Friday, May 26, 2006

the next classic rivalry

i start with the simple "the spurs-mavs series have been THE BEST in my
basketball-watching history"... i even wanted to throw a beer at mr.
mark c. through the tv-screen during the game6...
i know for sure, last two weeks ya were reading tons of paper about
these wonderful and transcendent series and all of possible has been
said, written and done. (but i don't forgive one thing: some
crazy-chump maverick owner has encouraged fans to boo a class act
named mike finley. can you imagine peter holt urging spurs fans to boo
avery j.? malik rose? or whomever exspur?)
after the overtime loss (and wasted 3pt lead at the end) i was unable
to move for five minutes.
indeed, i lay on the carpet in front of my telly with utter sadness.
...i'm looking forward to the next year battles.
!go spurs go!
it seems like everything can happen in this yr po.
today, my favorite is phoenix.
tomorrow it'll be dallas.
on saturday it'll be detroit.
and after beating the pistons, miami comes.
accept it or don't accept it, but rather yes (whew!), the smallball,
speed, quickness and bull's eye shooting rule the hoopworld. (hey,
when i watch the suns games, all of possible runs throughout my mind,
but the most this: shouldn't the screen-and-rolls be officially
maybe the top scientists can develop a guy who'll be able to shoot the
ball from the half-court as well as from the free-throw stripe (or
he'll be found somewhere in the african forest)!
and here are the good news for the suns fans: unless stevie nashie
isn't mia (missing in action), kidnapped or combing his hair, he's
capable to run, run and pass, pass some next seasons yet.
why not to use it for 06-08 three-peat?
forget about amare, he can't shoot treys!
and phx is seven wins far from capturing the gold, er, the (first)
suns fans, forget about barkley, majerle, chambers or kevin johnson.
this style of winning is a nightmare for all defense purists and
defense enjoyers.
why not to put together on the floor five guys who are able to convert
a three-pointer?
regardless of position?
regardless of defense-lack?
everybody laments, speaks about phx's no-stoudemire-being, departure of
jj & qr and that offseason overhaul.
but this team is better than the last year's squad!
boris diaw is better for the suns fashion than amare.
he's not such an explosive scoring threat, but fits better overall
because of his versatility for the suns game plan.
raja bell or joe johnson?
raja wins.
and tim thomas or q-rich?
would richardson manage to play center?
and the matrix is more experienced and matured, isn't he? (but
everything can happen - with raja's game1 calf injury - a warning for
suns front office in order to bring in two or three athletic subs yet
after the season.)
turn the page.
a couple of days before, nazr & rasho were sitting on the bench,
plainly useless.
now, it seems like erick & desagana (i thought he fell asleep on the
chair with hand on his chin) can buy tickets to the fourth row!
if it'll continue so further, no team in the future won't want the
player higher than 6-foot-9.
isn't the sentence "you're too tall to be a basket-player" curious?
but in the future, everything can happen.
and yao ming will be trying to invent DD (dwindling drink)! (and mr.
stern will prohibit it in the new cba, under the rule 626: DD
beverages are strictly forbidden.)
enjoy the 2006 playoffs.
there's plenty of good, great to watch.
if the mavs-suns series will go to the seventh meeting and the suns'
victory in that game, i'll become the sun!
and if the heat won't cope to warm the piston to non-operation, then
the sun will burn it down!!
pierda cuidado. (= don't worry)

p.s.: *how in the world you guard dirk, i don't know,* said popovich
during the series.
*i stay up late at night seeing his face because you can't just stop
the guy.*
p.s.2: the spurs, who ranked 28th among the league's 30 teams in
free-throw shooting, hit all 15 of their foul shots in the second half
(game6), including the two parker coolly made with 5.5 seconds left to
secure the victory.
*a miracle for us,* popovich said.
p.s.3: *michael jordan couldn't do it by himself.
neither could shaq, nor a.i., nor wilt, nor the logo-man, nor magic,
nor oscar, nor jabbar, etc., etc., etc.
and neither can lebron james.
no matter how superlative an individual talent, no matter how tough,
competitive, unselfish, or whatever, a player might be, basketball is
played 5-on-5.
and championships are won by teams.* (-charley rosen)
p.s.4: *we were coming back from hell,* said parker after g7.
*we were just fighting, fighting.*
p.s.5: nowitzki on duncan: *he's unbelievable and unguardable.
he was amazing all series.
we could never find an answer for him.*
p.s.6: stackhouse on spurs: *we take our hats off to them.
they are a great team and they are the team you strive to beat.
they are the defending world champions and you have to go through them.
they say a seven game series determines the better team but these two
teams are split almost right down the middle.*
p.s.7: *whoever loses, * popovich said, *will still feel like they have
a hell of a basketball team, that's for sure.
we're a hell of a basketball team, and dallas is a hell of a basketball
they get to go forward this year.
but i've never been more proud of a team and the way they competed.*
p.s.8: *we would have two less championships here if it wasn't for
manu ginobili,* popovich said.
*in my book, manu ginobili is the stud of the world.
there's nobody that's a better competitor.
i'd jump in a fox hole with him or go anywhere he wanted to go any

the complete text of the letter sent (a day before game6 mavs-spurs) by
coach pop (he graduated from the air force academy in 1970 and served
five yrs in the air force) to conrado perez, a father of stephen
perez, who was killed april 13 in iraq:

Dear Mr. Perez,

Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. I cannot imagine
how much you miss Stephen, knowing how much he must have meant to your

It is obvious that he was a die-hard Spurs fan, no matter what the
situation. What we do here is quite insignificant compared to the job
he was doing in Iraq. The daily danger and pressure he had to endure is
hard to even contemplate, and he and his colleagues are the ones who
should be held up as heroes.

All of us hope time will diminish the pain you must feel.

We will do our best to make both Stephen and your family proud.

Most sincerely,
Gregg Popovich

yes, the spurs are off of playoff.
but there are more important things in comparison with that.

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