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SA-PHX Heated: Thanks To A Sissy

Man, it looks like Amare and the Suns are getting desparate now. And it surely show why I loathe this guy. He said the Spurs are a dirty team, that Manu is dirty and Bruce Bowen is downright dirty. I thought that there is only one team that I despise, my beloved Dallas. Ugh. But here comes Amare. Someone named him “the Black Jesus” in his column. UGH! In fact, he’s a total blockhead.

Well, there is a new whiny team to despise now besides the Mavs. The new team is named Phoenix Suns. Every time when a player/coach feels threatened or scared about a series he makes up just about any excuse. Game 1 with Mike D'Antoni’s fouls-against-us tantrums, Game 2 with Stoudemire’s “murder”. I wonder where Amare has found that video. Who’s sent it to him?! Viewing every action of whatever sport is just plain silly. Because, say in basketball, if you slow every single video of any game you can create an incidental play on just about any foul, move, drive, post up, etc... What about Leandro Barbosa clotheslining TP9? I know that the Brasilian Blur is a good guy. He just wanted that play hard and it happened. But you know what? Take him to the executioner. What about Nash head-butting Parker? I know let’s slow-mo that play and you can see Nash tried to take Parker out by head butting him. Did that make any sense? Of course not. I know this two things are pretty uncomparable with “the Amare-Bruce meeting” - it looks like it actaully happened, but… that didn’t make sense at all. Amare doesn’t know how smart Bruce is. Trying to injure him purposely? With the eyes of the league on him every game, 24/7? No. I don’t believe it. Stu Jackson denied it, too. What bothers me? That pathetic guy Amare is just looking to dig up any ammo that he can to get past the Spurs. He plays a victim, a player who’s clean and saint.

When I read his words yesterday, I was shocked. Positively. Because all he did is great for the Spurs and Game 3 on saturday (and the rest of the series). The Spurs will be pumped up. The fans in the AT&T Center, too. Amare will be booed. And if he has a bad game in this encounter? Look for the same in Game 4. Look for some ejection. Technical. When I read his words, I imagined how Steve Nash has to feel. Steve is so smart that only thanks to him the Suns were woken in Game 2. He called them out and his mission was successful. They won and tied the series, 1-1. But coming to San Antonio, Steve knew that this is gonna be difficult. To steal at least one game. But I know he was content. He just wanted to go out on the Spurs floor, with some momentum, quietly conquer the Spurs house. After Stoudemire’s words, it’s impossible now. The real war has begun. I surely think Steve thought: “Hmm, this was so stupid. The timing couldn’t be worse.” You got the same feeling from Raja Bell’s reaction.

Phoenix fans and zealous Amare are trying so hard to suspend one of the best perimeter defenders in the league - this suspension just might give ‘em a win or two. Don't you fans have any pride. Amare, can't you just shut up and play basketball already. Look at your teammates. As much as I don’t like the Suns now, personally, I like Nash. I like Barbosa. Raja plays with the style I love to watch. Kurt Thomas is a good guy. Sean Marks is my man (San Antonio’s lost son… just kidding). Boris Diaw is a friendly person. Mmm… what to tell about Shawn Marion. Just that he’s the second (behind The Sissy) player on that team who has got no love from me. All in all, the Suns are a respectable ball club. And adorable in some ways. The big problem is, The Sissy spoils it.

Shoot, I'm so sick of every excuse the Suns fans/D’Antoni/Amare are giving these days because you know mighty San Antonio has had your number since day 1 and Amare is about to have a nervous breakdown if he doesn't come up with anything. Did you see all the contact that Kurt Thomas was laying on Duncan? Why don't you slo-mo that?! Do you hear Duncan whining? See, I have nothing against Kurt. He plays physical basketball. That’s it. Maybe he elbowed Tim’s kidney area. Let’s find it. You know that this is pathetic.

When we’re at it, I hate Suns’ pathetic, tearful coach D’Antoni, who’s the biggest whiner on the sidelines and now the baby boy Amare has just joined him. You all won on sunday what's the big deal? Stop being scared PHX and just play. Stop looking at David Stern and the refs to bail you out. Why weren't you all complaining in your last series? Oh, because you played a sorry team like the Lakers. You were dunking, flying like birds. Now that they are playing a real series, now they want a walk in the park. Don't worry with all the pleading you all are doing, you have a big chance to win this series. The Smarts, like Nash, know it and just want to keep fighting. The Stupids, like Stoudemire, want to throw something bad on the opponent.

