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And Offseason Begins: Chatting With Jenny, Basketball Junkie Girl

Yesterday, relaxing under the sun, I eagerly chatted through my laptop with Jenny, who’s a basketball junkie. She comes from Orlando and doesn’t have any favorite NBA team, although she quite regularly goes to the Magic’ home games. As a 20-years-older, she’s a student of Florida University. And... she doesn’t have any boyfriend. One last info: she loves NBA.

Here’s the transcript of our communication:

~ [me, 'FiCS']
# [Jenny]
~ Hi Jenny, this is the blog number 69 here at ficsing.blogspot.com...
# ...and? Oh, nice to hear u again.
~ It should look like no. 69.
# We’re gonna make it happen, baby!
~ Let’s put that ’69 debate’ aside, the free agency is rollin’...
# I mean the highest stars are staying put. Maybe Rashard Lewis is on the way out. Gerald Wallace to Mavs.
~ Did you see my draft predictions?
# Yeah, I checked it out recently. Names were wrong, however, essence was right on the money!
~ Thanx. Tiago Splitter can be useful in the Spurs system.
# Yep, he’s played in big games, so when he comes over here, he should be able to contribute immediately. Another Spurs’ draftee, Marcus Williams, has to work on his game yet. But I have no fear regarding this. Spurs’ coaching staff is phenomenal and they’re gonna make him a player. I’ve seen him play in college, he’s a good project, especially taken in the second round.
~ Some columnists claim that Splitter would have gone higher in the previous drafts.
# I would take him before Yi. Seriously. That Chinese guy can shoot it. Nothing else. He didn’t wanna go to Milwaukee and they picked just him. Now, that’s the comedy.
~ He’s sulking like Kobe. Let’s name that ‘Yisulking’ officially.
# But Kobe will play in 2007-08. Not with KG, but will. Yi will be traded. And they have All-Softies frontcourt, Bogut, Villanueva, now Yi. I don’t get it. How can they successfully play at this level?
~ I’m not a Bucks fan.TP’s wedding is next...
# Wow, that’s a spectacular action. I can’t wait to see it.
~ Would you go there if you have the chance?
# Absolutely. I love weddings. You, honey?
~ Darling I’m not too into it. Love sports more than anything. Weddings are rather boring...
# I don’t agree...
~ Hey, summer league starts on friday, starring Oden and Durant and James White and Jackie Butler!
# Hmm... I’m paying all my money to see Durant. He’s so young and so good. I like his ‘whoever’s in front of me, I’m going to do my best to destroy them’ quote. It’s a shame they play so far - so far from my Florida... Shame on May 22 lottery.
~ Some things in life just don’t go handily and easily. You have to wait, Seattle at Orlando or Miami...
# ...but that’s just one game a season!! Two with Big Daddy Oden.
~ The other day I asked my mom, “Guess how much old is he?”, and she responded, “40?”. Everybody who doesn’t know him says that kind of number. I bet nobody would say less than 30.
# That’s right. Zach Randolph just came into my mind...
~ Zach? How he handles NYC’s temptations? That would be show.
# Put him with Eddy Curry on the floor and who defends? I understand they’re in the East, but...
~ But they’re a playoff team. How’s your offseason/summer like?
# The college is over for a while, and while I miss being around students, I have fun and relax... the sun is shining... shopping, going to downtown, parties. South Beach is perfect. Beaches.
~ I hate shopping.
# And if you’re buying a bikini?
~ I don’t buy that! I’d rather go naked. Any vacation on the horizon?
# I’ve got here right now. Beautiful. I watch basketball every day. I get up, around 9AM, and watch father’s classic/various games from 90’s. Remember? Mookie Blaylock, Muggsy Bogues, Terry Cummings, Jeff Hornacek, Jerome Kersey, Danny Manning, etc...
~ ...plus Charles Oakley, Sam Perkins, even Pooh Richardson:)
# Rony Seikaly, my favorite! Rik Smits, I remember he’s in the NBA Live ‘99 All-Star Game.
~ Or Rod Strickland. I haven’t seen all those years live, but thanks to some video tapes, I’ve witnessed that era.
