Tuesday, October 31, 2006

sweet warning: the bomb explodes in 12 hours

we've got a new nba season here, folks.
this edition might have a headline 'when 8 becomes 24' or simply
'waiting on greg oden and kevin durant'.
okay, the latter is a joke, but what about kobe's 24?
even mike j.'s change of his 23 for 45 for one season was a little bit
conspiracy theorists talks over and over about it as only a marketing
effort, but what's not a marketing nowadays?
after all, it's better than "famous" central planning.
it's kobe decision and we should wish him a lot of happiness.
mr. stern is made of sterner stuff, however, sometimes he does more
than is needed, dress code, stress code and such controversial
what'll follow next, press code, mess code, guess code or chess code?!
and the new ball doesn't help him right now, either.
i fell that i'm changing from a funny bloggie to a hoops critic.
i can't forget to express my scorn for john hollinger's per (player
efficiency rating).
being a stats-first attitude hater, there's no way for me to accept it.
let's get out of criticism, huh?
i love that a new, an UPGRADED, nba season is here!
let's get excited!
(if the basic premise of any nba team is to win a championship in 2007
or in the foreseeable future, this major players should be traded:
iverson, garnett, carter with kidd.
it's very hard to trade such sort of superstars, financially and
emotionally, but if they will stay on their respective teams, there's
no way that they will win a title.
that teams (philly, minny, n-jersey) have to start over and completely
rebuild their rosters.
i know, it's sad (for them), but you have to face reality and truth.)
y'all ready for this?
2006-07 brings us to san antonio and spurs with duncan/ginobili/parker.
it brings us to cleveland and cavaliers with l-james/ilgauskas.
it brings us to miami and heat with wade/s-o'neal.
it brings us to los angeles and lakers with bryant.
it brings us to dallas and mavericks with nowitzki/j-howard.
it brings us to phoenix and suns with nash/marion/stoudemire.
it brings us to minnesota and timberwolves with garnett.
it brings us to los angeles and clippers with brand.
it brings us to denver and nuggets with anthony/camby.
it brings us to philadelphia and 76ers with iverson/webber.
it brings us to houston and rockets with yao/mcgrady.
it brings us to seattle and supersonics with allen/lewis.
it brings us to boston and celtics with pierce.
it brings us to indiana and pacers with j-o'neal.
it brings us to new jersey and nets with kidd/carter/r-jefferson.
it brings us to washington and wizards with arenas/jamison.
it brings us to detroit and pistons with billups/hamilton/r-wallace.
it brings us to orlando and magic with d-howard.
it brings us to atlanta and hawks with j-johnson.
it brings us to chicago and bulls with b-wallace/hinrich.
it brings us to sacramento and kings with artest/bibby.
it brings us to oklahoma city, new orleans and hornets with
it brings us to milwaukee and bucks with redd.
it brings us to utah and jazz with kirilenko.
it brings us to toronto and raptors with bosh.
it brings us to golden state and warriors with b-davis/richardson.
it brings us to portland and trail blazers with randolph.
it brings us to memphis and grizzlies with gasol (well, with broken
foot until january).
it brings us to charlotte and bobcats with okafor.
it brings us to new york and knicks with marbury/francis.
and it brings us to the best basketball on earth.
(and it brings us to las vegas and all-star game with ???)
-fics survey-
nba champion 2007 - spurs
eastern champion - heat
western champion - spurs
atlantic champion - nets
central champion - pistons
southeast champion - heat
southwest champion - mavericks
northwest champion - nuggets
pacific champion - suns
the 1st galaxie sport's broadcast is 'lebroniers at spurs' - how many
pts will lbj score against b-bowen and spur-defense?
my bet is 26 pts plus 8 rebs and 7 asts.
for the end, i have one small (or big?) wish:
the spurs, mainly for the mike finley's sake, WIN it all.
and with the concern about a very cold days ahead - thank you nba...
you keep us warm in the winter.
enjoy your ride, baby.
(THANK YOU, MR. AUERBACH... thank you for all...)

p.s.1: somebody will win and somebody will lose, and only the most
maniacal fans will care. (-charley rosen on preseason games)
p.s.2: dale davis [pistons] is 37 going on 97. (-charley rosen)
p.s.3: *yao's a great center,* shaq o'neal said.
*whenever you want to become the best you have to go up against the
i guess going against me is one of his biggest challenges, along with
mr. duncan in his conference.
he's a great competitor who wants to go up against another great
p.s.4: at this point, the celtics' accelerated plan to improve their
production looks to be just about as futile as joe stalin's
never-ending five-year plans were for the industrialization of the
soviet union. (-charley rosen)
p.s.5: chris webber is a 33-year-old with the knees of a
septuagenarian. (-charley rosen)
p.s.6: stephen jackson is a loose cannon. (-charley rosen)
p.s.7: joe smith [nuggets] is the oldest 31-year-old on the planet.
(-charley rosen)
p.s.8: waiting for rasheed to reprise the maturity he exhibited back
then is about as fruitless as waiting for godot. (-charley rosen)
p.s.9: *it's unfortunate that's what life is now.
everything is predicated on a computer analyst or what a computerized
notion might say.
but in real life, it doesn't work that way,* said bruce bowen, on
espn's player efficiency rating.
his rank is no. 315 of 330 players... are they normal?!
p.s.10: *he's never been joe athlete.
he's always been mr. fundamental.
but he's got [now] some of the athleticism he had when he was younger,*
said coach pop, on tim duncan.
p.s.11: the drama - mark cuban will be watching the refs like madonna
watches african babies. (-scoop jackson)

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