I wonder how Amare would react if he played body-to-body, playoffs-style with Ben Wallace. Or Rasheed. He’d be crying all series long. It’s a good bet that Phoenix may play the Jazz in the Wastern Finals. This is really a PHYSICAL team. Hopefully, Amare won’t be banged to death. Or can you imagine if PHX went up against Denver in the first round? They’re more physical (more “dirty”), etc. than these Spurs. Nene, Najera and Camby would have been accused of being dirty. And Amare 10 years ago versus Rodman? Wow… Stop crying already and play! I just wanted to vent all of this, but there’s certainly more - I don’t wanna lose 5 hours to blog about additional stupidities.

Game 1, PHX-SA, was a classic. Steve The Canadian is a class act. He just wanted it bad even with bloody nose. What a character. Amazing. I have one observation: as long as Timmy D stays out of foul trouble, the Spurs can’t lose this series. He’s so dominant. That Bill Simmons article about his career is the best writer-effort I read this season. Well done. I stuck it on this site yesterday - this is an ultimative column on Duncan for any Spurs (and for any NBA) fan. So Tim, don’t pick that early fouls. Ginobili gotta step up and bring some energy. I’m not worried about him. He’ll do it right. Bowen should do a little bit better job on Nash. I hope that somebody from Spurs bench will rise to the occasion and have a solid game, whether it’s Fran Elson on the boards or Fabio Oberto or even Brent Bones Barry (note: he’s BBB, Bowen is BB) with his treys. Jacque Vaughn needs to back up better - too many mistakes in the Valley of the Sun. Mike Finley and Rob Horry… better watch out, Phoenix. If Tim plays great in the Game 3, we should prevail. However, it won’t be blowout, for sure.

We all should look forward to what’s next in this series. Something big is guaranteed. Whoever wins it, it’ll be a battle. If San Anton wins, it’ll be sweet. And the Suns will have somebody to blame. The Sissy. As much as it’ll pain them, the Smarts, with Nash as their leader, will say to themselves: Amare screwed it up. The Stupids will just blame San Antonio Dirty Spurs.

Let’s go to another topic: a great emotional game, Golden State at Utah, on wednesday. Oh, Dee Brown’s injury was terrible. Wish him all good. I knew Derek Fisher was with his daughter, who’s got a serious disease, and I didn’t believe he could come back to Salt Lake City (and play in the game). Baron Davis was doing his thing and the Warriors kept scoring. But then
D-Fish came in the 3rd quarter - incredible. What a drama in the end. The Warriors were just tired. The Jazz are real competitors. Beautiful shots. The overtime. Fisher’s 3-pt dagger. Then, after the buzzer sounded and Utah won, he pointed his hands to the sky and then I knew he just won even more. Because, this is just sports. On the Jazz-Warriors series’ outcome: If it’s 2-2, it’s up for grabs, but when Utah wins one game in Oakland, no way GS can come back and advance.

I wanna see Pam Oliver during every game! She’s so good and I like her. I like her reports. I am tired of that Cheerleaders thing, it’s boring. Let’s throw some nice ladies as reporters. This is win-win scenario. It makes the game even more entertaining to watch.

Whoops, what’s the hell with the Bulls. They’re done, basically. No low-post threat = no success. The Pistons are clicking. On the home court, New Jersey might do some damage to Lebron James Hype. I’m tired of hearing that only he can save us this NBA Playoffs. It’s a nonsense. Thus I’m pulling for the Nets. But they’re no good. Why the hell they keep giving the ball to Vince Carter when games are on the line? He’s a crunch-time choker. Give it to Kidd or Jefferson!

One last thought: Carlos Boozer is playing like a true superstar. We need to throw some nickname on him. What about Bulldozer? Or is Boozer his nickname?! I guess it must be fun to play with him. Imagine Memo Okur saying, “Hey Boozer, do you wanna go to a boozer?”. Btw, Kirilenko’s hair is bootylicious!

Peace. And Amare, come out of age already. Go Spurs Go! I’m already giddy right now.

p.s.0: I started my new blogging mode with this blog. But ‘p.s.’ remains without capitals.
p.s.: *this spurs team and the lakers teams are the two best teams i've seen in my career: the shaq-kobe teams and the timmy teams. they've had the most longevity,* said steve nash.
p.s.2: if i were a mavs fan, i wouldn't even walk near a sports bar for the next six weeks.
(-michael rosenberg)
p.s.3: tim duncan was asked what would have happened if tony parker had collided with manu ginobili's nose instead of steve nash's nose. *it might be homicide or something.*
p.s.4: teamwork is the way to success. in any sport, especially professional basketball.
(-charley rosen)

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