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Q&A: Vesely deals with wedding gift ideas, not Lockout

Denik.cz / July 2, 2011

It seems like you are not dismayed by the lockout happenings and a potential delayed start of a new NBA regular season. Aren't you surprised by the lockout?
"We all reckoned with it, we knew that the lockout would begin the 1st of July. You've got to find something good in it, too. The Summer League is cancelled, but actually it is a plus for me. At least I'll be resting. Otherwise I would have to be in Vegas now and practice and play. So I have all summer free and I can start preparing for the regular season."

That's nice, but there's a possibility the two sides fail to reach a deal and the start of the season begins to delay...
"I'm not afraid about that, even if that can happen. Right now they are negotiating, so we'll see. Everything's being dealt with. We can only wait and believe that both sides find a solution."

What's your personal estimate? When the new season gets going?
"[The lockout] won't take too long. I think by the end of year [the regular season starts], at the latest."

Can the lockout process be the same as the one 13 years ago? They played only 50 games instead of 82...

"I think that they find an agreement sooner, everything will be okay and there will be no reduction of games. Even with less games, nothing terrible happens. I don't care how many games I play in my first season, I'm mainly looking forward to my premiere game."

Aren't you afraid that you will be deprived of the full experience? After all, you wouldn't take solace in a trimmed season...
"I don't take it like that. I don't have anything to worry about. For me the most important thing now is that I got drafted by an NBA team already and I belong to Washington. Moreover, I suppose I'll play in the NBA for more than a year, so I don't think about it."

So what's in your head now?
"I'm going to Belgrade on Saturday. Petar Bozic, Partizan Belgrade's captain, where I played the last 3 seasons, invited me to his wedding. I'm trying to figure out what I'll bring him."

Haven't you buy the wedding gift yet?
"I still have a lot of time. I was not intrigued by anything in Washington, moreover I didn't think it was exactly the best idea to carry something across the ocean. I'll pick something here, in the Czech Republic."

Do you at least have an idea already?
"Perhaps Ostrava sausage. Just something traditional, something that has connection with Ostrava."

You have already celebrated in Belgrade recently. Was your goodbye party at the end of the season a blast?
"Yeah, my farewell [party] lasted a long time. I invited all my friends there and we celebrated at full blast." 

Did you overtake the Boston hockey players who had a pricey celebration after winning the Stanley Cup?
"I don't even know how much they spent. Three million [Czech] crowns in four hours in one of the bars where they celebrated? We paid a slighty lower sum. Although who knows, it was without bill."

Someone who doesn't follow basketball much can't imagine everything that happens during an NBA Draft. Describe your days in America...
"I arrived last Friday, had a practice on Saturday, and on Sunday a special workout for four teams that were interested in me. Then began the whole Draft carousel, you can even say chaos."

How many interviews you actually had to take?
"Just the post-draft interviews lasted for two hours. You go to the backstage and you are constantly available to the media. Then yet another [obligation], an official press conference, [then] more talks over the phone. There is really a lot of obligations. The most demanding part was on Thursday evening after the Draft. But I think I managed it without problems."

On Wednesday you came back home to 'your' Ostrava, where have you spent these last couple of days?
"I was at home at my mom's house in Pribor, on Friday at my dad's house. I wanted to engage in more things, but I had little time. I also slept a lot, I'm still a little confused because of jet lag."

How will you fill your time after returning from the Serbian capital?
"I'm going to be visiting my relatives, [and] I would like to go to the seaside, too. I can't say specifically where, I deal with everything at the last minute."

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