Thursday, May 09, 2013

Leteći Čeh Vesely for I Tried Everything To Impress The Coach

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Jan Vesely: "I tried everything to impress the coach. I was trying to prove to him that I'm worthy, that I can play for this team, that I can give a contribution. However, I did not have lot of playing time. Then it‘s up to me to be ready when I get a chance. Of course my spirit was downhearted at times. At the end of the day I try to take something positive out of this, I look at it as an experience. I had the opportunity to work with great players, and it's good for me."

Vesely  on the upcoming summer: "I'll work all summer, it‘ll be extremely valuable. I want to improve in every aspect of the game, I want to fix what I can. I got games with the national team, first I'm going to concentrate on that. I think it helps me that I’ll play with the guys from the [Czech national] team. At some point there I will be able to regain confidence. I will join the team in August. I know what I have to do [to be successful in the NBA] and I'm ready to be better."

Vesely on the Wizards' 2012-13 season: "We didn’t have a good start, but we ended up happy with this season. It was a little better than last year, we have to be happy with what we did. We were able to win more games but truthfully, in the end we were a little weary. We lost some games even though we had the win in the pocket, but this is a good team."

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