# Hot Rod Williams played 10 seasons in the 90’s. Everybody knows the stars of that decade, but these (relatively unknown) players lasted season by season by season...
~ Yep. You know what? Jason Kapono looks like Bill Simmons’ brother.
# That’s an interesting point. Really. Wait...
~ What are u doin’?
# Good God. I just compared their photos and they’re brothers!
~ I’m a genius!
# Who’s more prettier, me or Marco Belinelli’s girlfriend?
~ You. Pretty Woman. What will be your life like in the next hoops season?
# I’m lookin’ forward. We have NBA, college hoops, Olympic Games. Get ready for more media hype than ever. OJ Mayo and Kevin Love are coming to their respective colleges. I love Love, he’s a supertalent. Meanwhile, OJ is a selfish brat. They don’t play the same position (Love’s PF, Mayo’s PG), but that’s going to be an awesome rivalry between UCLA and USC. Shoot, I’m already jumping on the UCLA bandwagon.
~ I know, I know. Your Florida team will be decimated...
# Well, without the core of the team... It’s life. It’s changing.
~ Who’s your favorite Gator?
# Corey Brewer. Absolutely.
~ If you were invisible for one day and could spy on anybody, who’d that be?
# I’d spy on Brewer-Noah-Green-Richard room. C’mon...
~ Who was your favorite athlete growing up?
# Hmm... probably Young Shaq.
~ Who’s better (in their careers) in your eyes, Shaq or Tim Duncan?
# It’s even. I wouldn’t dare to say one name. Impossible.
~ Do you like WNBA?
# A little. I miss those men’s athletic bodies. I’m rooting for - nobody. San Antonio Silver Stars have Becky Hammon now, so it’d be fun if they win it all like Spurs.
~ Now, answer - Duke or North Carolina?
# ……
~ Uh-oh, sorry:) What’s your most enjoyable All-Star Game?
# There have been more enjoyable ASGs, but I’m saying 1998 ASG in Big Apple. I went there with my dad then. East won, 135-114. In his last All-Star appearance as a Bull, Michael J. again stood out. He scored 23 pts and won the game’s MVP. Challenging MJ for the spotlight was LAL’s 19-year-old Kobe, the youngest player ever to start in the ASG. The two went head-to-head for much of the first three qtrs with Kobe outscoring Mike during that time, 18 to 17. However, the showdown ended when West coach George Karl (Larry Bird coached East), kept Kobe on the bench the entire 4th qtr. MJ then scored six pts in the final period to finish with a game-high 23. What an experience!
~ And in 2008, NBA presents Bryant vs. Durant. (On the same team, of course.) Grade the Hawks’ draft decisions, please.
# Eventually, ‘A’? Now they have PG in Conly Junior and big man in Horford. Give them credit.
~ Cleveland looks in big trouble for next season...
# ...for sure, no picks, luxury-tax looming, Varejao or Pavlovic gone. How they say it? A cry after a laughter?
~ Now tell me the worst team in the East for 2007-08.
# Indiana or Milwaukee.
~ And in the West?
# I’m shooting straight: Sacramento, but Minny is last but one.
~ How about those Hornets.
# They’re a sleeper team with lot of talent. But the issue here is the city of New Orleans.
~ You’re right. Not enough diehard fans. And when you imagine inevitable troubles with 2008 ASG...
# Tons of Stern and league bashing.
~ We’re ending, thanks for chatting with me. Good luck and nice summer.
# We can do this chat-blog again, someday.
~ Sooner than later:)
# There’s no better feeling than to kick somebody’s ass in a pick-up game! You know what I mean and I don’t do that, but I like watching it from stands! Live long, streetball!
~ Live long, Jenny! (And don’t forget to wear your kicking bikini.)

p.s.: /june 27/ i'm going to church for the first time in 4 years to pray that the celtics don't do anything dumb /in the draft/. (-bill simmons)
p.s.2: we /celtics/ traded the fifth and seventh picks in consecutive years for a point guard who was too short and a shooting guard who was too old. (-bill simmons'dad)
p.s.3: now sacramento kings have a young center (spencer hawes) who can't rebound or protect the rim and an aging center (brad miller) who can't rebound or protect the rim. (-bill simmons)

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