Monday, December 18, 2006

talking the talk

...carmelo anthony's throwin' a punch to mardy collins...
oh man... i thought mellow carmelo is finally coming of age this season.
my thoughts were supported by his admirable performance in the world championships.
and i was wrong.
instead of this, melo is coming of cage.
on sunday morning, my mind was full of world boxing championships.
what i didn't know:
...that nate robinson isn't just insane.
he's more than that.
he was jumping like a little mad devil.
what i did know:
...that jr smith is new stephen jax.
but i'm not proud for my prediction.
on saturday evening, about midnight, i fell asleep.
i didn't have any juice left to follow spurs-sixers game, because, you know, allen iverson hasn't
been in the town (i expected some nice blowout, but, oh those sixers' warriors!).
it was about 8:00 am when my dad was yelling: *hey sleeper, come here! something mad
my brain checked the night's matchups... lebron just registered the fifth quadruple-double in nba
history? ...d-wade just drained 59 vs. memphis? ...steve nash piled up 28 assists? ...a.i. just got
traded to minny? ...or the spurs got embarrassed by philly? ...oh wait... the knicks were
playing... and isiah was coaching.
i swear on my blog that at the word "isiah", i began to feel strange.
my final conviction was - zeke shouted on the bench "break him [melo] that [expletive] hand."
my daddy greeted me with these words: *the brawl II. madison square garden.*
my response: *what the fuck. what the hell?!*
i had a look at the tape... and after it, this sentence came out off my mouth: *gosh. you know, i
just waited for zeke's fight with j.r.*
so, what's up?
isn't it overhyped?
for example, there's some melee in nhl almost every day.
i don't know.
it's sad... all i know is that you cannot suppress players' emotions... however, this explosion is
now, it's d-stern's turn.
i know he's got a big headache, heartache or whatever.
i'd throw them 20-game suspension (and nate is the first on my target).
(about to read bill simmons' take on this. we eventually got the x-mas present. ugh.)
i'm incredibly unhappy that there's no doubleheader in cs on the programme.
here's hope that the nba front-office will put on ny-denver game on dec. 25, 2007 (and my buddies
keep telling me - you ain't malicious. you ain't wicked!).
several prattlings:
...the nets are leading a bunch of atlantic weaklings...
...the celtics' youngsters are greener than red auerbach's heart...
...rajon rondo is an energetic stealing freak...
...andrea bargnani is no. 24 disguised as no. 1...
...daniel gibson is my temporary r.o.y...
...where's brandon roy, mom?...
...the pacers are gonna end up the season 41-41 with the 6th berth...
...rasheed is tamed...
...the bucks would win the atlantic division...
...grant hill is fine... knock, knock on wood...
...atlanta is better than charlotte... yea!...
...luke ridnour can hit a winning attempt, but not too often...
...come on lakers, i'm glad you're doin' great, rivalries, rivalries, that's the ultimate fun in the
...amare looks like a white stag with that white-socks-white-sneakers equipment...
...the clippers are in the mud... again...
...baron davis is the most skilled man in the loser-land...
...god save t-mac's back...
...chris paul in the playoffs... impossible... unrealizable...
...memphis, tank it for oden...
well, let's turn to the most fascinating event of my recent days:
on wednesday, i watched miami-phoenix game and, in the 3rd qtr, everything was decided.
i was yawning, but then... pat riley unleashed a five of michael doleac, jason kapono, robert hite,
chris quinn and james posey.
that was like watching the cba.
posey would be the best cba player ever, but doleac looks like an old carriage setting picks,
kapono is a shooter one-on-none, hite is a d-league mite and quinn is - well, how old is he?
16, 17?
they picked up the heat, outscored, outplayed the suns (against their best guys) 22-2 (!), the
crowd got to the playoff mode.
wade at the dentist's, shaq smiling with a necktie, the glove wondering with his chewing gum, zo
completely exhausted after his tireless battle.
after that quinn's acrobatic drive-and-foul i guessed: am i watchin' or am i dreamin'?
one word - AMUSING!!
well, a few days to christmas.
so, basketball time and funny basketball new year i wish you.
(btw, i wish a shaq*kobe-hug under the tree.
and i send a genuine support to craig cantin and guys responsible for the
i love it!
as for a.i. - his trade to the t-wolves may kill the superwolf garnett - or save him.
the latter is more likely... but i still mean baylor will angle him somehow to the clippers.)

p.s.: the showdown between steve nash (42 points, 13 assists) and jason kidd (38 points, 14
assists, 14 rebounds) was like a movie. (-greg anthony)
p.s.2: every time i hear a trade rumor of the cuttino mobley-and-shaun-livingston-for-ray allen
variety, i nearly have a heart attack.
trade livingston?!?
he's the next magic!
two nights later, i'll watch him stink up the joint and think: ray allen?
could they even get allan ray for him? (-bill simmons)
p.s.3: /gregg popovich on the spurs' average (99.7) being increased more than four per game from
last season/
*as the season goes on, we'll be the same old boring team we've always been.*
p.s.4: in the summer of 2005, a local tv reporter from argentina asked manu ginobili:
*why does tony parker not pass you the ball?
to argentina, he is the anti-christ.*
p.s.5: i've finally figured out why iverson is called the answer.
whenever a high school or college student hasn't studied for an important test, the normal
procedure is to ignore the specifics of the questions and simply write down whatever he knows
about the subject.
in similar fashion, iverson will play his self-serving game no matter what else might be required for
his team to win. (-charley rosen)
p.s.6: francisco elson has provided a jolt of energy off the bench in recent games.
his one-handed slam off a lob from parker might have been the best dunk by a spurs big man
since david robinson was young enough to elevate. (-johnny ludden)
p.s.7: *tony's like a ferrari,* elson said. *i'm a porsche.*
p.s.8: after making 5 of 6 on 3-pointers - and 46 of 83 for the season (55.4%) - brent barry walked
into the locker room and asked, *are we really going to switch back to the old ball?*
he was joking.
*unless it's square, i don't think i'm going to have a problem.*
p.s.9: it's easy to imagine this guy wearing a white uniform and driving an ice cream truck.
here comes mister softee! (-charley rosen on charlie villanueva)
p.s.10: if adam morrison bears a (very) slight resemblance to larry bird on offense, he played
defense like tweety bird.
he is the absolute worst defender the league has seen since the hyped-up hey-days of pete
i'll even bet my boots that pistol pete was one of morrison's childhood heroes. (-charley rosen)
p.s.11: on truth, the ball club's name should be the washington wizars, because there's no "d" in
their game. (-charley rosen)

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