Thursday, March 29, 2007

a spur wearing headband and DUNKIN'?!

this #33 guy has 1020 items.
timmy duncan has 356.
lebron has 2460 and kobe has 3940.
heck, but this kid played just 1 nba game overall.
he's a 24-years-old, 6'7", 200, from cincinnati college, drafted in
2006 (no. 31) by portland trail blazers.
then immediately traded to indiana pacers.
got a guaranteed two-year contract.
but they were rankled a little by his attitude, which they perceived as
too cocky.
they cut him at the end of the preseason.
then he was signed by spurs on nov. 3 and has performed most of his
work at the team's practice facility or in the nbdl (averaging 16.3
pts on 47.7 percent shooting in 15 games for austin toros).
it took 70 games and nearly five months, but spurs finally unleashed
him on monday night, allowing him to make his nba debut.
hmm, because rob horry missed monday's game after suffering an injury
in a collision with seattle's chris wilcox.
and this youtube star took horry's place on the active roster.
the rookie guard finished with nine points (126-89 victory) in the
final 15 minutes and flushed one highlight-worthy dunk.
after missing his first shot (a 3-pointer from the left corner) he
banked in a soft layup off a nice pass from brent barry.
he was congratulated by his teammates as he went to the bench during
the ensuing timeout.
he vs. golden state warriors
min fg fga 3p 3pa ft fta or dr tot a pf st to bl pts
14:42 3 4 0 1 3 3 0 3 3 0 3 0 0 0 9
his comments:
...*i've been waiting for that my entire life, since i started playing
te last two times i suited up and didn't play, i was nervous before i
went out there.
today, i wasn't nervous.*
...*you have to approach it as a job.
it's my job to stay professional, go out there and come to work every
day like nothing has changed.
you never know when you'll get your opportunity to play.
basketball is fun, you can't beat that as a job.*
...*i've improved so much since i've been here.
my shot, my mental preparation, my professionalism — everything
basketball-wise, i've gotten better.*
...*when i came here, it was a whole different situation from indiana,
the tradition of winning, the professionalism of the whole team.
i've learned something new from the older guys every day.*
his leaping ability is extraordinary and some among spurs rank him
alongside admiral robinson as one of the franchise's greatest
mike finley saw enough highlights of this season's dunk contest to know
this much: had this spurs rookie been in the event, he would have won.
fin said he has seen him take off from the free-throw line and put the
ball between his legs before flushing it through the rim.
fin also claims rook can throw down a two-handed dunk from the foul
the dunk contest has come to a point where we've seen everything.
but he has dunks that people haven't seen.
nobody's seen that. (-mike finley)
with less than 30 seconds left, he finally received an opportunity to
show off his legs, jamming a lob from fabio oberto through the rim.
the dunk brought applause from the bench, but spurs also have seen
better from the rookie.
well, according to elias sports bureau and dunk-junkie fans, the last
time when spurs' player dunked with headband on his head we had year
1907 written in calendars.
*hopefully, he'll get an opportunity to be in the contest next year.
he has my vote,* added finley.
teammates comments after the gsw game:
...*it's got to be hard for him after a whole year waiting for this.
he did very good, so we're all happy for him.
it's not easy to be on a team and never have the opportunity to play.*
(-manu ginobili)
...*he's young, so he really won't appreciate this time with this team
until maybe five or six years into the league.
hopefully, he can stay grounded and stay humble, and he'll be ok.*
(-michael finley)
...*he played pretty confidently.* (-gregg popovich)
it's no surprise that he probably will go back to his familiar seat
behind the bench.
but his basketball future is bright.
they say spurs are boring.
and in the future?
whoops, the boredom will continue.
with JAMES FLIGHT WHITE starring.
i'm already looking forward to seeing him fly.
and win.

p.s.: gregg pop on greg oden's possible 07-08 season in ohio state.
*what would that do?
i mean, everybody would just die.
the bottom five teams would just croak.*

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