
** caron butler (if healthy)
*** antawn jamison
(the least interesting series, wizs' exit)
.toronto raptors square off against new jersey nets
* vince carter
** jason kidd
*** chris bosh
(can't wait for crunch time in canada)
.miami heat square off against chicago bulls
* dwyane wade
** shaq o'neal
*** ben gordon
(can't help myself but the bulls advance)
.dallas mavericks square off against golden state warriors
* dirk nowitzki
** baron davis
*** josh howard
(ah, 3:4... nah... 4:0...)
.phoenix suns square off against los angeles lakers
* kobe bryant
** steve nash
*** amare stoudemire
(they say 4:0... with mr. 81? i say 4:1)
.san antonio spurs square off against denver nuggets
* tim duncan
** allen iverson
*** carmelo anthony
(tough job, the spurs should take care of business)
.houston rockets square off against utah jazz
* tracy mcgrady
** yao ming
*** carlos boozer
(ouch! lots of fun... the rockets are my darkhorse)

now enjoy my version of 'coming around again'

i have been waiting for this so long
but the playoffs time is creeping in
now the ice is slowly melting
in my soul and in my skin
all the good times my friend
are coming around again
oh yeah

i have been thinking reminiscing
of some great games and great series
nothing's better than this time
sweet kisses of april, may and june
i got a feeling within
it’s coming around again

we have been so long waiting
for the all time high
we got a damn good reason
to put everything aside
all but nba playoffs
throw it away
gotta throw it away
all the colorful days my friend
are coming around again

that’s right
yeah yeah mmm

we got something waiting for us
it's been so long since we won it last time
keep winning spurs
u wanna take that chance
it's coming around again
ooh yeah

yeah yeah mmm

i can feel a change of air
now the real players show up
kobe - j kidd - flash - shaquille
t mac - nash - tim - answer
and all the good times on which we do depend
oh it’s coming around again

we have been so long waiting
for the all time high
we got a damn good reason
to put everything aside
all but nba playoffs
throw it away
gotta throw it away
all the colorful days my friend
are coming around again


p.s.: gregg popovich on manu ginobili and his injuries (one 18-inch
scratch extended from the top of ginobili's left shoulder to his back,
a shorter cut zigzagged above, another gash stretched across the
opposite shoulder) in the game vs. minnesota:
*i think we need to bathe him in some sort of liquid or make him take a
tetanus shot.*
p.s.2: the spurs arrived at the target center for their morning
shootaround only to discover the arena had been evacuated because of a
bomb threat.
popovich said to the players:
*we can go back to the hotel.
or we can send james white in and if the place doesn't blow up, we can
all go in.*

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