Wednesday, September 06, 2006

in defense of charley: he wasn't so wrong

but before - our 1st stop is > LAST WORDS TO WBC
anyway, it was a great tourney, the level of competition rises to our
pleasure (ehm, sorry, us citizens).
france could do better with tony and win over hellas.
what i'm saying is this: in the one game win-or-die elimination format,
teams from the 5th place to winner can beat each other, definitely.
it's like, you had a good night and you win, you have a not so good
night and you lose.
if the best-of-seven series format was in the worlds, i don't hesitate,
usa would be the champion (can you imagine ncaa-like tournament
instead of the nba playoffs? it'd change the whole history. i'm gonna
examine it.).
i am sad for manu and fabio, maybe in turkey 2010 it'll be the 1st
so, my eyes won (see previous blog), congratulations and viva la
as for usa, i agree with charley rosen article ("american players must
learn team basketball").
they can't play a 40-minute full-court press and gamble for steals,
because you don't play qatar every game.
their long range shooting is under the par and their zone d is
non-existent (and their guarding of pick-and-rolls against the greeks
was abysmal. the 3rd qtr will become legandary, no question.).
and if they have alleged "we need true role players and defenders", why
they have cut bruce bowen, or am i inane?
as mike monroe has written, team usa pays for coach k's idiotic
decision, to cut bowen and take miller for the bench-warming or
jamison for interviews or whomever.
but i don't care, their decision.
(these players from the final match should get letters of invitaton to
nba, one-hundred percent: jc NAVARRO, dimitrios DIAMANTIDIS and

p.s.1: once they got rolling, team usa looked like they were playing
five against three. (-charley rosen, usa vs. australia)
p.s.2: i would have loved to see team usa engage both spain and
argentina (-charley rosen)
p.s.3: the next time someone says to a u.s. player, *there's only one
mj,* chris paul and his 34/6 assist-to-turnover ratio should step up
and remind them: *you wrong, there were two mjs.
the other's name was magic johnson.
know our history ...* by saying "punk" in the native language of the
opponent. (-scoop jackson)
p.s.4: the american's inability to find any consistency in their
outside shooting was something new.
and in the semi-finals that will certainly spell "trouble" with a
capital "T". (-charley rosen, usa vs. germany)
p.s.5: after all, was it really so surprising that nowitzki was a dud
in a critical contest?
haven't we seen this before? (-charley rosen on dirk's play vs. usa)
p.s.6: there are still too many continuing problems with the way
basketball is played in the nba.
in the wonderful world of the nba, the players, the fans and the
media are infatuated with statistics.
points scored, shots taken, rebounds corralled, assists distributed
and so on.
however, except for games played and minutes played (and sometimes
personal fouls), these numbers are concerned only with what happens
when a player is in the immediate proximity of the basketball.
instead of concentrating on the moments when one of the ten on-court
players has the ball, our attention must be expanded to see the whole
as our atrocious performances in indianapolis, greece and japan prove,
the difference between gold medals and bronze medals (or no medals at
all) is how a team plays off-the-ball.
even by the numbers, this is where 90 percent of the action is.
too bad this "secret" game remains such a mystery in american sports.
(-charley rosen)
p.s.7: <<<>>>
A- ...anthony
B ...james, battier
B- ...wade
C ...brand, krzyzewski
C- ...howard, hinrich, johnson, boeheim
D+ ...paul
D- ...bosh
F ...jamison (no defense. not enough makes. didn't belong on the team),
F- ...mcmillan.
p.s.8: one greek coaching god out-coached four multi-millionaire
american coaching icons and 12 greek millionaires outplayed 12
american multi-multi-millionaires. (-george eddy)
p.s.9: anyway, usa was world champs of the dunk contest during warmups
which pleased the naive japanese fans! (-george eddy)

