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Everything's Bad. Well, NOT Everything.

If you read my blog carefully (ahem, I don't expect it), in one of my recent blogs I wrote that the BAFS-BAFS Freaks series have the start set on June 7. Well, I can't tell you the real reasons why (other than that we had 3 guys from our team with severe 'Saturday-morning' headaches), but Game 1 must have been rescheduled, meaning June 7 start has been scratched and set for June 12. (The complete schedule is: June 12, 15, 19, 22* and 26*; *if necessary.)

Don't get me started on Game 1. Thursday was so bad I was still slapping my face yesterday - it's just a nightmare, ain't it?

After the game, we questioned our team's physicality and focus and execution, as well as a few other things.

Game 1: B-Freaks 83, BAFS 73.

On a night in which I had an injured ankle in the first half, few other things did not add up in our favor, either.

Such as lots of turnovers, plus the worst shooting night you can imagine. This was supposed to be our well-known home rims! This all equals one ugly defeat.

It was a night so bad for us, we couldn't even make free throws over 60%.

I said the guys, we could live with the turnovers, we could live with shooting airballs from the field. We could even live with being outplayed. But we could not live with the lethargic effort.

Our foes from B-Freaks built a 16-point lead in the first half and never trailed again.

We had our moments, too. Like playing an inspired ten mins of the second half to pull within a point before coming unraveled again.

By halftime, we had produced more turnovers than field goals, according to our unofficial stats-makers, and were lucky to be behind only 44-32.

After closing to within a point midway through the second portion, we continued by missing three field goals, two foul shots and committing four turnovers before recording another point.

On Sunday, we swear we'll be better. You bet!

To my pleasure, the life didn't stop making me believe everything's bad afterwards.

All the time trough the week, the new Donaghy thing kept floating around our heads, casting a shadow on the great finals and, personally, making me angry. Couldn't that wait a little longer? Like after these Finals. You have to love Donaghy's timing.

Again, I don't think the NBA takes action into picking a winner here and there. It's insane. When the situation reachs the level like Stern has to say one-hundred times referees don't manipulate games, something it's wrong with the fans. The don't care about the fantastic Finals we have, they rather chat about theories and allegations made by felon.

Yes, Stern makes mistakes, refs make blunders, but I'm with the commish on this one - some questionable games might have been officiated poorly, but honestly and not illegally.

The NBA conducted a separate investigation of its refs by former federal prosecutor Pedowitz, the FBI ivestigated it and nothing was found. Yet, the fans still believe that criminal is right. Do they actually care about NBA? Are those real, pure fans? I simply don't get it.

Game 4 C's vs. L's had to bail me out of this low moments and... the blowout was about to take place. Nothing amazing, exciting. LA kickin' Boston's asses.

Lamar Odom drained another 16-footer. He was hot and so were the Lakers. It's 24-7, Lakers.

Pau Gasol got to the line for two freebies. 30-12, Lakers.

Trevor Ariza hit a 3 and it was 34-12.

Ariza shoved James Posey out of the way for an offensive rebound and slammed it in. 37-14, Lakers.

And Kobe didn't have a field goal yet, truly amazing!

The score: 45-21, Lakers

Posey for 3 and a 14-point game, all of sudden.

Jordan Farmar banked in a garbage running 3-pointer at the buzzer, our halftime score: 58-40, Lakers.

A steal and a fast-break layup for Ray Allen, Lakers 72, Celtics 61.

Eddie House for 3... and it was a six-point game! I started to believe we actually could get a barn-burner game!

When Paul Pierce passed to P.J. Brown and he dunked over Bryant to end the third quarter, I jumped out of my sofa and started giving high-fives to the wall - and I'm not a Celtics fan.

Leon Powe tied the game with a turnaround jumper: 73-73. What a comeback! What A COME-BACK!

The Lakers didn't give up that easily, after Kobe fast-break dunk, L.A. by four with 5:47 remaining.

My man J-Pose drained a huge 3-pointer. Unbelievable.

Eddie House drained a 20-footer for a one-point lead. The Celtics got over the hump! I swear, at the moment House released the ball, I thought it would rim out.

Ray Allen drove for a gorgeous up-and-under layup (and a 3-point Celts lead). The Drama! Everything's NOT bad!

Kevin Garnett in the paint, scored! Celtics by 5, 2:10 remaining.

Just when it looked like the Lakers would make a final rally, Posey killed them again! Boston 94, L.A. 89, 1:10 to go. He's entitled to be Mr. Horry-Light.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Ray Allen whittled the next 20 seconds off the clock before completely abusing Sasha Vujacic for a back-breaking layup. Boston by five, 17 seconds left. It couldn't get better when they showed a dejected Vujacic on the bench. My father thought he was going to kick Phil Jackson's clipboard. By the way, Doc Rivers had a great coaching game. Kudos to him. And his speeches are a hot commodity.

Game over, Boston 97, L.A. 91. What a great classic game! That was the greatest comeback in Finals history! Thanks God for bailing me out of my life slump. I know everything's not bad. It only seems so. Does it means we'll win Game 2? Huh?

p.s.: How could we spice The NBA Finals up, Ron Artest? *Maybe we need to focus more on a great halftime to liven it up. The Super Bowl has big-name performers. We can too. Or they can just have me perform at halftime. Yea, that'd be the best thing to do.*
p.s.2: Tony Parker said: *When I was young, I drank Sprite and ate McDonald's after the game. But I've changed. I'm lucky to have a wife who cooks.*

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