Sunday, July 03, 2011

John Joyful Mini-Bullets / July 1, 2011

* Jan started playing basketball in the youth system of BK Snakes of Ostrava, in Ostrava, Czech Rep.
* He came back home to Ostrava on Wednesday and has slept a lot. He was confused because of jet lag.
* He met with Czech journalists in the famous 'Stodolní ulice'.
* What wedding gift to buy? "It has to be something traditional, local. Perhaps Ostrava sausages," he said, grinning.
* On the NBA lockout: "I hope we start playing by the end of the year. I will talk to my agent about all possible scenarios. Even playing in Europe if there is a long lockout."
* On the Summer League being cancelled: "At least I'll be resting. Otherwise I would have to be in Vegas now and practice and play. So I have all summer free and I can start preparing for next regular season."
* He wants to visit relatives, friends in the summer and to go on vacation to the seaside. (Maybe with his girlfriend Eva too.)

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