the final stop > IDoC: HE WASN'T SO WRONG
since i'm a big "devourer" of charley rosen's - a former player, a
former cba coach, an old friend of phil jackson, a former espn writer,
an author of couple basketball books, currently a foxsports writer (in
a nutshell) - writing, analyses, prognoses, and in general look on
basketball, in one freezy december day in 2002 i was disgruntled,
later on even angry - when i read through an article of some man
called gregg rosenzweig on (i don't know why, but that
fatal article is still there today... and thus you can look on it...
that counter-article on rosen's take on kobe bryant may be true in a
considerable measure.
maybe charley has exaggerated it then.
i remember i have sworn - no feelings on their "small war", brake guy,
check your anger.
but, with the interval of time, i gotta react on it.
didn't charley hit a nail by somewhat wrong way?
i'd say yes.
first, before i'm gonna scrutinize rosenzweig's "in defense of kobe:
the pro to offset charley rosen's con", note that rosen isn't some
young crazy sportswriter or excessively self-loving dude.
he may have bold assertions sometimes, but these ones are almost
always true - and, bad luck for those looking only on the present, the
future really confirms it.
one instance for all: back in the preview of 2005-06 season, rosen has
written very bad stuff about baron davis, golden state warrior.
neither me nor my friends have believed in his words.
but, as the season has progressed, everything has come true.
that baron will ultimately hurt the warriors... that he'll be the
team's main culprit, even with the best stats... that he becomes
artest-like when his team struggles and loses games in a streak...
that he overpenetrates, overhandles... and etc.
so with that in mind, let's examine rosenzweig's column.
i'm gonna give "plus" for the (relatively) right opinion and/or "minus"
for the (relatively) wrong and "nothing" for right-wrong or drawn.
important notes: the lakers didn't win c'ship in 2003, they fell into
ruins in 2004, shaq was and is gone, phil was gone, everything was
full of problems in 2005 and guess who was the most essential guilty
person for the majority of people - kobe...
1) bryant would be contaminant and egomaniacal threat to the lakers
hopes for a fourth championship.
fics: this charley has thought. /cr's quote, + for him/
2) his (kobe's) perceived selfish play could be due to his father's
underserved nba career. /cr's quote, - for him/
3) bryant's 9-for-29 shooting performance in the first game of the
season (a home court loss to the san antonio spurs) was an
unrestrained exercise in egotism. /cr's quote, + for him/
4) there is real fear among [lakers coaches] that the same-old-same-old
problem has reappeared with a renewed virulence - kobe's chronic
condition. /cr's quote, + for him/
5) on his best season yet statistically, bryant is showcasing an
all-around game that deserves praise, not scrutiny and scorn.
fics: the stats aren't always the best index of greatness. /gr's quote,
0 for him/
6) his (rosen's) criticisms of bryant's character, motivations and gene
pool is an affront.
fics: right-wrong idea. /gr's quote, 0 for him/
7) instead of letting the game come to him, kobe seeks to grasp and
overpower an ineffable force that only grows stronger the more he
struggles to subdue it. /cr's quote, 0 for him/
8) indeed, the team may be in trouble - but to say that bryant's play
is the heart of this problem is insane.
fics: insane?! /gr's quote, - for him/
9) as the lakers struggle to relearn their game in the face of a
much-improved - and motivated - league, it's time that their defensive
lapses and passion for coughing up the rock, not bryant, get the brunt
of critics' displeasure. /gr's quote, + for him/
the sentences 1-9 are the most relevant for my trial.
the rest of rosenzweig's writing is a typical, sorry,
nothing-new-to-you crap.
no question who is more respectable and better basketball reporter.
maybe just mr. rosenzweig is that "talking head" (see his article) with
"too much time on his hands".
to his credit, i judge his writing ability after just one sample. /one
minus for me/
so, that's my take.
sorry mr. rosenzweig, i had to do it, even when i LIKE kobe.
you know, just for order.
when one attacks, somebody defends the target.
and i am the defender/guard of c-rosen.
a proud one.
take care.

Posted by Foreigner in CS - Sep 6 2006 2:40PM


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